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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

Greetings and welcome to my home page, I hope you find it entertaining. That's me below and to the right, and yes you aren't imagining it the eyes are a little weird. I like to make costumes: the picture was taken when I was putting one on and I was wearing white-out contact lenses :-).

Personal Details

My CV (resume)

Star Trek

I admit it, I'm a Trekkie. Ex-Chief Trekkie at UKC actually, being the previous president of the UKC TrekSoc .

Science Fiction and Fantasy

I'm completely nuts about several TV programs, including:-

Highlander , Stargate SG-1, The New Professionals and more ... check out the links to find out why.

Other Stuff

You'll find most things along the links on the side of the page, but I left one here.
A great place to find out about twins.

Art Work

I've been playing with a scanner. Down this link lies some of my art work.
My pictures