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This search engine contains nearly 600 links. I have used visited every page listed, although I did not linger for long on most because it would have taken me all year to surf around all the links :-). I have categorised the links using the criteria listed below.

To search:
1. Select the criteria you wish to look for by checking the boxes
2. Select whether to match all the criteria, i.e. the results will have to fall into all chosen categories, or match any criteria, i.e. the results will match some or all of the criteria chosen and will be listed by percentage of the match. (Default match any)
3. Select whether to show the images/banners for the sites on the search page. If the site had a link banner of there was an attractive image on the front page of the site they will appear with the link if you select the show images option. All images are copyright to their creators and are only shown here to give an indication of the linked site's look.(Default off)

I have done my best to remove any errors, but mistakes can happen so if you find any please let me know, thanks.
If you find your site listed here and you do not want it listed here all let me know and I will remove it. I listed only those sites I found on the search engines and the webrings, i.e. the sites I believed wished to be found.
If you would like your site listed here please click the link below and fill in the form. I will visit your site and choose whether to list it: sites that contain offensive material (this does not mean adult or slash fiction but it does mean porn) or support hate campaigns will not be admitted.

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Please be aware, this search is inclusive not exclusive. If you pick a single category such as "gen", all just "gen" sites will show up, but so will sites that contain "gen" and something else. For example some sites contain fiction of all ratings including "gen", "adult" and "slash". I make no promises about the content of sites, I have simply done my best to help you find what you are looking for.

This is a search engine implemented in Javascript. You will need a Java Script enabled browser to run this search.
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This search was created by Satadip Dutta 1997 and augmented by Tasha 2002