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Web Rings

Fan Pages
Chevron Seven
Has fanfic, photos and episode guides. Well worth a visit.
The Everything Stargate Page
Info on the film etc.
Stargate Australia (inc fanfic)
Ep guide, TV schedules for Aus and more.
X-Lander's World of Stargate Sg-1
Piccies, episode info, links, chat and info on SG-1 list.
Thursby Stargate gallery
Unique art work for Stargate the movie and SG-1.
Secrets of Stargate
Lots of interesting stuff.
Austrailian Stargate Sg-1 Network
Another Aus based page ... well worht a visit.
A gaming page I think :-)
Stargate SG-1 from Bester and Glori
A page with some very nice graphics and information.
Stargate Photo Collection
Exactly what it says.
GEOS - Stargate Sg-1 Series
An international Epsiode survey.
The Owz SG-1 Page
Ep info, piccies, charcter into and more.
The Gateroom.net
All the info you could want.
Stargate Info and Fiction Directory
A links directory

Pages Specifically for Michael Shanks
The GateWatcher's Stargate

Pages Specifically for Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson Page
Pages Specifically for Amanda Tapping
Amanda Tapping Page

Official Sites
Official Showtime Stargate Page

Stargate Fan Fiction Page
Stargate: The Grifter Files
Book of Gates
vanessa's Home Page

The Stargate Rec-A-Thon
If you want to find the best Stargate fanfic on the web this is the place to look.
The Stargate SG-1 Rec--Thon

Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Awards
Go here to check out the nominations and vote for your favourite SG-1 fic.

The Tigermoth Cartouche
Lots of fanfic - especially Janet/Daniel

Heliopolis - large fanfic archive all gen

Heliopolis 2 - large fanfic archive adult

The Dan and Jan Fanfic Archive - Daniel/Janet fic

Slash Fanfic
Please be aware, these pages are for adults only.
Brandy's Fan Fiction

Area 52 - The HKH Standard Slash Archive

Foreign Language
A Stargate SG-1 Site in French

PWP's Net Books
SG-1 IMDB entry
Stargate SG-1 Unauthorised
the best, most professional, interactive site for SG-1 (come to think of it for anything I've seen).
Stargate SG-1 Unauthorised