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Part 3

Scene 1 1

Joe Dawson entered the lobby of the huge office building. He looked at the directory on the wall, then walked over to the bank of elevators and pushed the up button.

Elevator doors opened and Joe entered the empty car, selecting a floor then standing back against the railing as the door closed.

MacLeod and Methos came into the lobby and also checked the wall directory. But instead of waiting for an elevator, they exited through a door marked 'stairs'.

Scene 1 2

On an upper floor, a chime signaled the arrival of the elevator. The doors opened and Dawson exited. He chose a direction and soon found the right office. Entering the small room, Joe was greeted by a young man. "May I help you sir?"

"I'd like to speak with Neil Cameron," Joe told him.

"Do you have an appointment with Mr. Cameron?"

"No," Joe answered. "But I think he'll see me. Here's my card."

"Just one moment, sir." He motioned for Joe to take a seat in the small waiting area. The young man knocked on the inner office door, then went inside, closing the door behind him.

After a few moments, the door opened again. "Please come in, Mr. Dawson. Mr. Cameron will see you now."

Joe walked into the larger office and the receptionist shut the door behind him.

A large desk stood across the room from the door. A man was seated behind it. Smartly dressed and impeccably groomed, the middle aged man seemed the picture of a self assured, successful businessman.

"Neil Cameron?" Joe said, more a statement than a question.

Cameron stood and reached over his desk to offer his hand to Joe. "Yes. So, you are Joe Dawson from the States. Good to finally meet you."

They shook hands across the desk. Joe's face stiff from the stress at the gravity of this meeting. Cameron smiling, but with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Did you know my brother-in-law, James Horton?" Joe wanted to know.

"Have a seat, Dawson," Cameron said, as he sat back down in his own chair.

"No, thanks," Joe said.

"James Horton? No. I don't believe I ever had the pleasure. He passed away a few years back?"

"Yes," Joe responded. "Yes, he did." Joe looked as if he were remembering, staring off into the space over Cameron's head. He shook his head and addressed Cameron again. "How about Kevin Darby? Tim McCarthy? Jack Shapiro?"

Cameron sat back in his chair, making a steeple of his fingers in front of his face. "Of course, I worked with Jack for many years, but I've never heard of the other two." He swiveled his chair to face his visitor as Joe came around to the side of the desk. "Why do you ask?"

"Two of them have had me tied up in a basement, waiting for you to show up to give them their orders," Joe accused.

"That's insane," Cameron said indignantly.

Scene 1 3

At that moment MacLeod rushed into the room, Methos right behind him, the receptionist on their heels.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Cameron. I couldn't..."

"That's okay, Michael." Cameron motioned for the receptionist to leave the room.

MacLeod leaned across the desk and grabbed Cameron by his tie, pulling his katana at the same time.

"Mac, we can't be sure," Joe cautioned the angry MacLeod.

"Oh, I'm sure, Joe," MacLeod insisted to Dawson. "And I can tell you why he didn't show up while everyone was around."

Joe looked questioningly at MacLeod. Then at Methos who stood leaning against the wall beside the door, his hands deep in his pockets. Methos shook his head slowly.

"He's one of us," MacLeod explained. "He's an Immortal."

Joe was speechless. He opened his mouth to respond but he couldn't utter a sound. He looked over at Methos. Methos nodded, confirming what MacLeod had said.

Cameron wasn't arguing with the Highlander. Just trying to fend him off. "I'm not armed."

Joe was trying to understand. "This can't be. Cameron, you've been a Watcher for as long as I have, twenty five years. How long have you been an Immortal?"

Cameron finally shook loose from MacLeod's grip and started to adjust his mangled tie. "You're asking when did I die?"

Joe nodded.

"About ten years ago. I was by myself. Of course I knew what had happened to me." Then looking pointedly at MacLeod, Cameron continued, "And what would happen to me unless I changed the rules a bit."

"You mean, unless you cheated," MacLeod said with a sarcastic smirk. He had released Cameron but still hovered over him menacingly.

"Everything has a natural will to survive, MacLeod," Cameron said matter-of-factly, sitting back in his chair, trying to regain his confidence. "I just have an exceptionally strong will."

"So you have a little 'death squad' on the side to collect Immortals for you to behead for the experience," MacLeod concluded. "And Darby? Is he teaching you the sword? Unknowingly teaching his enemy?"

"Very astute, MacLeod," Cameron said. "Darby believes he is doing the world a great service by systematically ridding it of Immortals," Cameron explained.

"I challenge you, Neil Cameron," MacLeod declared.

"No!" Cameron yelled, holding up his hands. "I'm not armed. I refuse."

"Whether you fight me or not, I will still have your head," MacLeod explained to the terrified Immortal.

Cameron shook his head. "You wouldn't. That isn't honorable, MacLeod, and you are nothing if not honorable."

MacLeod ignored Cameron's protests. "I'll meet you at Darby's dojo at midnight tonight. Be there or I will come for you."

Cameron shrank away from MacLeod's words, his face pale, his eyes wide with fear.

MacLeod put his katana back inside his coat and left the room. Joe followed, still looking shell-shocked from the newly uncovered facts.

Methos straightened up from where he had been leaning against the wall, hands still in his pockets. He squinted at the other man, pursed his lips, then spoke in his quiet, slow way. "I do not feel the slightest bit of sympathy for you. You, better than most, were in a position to know which of the Immortals you could have gone to, trusted to help you learn the game. MacLeod, for one, would never have turned you away." Methos shook his head then turned and sauntered slowly through the door leaving Cameron sitting at his desk.

"Do you think he'll show up?" Joe asked, as Methos joined them at the elevator.

"It doesn't matter," MacLeod assured him.

They boarded the elevator as Methos informed MacLeod, "Joe and I will go with you."

MacLeod gave Methos a warning look.

Methos shrugged. "Joe will Watch, and I will watch your back. This man has no honor, MacLeod. We will make sure he does not cheat again."

Scene 1 4

The street was dark except for a street lamp almost a block away. MacLeod climbed the stairs to the dojo. He was a few minutes early. Entering the building, he found lights had been turned on to illuminate the center portion of the room.

In the middle of this lighted area was a man. He was kneeling. And across his thighs lay a sword. He was waiting for MacLeod. But it wasn't Neil Cameron. It was Kevin Darby.

"This is not your fight," MacLeod advised the sensei.

"But it is," Darby argued. "I've trained for this. To meet you, the Immortal, on your ground. To show you and your kind that we can beat you." Darby stood and faced MacLeod. "You are a threat to my way of life. If the only way to defeat you is to fight you as you fight each other, then I will."

MacLeod tried to reason with him, "Cameron has been using you and your group. He is an Immortal, just like I am."

But MacLeod's statement had very little effect on the sensei. Instead, he seemed even more determined. This was not a game to him. "That explains a lot." Kevin Darby proclaimed as he started to circle MacLeod. "So now I will be their leader and we have found still another of your coven to destroy."

MacLeod tried one last time to keep Darby from fighting him. "Kevin, I haven't shown you my true skills with the sword. I did not fight my best against you. Don't let that guide your decision."

Darby took a stance, then saluted MacLeod with his sword.

"You don't have to do this, Kevin," said MacLeod softly.

"En garde," suggested the sensei, holding his weapon ready.

Darby attacked first, aggressively. MacLeod parried, looking for an opening that would allow him to disarm his opponent as he had the day before. But Darby was looking for the move and defended against it each time MacLeod tried to relieve him of his blade.

MacLeod felt the nearness of an Immortal just as he heard Joe's warning. He looked back over his shoulder to see Neil Cameron charging his way in with his sword held high. But the sight of this new attacker cost MacLeod. The distraction gave Darby the opening he needed to thrust his sword deep into MacLeod's side.

MacLeod had no choice. Cameron was almost on him from behind and Darby was very aggressive from the front. He had to deal with Darby by deadly force.

He struck quickly. A thrust through the heart and Darby's grand plan to rid the world of Immortals was gone. The look on Darby's face was one of disbelief, a childlike astonishment with the too late realization of fact--it wasn't a game for MacLeod either.

But Cameron was still there and closing quickly. MacLeod turned, clutching his side. Cameron stopped. He was unsure. Darby no longer lived to run interference for him. His eyes darted from the fallen Darby, to MacLeod.

Cameron started to back up, retrace his steps.

"Fight me," MacLeod demanded, adding tauntingly, "You might get lucky." Then with deadly seriousness, he assured Cameron, "I will not let you leave this room."

Cameron charged with his sword held straight out in front of him, trying to run MacLeod through.

But MacLeod pivoted as a bull fighter does in the ring, swinging the deadly katana in an arch as Cameron went charging by. Just the one swing and it was over.

The Quickening followed, as it must. Recharging the Highlander with the life essence of the downed Immortal. Leaving MacLeod on his knees, weakened a bit for the moment, but only so he would become stronger when the moment passed.

Scene 1 5

Methos came inside through the double doors dragging McCarthy with him. He stopped, turned to the frightened McCarthy and put his sword at the shaken Watcher's throat. "If we are so evil, why don't I just kill you now? We'll make a clean sweep of this 'Hunter' business." He bent down a bit to look directly into Tim's eyes.

Joe and MacLeod watched as Tim, afraid for his life, tried to back away from Methos. But the old one wouldn't allow him to go. Methos was teaching a lesson and class wasn't over yet.

"Leave us be," Methos implored. "We both have rules that we must live by. In your case, it's not usually life and death as it is in ours. Keep it that way and it won't come to this again." Methos let go of Tim's coat collar in disgust and pointed to the bodies of Cameron and Darby.

Tim turned from the man who had lectured him to see what he was pointing at. He looked at the bodies of his fellow conspirators, then stumbled in his haste to leave the building.

"Do you think he'll change?" MacLeod asked.

Joe shrugged. "I don't know, Mac."

Scene 1 6

Bright sunlight came in through the garden level windows as Joe and MacLeod packed. Boxes, empty and full, were piled everywhere. Methos sat on the couch, his feet propped on the coffee table and a beer in his hand.

"You could help," MacLeod observed.

"I am. Every good job needs a supervisor. That's me," Methos informed his friend. He tilted his beer bottle toward them in a salute, then took a long swallow.

"You know, you're going to have to hide out for a while," Joe observed. "Not just change your address. We don't know who might have your info."

MacLeod finished taping a box, walked over and sat down in the overstuffed chair across from Methos.

Methos threw him a beer. "I'll just find a new hobby. As I've said, it's always good to keep busy." He examined the label on his bottle of beer as he continued, "Maybe I'll buy a house in the country. And it will crumble about my head as I struggle to find just the right colors for the paint."

MacLeod threw his bottle cap at Methos' head as the old one ducked away, laughing.

Joe, sitting at the kitchen bar, smiled at the two Immortals teasing each other. "It's good to see you two get along so well. It makes my job a lot easier."

MacLeod looked over his shoulder. "Are you still going to Watch him?"

"Someone has to, Mac. We've been over this."

"Hey," MacLeod said, holding up one hand at Joe. "I'm not arguing. I told you, I think it's a good idea."

Methos raised his bottle at the other two and declared, "I will watch myself!" Then seriously, he continued, "I am not a child, MacLeod. No one need baby-sit me."

MacLeod stood and walked over to a window. He nodded, sullen now because he realized what his friend would have to do. "You'll go back into hiding. Try to become a myth again. Find a new identity."

"Maybe," Methos agreed with a small smile, eyes twinkling as he answered the now moody Scot. He settled more comfortably into the big cushions of the couch. "On the other hand, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, you don't expect me to leave just when things are getting interesting?"

The End

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