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The series may be finished, but the fandom lives on! Well what can you expect from a show about living forever :-).

Pure Fanfic
My Web Front End for the HLFIC-L FTP Archive (Stories 1996 and Before)
HLFIC-L (Highlander Fiction) FTP Archive The straight ftp archive
Seventh Dimension Highlander Fan Fiction Archive Lots of stories
Misc Pages
Official Highlander Site
The Rysher Web Site
Cats Immie's Home Page
Carpe Methos
DCE's Highlander the Series Page
Evil Richie Flag Wavers
Highlander Index of Synopses
Highlander Adoption Agency
Highlander European Watcher's Headquaters (German)
Highlander Gallery
Highlander Quill Club
Highlander Ring Home Page
Highlander the Gathering
Highlander the Immortal One
Jen's Methos Obsession
Methos Our Blue-Faced Love God
Methoslurv's Methos Page
Michele's Highlander Page
Tessa Noel
The Babe Camp
The Highlander Attic
The Highlander Lust List Ltd
The Immortals Highlander Page
The Prize
Clan Denial
Will's not so Official Highlander Page
Official Pages
Stan Kirsch - Official Web Page
PWFC - Peter Wingfield Fanclub
Peter Diamond