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Okay so Highlander has finished now, but it's still one of the best TV shows of the 1990's (except for season six, but we won't go into that and if you want to see how it should have happened go to HFS :-)). For those who don't know, the two gentlemen to the left of this paragraph are Richie Ryan (played by Stan Kirsh) and Duncan MacLeod (played by Adrian Paul), both of whom are Immortals.


I had a look round on the web and there are still plenty of places for Highlander fans to go.There are selected links on the page you are looking at now, but the majority have been moved to their own page.


Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander, born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland and he is still alive.
What can I say about DM: he's a dude. The smoothest, best looking, most honourable Highlander of them all. He's not my favourite character, but an Immortal universe is just not an Immortal universe without a dark, sexy hero. (And here's a little flag waving for the Evil Duncan from the episodes Something Wicked and Deliverance).

Now Richie Ryan is the character of whom I am most fond. He's been in the show since the very first episode, but his role has changed considerably over the five seasons I recognise as good TV :-). He started out in the Gathering as an every day street punk, who of all things was robbing MacLeod's antique shop. Throughout the first season he was the mortal side kick: there to ask all the right questions and be kidnapped every now and then. Then, a few episodes into season two, a revelation: Richie is killed and voil la, we find out he is Immortal. Since then he's been through pupil, to fledgling Immie, right up to fellow, sword carrying, full grown, Immortal friend of Duncan's.

For more information on Stan Kirsch, check out his web site.

  For lots of Richie pictures go here:
www.stankirsch.com The Twin's Richie Pictures

Methos is the oldest living Immortal and has been wandering the earth for over five thousand years. He's also goes by the name of Adam Pierson, a Watcher researcher in charge of the Methos chronicles, so he makes sure he never finds himself. Watchers were introduced at the beginning of season two, Methos came along at the end of the third year.
The Darling old man, as he has become known in certain circles, is played by Peter Wingfield, a very talented British actor. I always fall for the sidekicks in a show and Methos comes a very close second to Richie. He has a wicked sense of humour and a love of beer: a truly great character
For piccies of Peter Wingfield, take a look at

Lots of Methos piccies

Now, how to explain Amanda? Duncan once described her as a "bad habit", and she has a tendency to land the Highlander bang in the middle of trouble. A reformed thief, she has been known to use her cat burglar talents to assist Mac when the need has arisen. Amanda is 1175 years of age and she's seen a lot of the world in her time. Her relationship with Duncan is complicated, in that sometimes it's on, sometimes it off, but it's always amusing when she meets up with any of his other flames. She has a piece of the Methuselah crystal which her mentor Rebecca gave her when she had taught her about her Immortality. The complete crystal is said to make an Immortal invincible or a Mortal immortal and has caused some interesting interludes.
Amanda is played by Elizabeth Gracen, a very talented actress who was once Miss America.
Since Highlander the series finished Amanda got her own show. It only lasted a season but what a ride. Click here to find out more.
For more information on EG try Brian Kale's EG Page