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Fanfic page with pictures, music, previews, staff bios and episode listings, all you could want, and more, for Highlander fiction fans. HFS season one is finished, we have a total of 23 episodes, and they're all available if you follow the HFS link.

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Along the link you will find a crossword puzzle for your pleasure. It is based on a piece of JavaScript code I found at Cut-N-Paste JavaScript site. The puzzle may take a little while to load, but not as long as the slide puzzles or jigsaw puzzles. Because of the way it was written it's a little difficult to alter the actual page, so there is no button to return here. Just use the back button on the browser.
Clue you wish to answer: Answers:
Across Down
1 Our lady of the light fingers. 2 Peyton was one of these (DOA).
5 A girl's best friend and definitely Amanda's. 3 Our favourite cop.
7 This & 28 is what you need around anything valuable when Amanda is around. 4 Amanda would never be seen dead in one of these larcenous activities.
9 A little word Amanda never takes for an answer. 5 Amanda's favourite partner in crime.
10 What Amanda would do to a lock. 6 An Immortal should never be without one.
11 Technically what Amanda has been committing every time she's had a relationship since Markham (LAD). 8 A good adjective for Amanda's audacity.
15 What poor Nick was feeling most of the way through DOA. 12 Amanda is definitely this ... Nick not so much.
16 Nick's favourite weapon. 13 Probably what Nick thinks about Amanda every time she looks at a valuable object.
17 Robin Hood did this to the rich, so does Amanda, but she seems to have forgotten about the give to the poor bit. 14 Nick and Amanda rarely seem to do this.
18 What every Immortal has to be. 19 Amanda is an accomplished one of these.
20 Amanda does this when she gets her hands on someone else's credit cards. 21 Immortals don't do this permanently unless their heads are removed.
22 Amanda's arch rival. 24 Liam made one of these after killing Sean's mother (WAP).
23 In a way this could mean a flashback. 25 One of these would look nice on a drop necklace.
25 Greek P. 27 Amanda's most dangerous weapons ... for stealing. I know what you were thinking!.
26 Liam probably spends a lot of time on his spair of this joint. 29 Amanda and Nick parted after one of these.
27 Immortals can take a lot of this before they keel over. 31 Concoction.
28 Amanda tries to avoid doing an honest day of this. 33 Amanda would never dream of doing this when out on a date."
30 Describes every K'Immie quite nicely.
31 Nick's security pal.
32 Opposite of plenty.
33 Liam has many of these in his church.
34 7 & this is what you need around anything valuable when Amanda is around.
35 Amanda's favourite keepsake.