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I'm just an average Southern girl whose all about art, Japan, and rock n' roll.

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Have you ever wondered how Yoshiki, former X-Japan drummer formed the idea for the new band S.K.I.N? If your idea sounded anything like taking a bunch of randomly selected visual kei bands and lumping them all together for the challenge of a life time in an abandoned summer camp in Tennessee, U.S.A you were pretty much on the ball.
Categories: Antic Cafe, Dir en Grey, GacktJOB, Hyde, the GazettE, Malice Mizer, X-Japan, Visual Kei (misc); Characters: Aoi (Gaz), Gackt (MM), Hyde, Kanon (ant.c), Kyo (DeG), Mana (MM), Miku (ant.c), Shinya (DeG), Uruha, Yoshiki (XJ), You (GJ); Anime/Manga: [none]
Genre: crack!Fic
Relationship: Gen (none)
Warnings: Bad Language
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