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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

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If you would like to submit ideas for a future crossword please fill in the form below. Since it's a Highlander the Raven crossword, the clues and answers have to be Raven related, but you're quite welcome to be as obscure as you like. I'll put the crossword up as soon as I can with your name and if you allow me, email and/or homepage link on it.

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How to specify the grid:

b, l, u, e, -,-
-, o, -, -, n,o
-, v, -, -, o,-
-, e, -, -, w,-

Just type out the letters as you would expect to see them in the grid, using - as a space.

Please place the clues and answers in the same order

1. ACROSS - Colour of a Quickening
3. ACROSS - Amanda's favourite word
2. DOWN - Amanda's greatest weakness
3. DOWN - Current time



1. ACROSS - blue
3 ACROSS - no
2. DOWN - love
3. DOWN - now