The Twins' Peter Wingfield Page

Greetings and welcome to our little shrine to Peter Wingfield, one of the best actors on TV today. (Okay, I admit it, he's one of the cutest too).
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Mi casa su casa.

A quiet little walk.

More of the quiet little walk.

You can't fight my battle for me, MacLeod.

The man has a strong profile.

Nice close up





You what?

That little Watcher problem.

Happily ever after


A little lecture.

Slamming the idea home.

The point of the 

The other side of the coin.

It was just a joke.

Chivalry speach

The response.

Call my bluff ... I'm lying again.

Call my bluff .. this is the truth .. really it is

Call my bluff ... okay, I got it wrong.

Telefantastique : Peter's first UK con. Piccies
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