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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

Here are a few pictures of Richie captured from tape and collected from around the place. Click on the picture name to view the pictures individually.
CHIV02.gif 149K
CHIV03.gif 137K
CHIV04.gif 134K
CHIV05.gif 123K

The Darkness
DARK03.gif 111K
DARK05.gif 92K
DARK06.gif 149K
DARK07.gif 146K
DARK08.gif 78K

An Eye for an Eye
efae01.gif 164K
efae02.gif 143K
efae04.gif 105K
efae05.gif 158K
efae08.gif 126K
efae09.gif 142K
efae10.gif 128K
efae11.gif 70K
efae12.gif 55K
efae14.gif 124K
efae15.gif   117K 
efae16.gif 116K
efae17.gif 109K
efae18.gif 84K
efae19.gif 100K
efae20.gif 74K
efae22.gif 110K
efae23.gif 106K
efae24.gif 150K
efae25.gif 144K

End of Innocence
eoi01.gif 148K
eoi02.gif 150K

Take Back the Night
tbtn01.gif 33K
tbtn02.gif 75K
tbtn03.gif 106K
tbtn04.gif 115K
tbtn05.gif 90K
tbtn06.gif 81K

testI01.gif 140K
testI02.gif 135K
testI03.gif 117K
testI04.gif 115K
testI05.gif 121K
testI06.gif 127K
testI07.gif 118K
testI08.gif 109K
testI09.gif 61K
testI10.gif 97K
testI12.gif 71K
testI13.gif 93K
testI14.gif 91K
testI15.gif 92K
testI16.gif 93K
testI17.gif 128K

Under Colour of Authority
ucoaQ01.gif 129K
ucoaQ02.gif 86K
ucoaQ04.gif 142K
ucoaQ05.gif 95K
ucoaQ06.gif 53K
ucoaQ07.gif 98K
ucoaQ08.gif 61K
ucoaQ09.gif 147K
ucoaQ10.gif 70K
ucoaQ11.gif 42K

Stan's Friends Episode
ethan2.gif 103K
wow.gif 121K
ethan3.gif 97K