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I'm 21 years old. I love writing. I love HydexGackt. What else is there that you need to know?

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Reviews for The Nightly Routine on LJ:
From Karadin: Oh very nice and atmospheric, thank you for posting.
Swoon21: I like it. That's very well-written. Moon Child gives inspiration, I see))
From Darksunmoon: Wow, that is *SO* in the same spirit as the movie!
Kuddos to you!
From Kpiggles: Like the mood. Makes me want to go stalk the streets for my next victim. *sly smile*
From Dream_berry: I like Moon Child fic and I enjoyed your story! ^^

"Kill,"... "Kill, if that means you’ll live."

Kei had looked down into his brown eyes, his own dimming at the younger man’s words; his small frame trembling under Sho’s tight hold. A dark shadow seemed to sweep over him, taking what youthful innocence he had managed to hold on to away and replacing it momentarily with anger and resentment.

Ah, that part was the saddest for me.


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Hyde finds comfort in a band mate.
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Sho tries to justify Kei’s nightly routine after his friend lives the apartment.
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