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age: guess

sex: *insert witty comment about sex* girl

name: starts with S ends with A

loves: Hyde, Gackt, hide, the Laruku crew, Gacktjob (original lineup go ren and masa!!), X JAPAN, KOZI-KUUUNNN (mana's better half) charlie the unicorn, my bessie mate Gackt-on-Toast and of course nutella

fears: James Blunt, Avril Lavigne, Madonna, Yoshiki in a bad mood, MANA FANS *coughgacktontoastcough* jks

location: solomon's palace currently in Yoshiki's bed

i wish, really in rainy old London

Stories by Hyde-on-Toast
AU GakuxHai, set in school other bizarre pairings follow, KenxTetsu, YukixMiyavi set to song 'hey Juliet' by LMNT
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Updated: 14 May 2008; Published: 14 May 2008