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Greetings! This page is designed to be a brief introduction to Poltergeist: The Legacy. If you are looking for detailed information I suggest you skip to the links and go the the Unofficial Legacy home page. There will soon be an Adult fiction page associated with this site, so if you're interested, check back in a few weeks.
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For those who are not quite sure what Poltergeist: The Legacy is all about, let me enlighten you:
The Legacy is an organisation which has been around a good few millenia. It exists to fight the creatures which inhabit the darkness and the night, be they vampires, demons, ghosts or witches. The Legacy help the Light, and continually battle against the dark side. (If anyone is thinking Starwars here, you're not the first :-)). The organisation is broken down into houses, each with a Precept and it's individual members. These houses take on cases which involve their area, or require the expertese of particular operatives. The series revolves round the San Francisco Legacy house, which runs under the guidance of Dr Derek Rayne.
Their work is both exciting and dangerous, if you haven't watched the show I scincerely suggest that you do.

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Legacy Members

Derek Rayne : Precept of the San Francisco Legacy House
Derek is the head of the Legacy house in San Francisco. The Legacy has been his life since the day his father was killed whilst on a mission . He is an anthropologist and posses the gift of the Sight: he is psychic. The members of his house are his family, and he cares for them deeply. His position and his childhood, however, taught him to keep his emotions in check and he is not always very good at expressing what he feels. Derek keeps secrets, and this does not always engratiate him to his friends, yet each member of his team would follow him to hell and back.

Nick Boyle

Nick is an ex-SEAL. Abused by his father as a child he carries many, sometimes very obvious, emotional scars. His loyalty to the Legacy is unquestionable, but his methods are sometimes a little too dirrect. He often does his thinking with his heart rather than his head, and it has landed him in trouble more than once. He seems to have been very good friends with Philip at one time, but when Philip left the Legacy he felt betrayed. Now that Philip is back the relationship is reaffirming itself, but it is sometimes awkward. The only people to whom Nick will really open up, are Derek and Rachel. He hides his deep emotions from everyone else, although most imeadiate reactions show on his face.

Alex Moreau

Alex is the team's other psychic. She has a gentle nature, but when pushed is a formidable opponent. She likes to help people, and her role as social activist gives her every oppertunity. Her closest friends are the other members of the Legacy, and she has proven her worth on many occasions. Alex was an Anthropology student of Derek's and her Sight drew her to the Legacy. Her gifts were nurtured by her Creol Grandmother, and she uses them as well as her sharp mind. She is also know to be a calming factor when certain of her friends become a little too involved.
Philip Callahan
Philip is a Roman Catholic priest and his loyalties are divided. He broke his vows once, and he does not seem able to trust himself again. He left the Legacy after the woman he loved killed herself, when he chose the church over her. Derek asked him to return when he needed his expertise on the Sepulchers. He doubted his worth to the house until he played a major part in defeating a demon and saving many lives. He now knows that he can be useful to his friends, but he splits his time between his parish and the Legacy.

Patrick Fitzgerald as a rather different character in the Caffreys' ad

Rachel Corregan

Rachel is an MD, a psychiatrist. Her husband, Patrick and son, Connor were killed in a car accident, and she first came across the Legacy when visiting their graves. She joined the team after a demon took the form of her dead husband and she bore it a child in the shape of her son. She had the strength to reject it, and Derek recognised her worth to the House. Her daughter Kat is the one remaining member of her family and she would do anything for her. She is a sceptic which is sometimes useful among people who have been fighting evil longer, and occasionally forget that there may be simple explainations.

Katherine Corregan (Kat)

Kat has the Sight. She sees things that other people do not, and yet she can accept them as normal because she is so young. Her innocence protected her from the evil which took the shape of her brother, and it played it's part many times after that as well. Derek feels very protective towards Kat because he sees so much about her that used to be him. She is so carefree and he does not want her to loose her chilhood the way he did. Yet he can also see that she may have as little choice about the matter.

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