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Richie Ryan's School Days


It was coming up on midnight, and the three Immortals sat around Duncan's barge were well into a large bottle of whiskey. Richie had turned up quite unexpectedly that afternoon, and Duncan had chosen the moment to invite his friend for a companionable drink. When Methos had appeared, the get together had turned into an entertaining evening of very old jokes and some tall tales. The youngest Immortal had known that there was something going on between the two, but he'd been having such a good time that he hadn't bothered to find out what. When Mac had broached the subject over a very large glass of whiskey, Richie had wondered if he was just a little more drunk than he looked.

"So you're going into an English school as a gym coach so that you can protect this kid?" Richie wanted the Highlander's last statement clarified, he wasn't quite sure he'd heard him right.

"Yep," the Scotsman replied with a grin.

"And you're going to play at being a math teacher," the young Immortal turned his attention to Methos.

He had thought he just about had the ancient Immortal figured out on a surface level, but this was quite a surprise. Methos did not seem the type for a mission of mercy.

"He talked me into it," was the wry admission.

"So what's so special about this kid then?" it was the obvious question.

Duncan took the opportunity to explain all.

"His mother, Nicole, is a Watcher," the Highlander began, "and she was discovered by her Immortal, one David Cole. He was not very happy about being followed around, although according to Joe he doesn't know about Watchers. The organisation moved her to England to try and keep her safe, but Joe doesn't think it'll be enough. He reckons that this Immortal will come after her and her son in the next few weeks. He's asked us to keep an eye on things, just until they can find her a new identity well away from Europe."

Richie nodded, he was beginning to comprehend the garbled information Duncan had just decided to tell him.

"Sort of the Watcher's protection program," he commented.

Then it dawned on him, that there had to be a reason Methos was grinning broadly whilst looking in his direction. He stared at his friend's suspiciously.

"And so why do I think this has something to do with me?" were his next words.

The other two Immortals glanced at each other in a most conspiratorial manner.

"Well, going in as teachers is fine," Adam started the reasoning.

"But we can't stay with James all the time in those roles," MacLeod continued, "the only person who could would be another pupil ..."

He didn't need to say any more, Richie had cottoned on, and his expression said everything. He put his glass down on the table, and his hands came up in a protective position.

"No," he said instantly and backed away, "you can't be serious. Not in this lifetime ... no way ... I'm not doing it."

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