Methos has disappeared from his Paris home and Joe is missing a significant Chronicle.

The Watcher stood at the counter, and without looking up, gave his disturbing news. "I'm missing one of my chronicles."

"About me?" MacLeod asked, as he took mugs from a shelf above the sink. Mac had known about the existence of the secret organization for over four years now. Missing Watcher reports were not exactly something the two of them had found necessary to discuss. Before now.

"No. About Methos."

Macleod and Joe head to Paris in search of their friend, but find a well organised welcoming committee.

A large black sedan screeched to a halt. Inside were four occupants. Joe watched as two of them got out, and as they hustled him toward the car..

Duncan finds himself sparring with a stranger.

MacLeod held the sword in his left hand as he took his coat off and laid it to the side. Then stepping out of his shoes, he walked onto the mat as Darby watched in silence. When MacLeod gestured for Darby to join him, the sensei nodded, stepped over to the display on the wall, chose a sword, then joined MacLeod in the center of the room.

Who is this Darby? What has he to do with Methos' disapperance, and who has Joe? Find out inReturn Of The Hounds, episode 15 of Highlander - The Fanfiction Season.


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