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Part 1

Scene 1

"I can't believe how big Mary's getting," Duncan said as he watched one of the closest things he'd ever have to a child move around the porch "Before long, you'll be struggling through her teen years."

Anne sat down on the porch swing next to him and handed him a glass of tea. "Don't even say that. I'm just struggling to get her through potty training." she said, letting out a soft laugh. "And I want to thank you for coming out and fixing those gutters. With all the rain we've been having lately, I was getting worried the roof would start leaking."

"Anything as long as I get to see two of my favorite women." He said as he watched Mary, who was now playing with an old magazine. "Her security blanket?" he asked grinning.

Anne shook her head, "That magazine is so old. I brought it home form the hospital one day after starting an article I couldn't put down. A few years later, she somehow finds it and won't stop playing with it." Duncan grinned and then they were both silent, feeling awkward. There was still too much to say to each other, so many feelings untold, too many urges still left hidden away. As lovers, they had grown apart, but the birth of Mary had brought their friendship closer.

"So, how's Richie doing?" Anne said finally breaking the silence. Even Mary had become quiet. "I haven't seen him around lately."

"Actually, I've been worried about him. He's come into a large sum of money lately, and he's being secretive about it. He won't open up to anyone."

"Unky Wrytchie?" Mary asked, surprised hearing one of her favorite uncles name. Excited, she threw the magazine into Duncan's lap spilling his tea.

Anne jumped up and grabbed for a towel as Duncan sat there trying to wipe some of the tea of his lap. "I'm sorry," she said to Duncan while giving Mary a stern look.

"It's OK," he said as reaching for the towel. Their hands met and he paused, touching it long enough to feel that the electricity they once shared, was still there. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

Anne felt it too and pulled her hand back. She couldn't take her eyes from his gaze no matter how hard she tried. "Afraid he's reverting back to his old ways?"

Duncan shrugged his shoulders, "Or he's been pulled into one of Amanda's little schemes."

At the mention of Amanda, Anne was able to break the stare. As much as she liked the older Immortal, she knew about the reckless past they shared, she felt envious. She would always be there for him once Anne wasn't, and part of her heart felt ripped at that thought. She looked away from Duncan and tried to force a smile. "Richie's smarter than that. If he were in trouble, I'm sure he'd come to one of us for help."

"I know, but I'm worried about him. With all the things he's been through and everything I've done to him, I can't help but worry."

"Spoken like a true parent." Anne said relaxing again as she sat next to Duncan on the swing. To Anne, Duncan was not only Richie's friend and teacher, but the closest thing he'd ever have to a father.

"Speaking of which, I brought something for Mary." he said, lifting a present from under his trenchcoat.

"Duncan, you didn't have too, you spoil her enough as it is."

"Let's not start that again." he said, as he put the gift in front of Mary. Wide eyed, she ripped into it.

"I just wish that... Oh my god! Tell me you didn't?" she said trying to conceal her laughter.

Duncan looked hurt. "What? What's wrong? Does she already have one?"

Anne shook her head, to close to tears to speak. "One of her godmothers was saying the other day how much those Tickle Me Elmo dolls annoyed her so much, that I was thinking of buying her one."

Mary sat on the porch hugging the stuffed animal, amused that it laughed and shaking, "Elmie!"

Duncan and Anne cracked smiles and busted out into laughter. Within minutes, both were near tears, but Duncan gained control as he felt the sensation throughout his body announcing the arrival of another Immortal.

Anne recognized the worried look on his face and stopped laughing. "Duncan? Is everything all right? Who is it?"

Duncan reached for his katana and shook his head, "Maybe it's Richie or Adam, take Mary inside."

Anne moaned in disgust. "Duncan, I can take care of both of us. I don't need to run every time there's another Immortal present."

Duncan sighed, knowing she was right, and watched the other Immortal approach the porch. He walked towards the edge and stopped at the top of the stairs. "I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod."

The figure stopped when he heard the name and Anne noticed the other Immortal's face turn almost white. "The Duncan MacLeod?" Duncan nodded. "Surely, ye remember me, Duncan," he paused. "No? Aye, it has been a long time since we last met." He said, eyeing Anne and Mary. "'Tis me, Corinth MacLachlan."

Duncan seemed to search through time trying to recognize the name. Anne was beginning to look worried, so he went along. "Corinth, yes... it has been a long time."

"Aren't you going to introduce us, Duncan?" Anne asked relieved, but still on her guard.

"Anne, meet Corinth MacLachlan. Corinth, meet Dr. Anne Lindsey."

Anne reached her hand out, and Corinth reached for it, kissing it. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. MacLachlan."

"Corinth, please. And I assure ye, the pleasure is mine." He said smiling at her. He heard Mary giggling and turned around. "And who's this precious little one?" he said as he knelt down beside her.

Mary cocked her head as Duncan moved right behind her, standing over her protectively. "This is Anne's daughter, Mary."

Anne watched Duncan overreacting as usual, and tried to break the ice. "Where are my manners, would you like some tea, Corinth?"

Corinth sighed and stood. "Thanks, but no. I must run, but I hope I'll have the chance to see ye again." He stated more than asked.

Anne blushed. "I hope so." She had completely let her guard down around a strange Immortal, and that worried Duncan a lot more than figuring out who Corinth was.

Corinth nodded his head and turned to walk away. Duncan watched him till he disappeared behind the bushes. "Anne, I want..."

"He seemed real nice, Duncan. How long have you known him?"

Duncan sighed, "He's from the old neighborhood." He guessed. After all, the Scottish bur was a clue that he had at least spent some time, recently, in the Highlands.

Scene 2

It was turning out to be a slow day. Joe only had one customer that lunch time. Richie was sat across the bar from the Watcher, playing absently with the scotch resting on the counter between his fingers. Joe glanced down at the hard liquor, an unusual choice for the young Immortal at such an hour of the day. Richie caught the meaningful look and shrugged a little defensively, "I've had a rough week."

"Wouldn't have anything to do with a young lady name of Denise, would it?"

"How do you know?" the youth frowned.

"Not that way," Joe was quick to deny the insinuation of Watcher involvement in his friend's stare. "She came into the bar last night looking for you. I told her you were with Maria."

The elder raised an eyebrow as Richie's head hit the bar, and the muffled explanation came, "So that's why she slapped me!"

"I'm sorry, Rich," Joe apologized, but was unable to stifle a chuckle, "I thought you'd have mentioned to your girlfriend that you sister was in town."

Ryan looked up at is companion, trying to seem annoyed, but the grimace didn't last long. It softened into a nonchalant smile, and he returned, "It's okay Joe, the bruise didn't last that long, and you saved me one of those awkward moments; we weren't going anywhere anyway."

That kinda dried the conversation a little and the two men moved into one of those comfortable silences of friends. However, there were a few things on Joe's mind other than Richie's love life. The pause gave the man a chance to re-route the conversation a little, and he started again with, "So how's the," he got stuck and tried again, "the -- what are you doing now anyway?"

"Stuff," Richie answered a little too fast for comfort, "y'know, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that."

It was obvious he was hiding something, and that slightly worried Joe. The bartender frowned and wiped a beer glass harder than he should, but Richie seemed to have chosen to ignore the body language. Joe was considering whether to push the matter, when suddenly, the youth sent out signals which said 'don't ask'.

"So do you know where Mac is?" the young Immortal wasn't subtle in the way he changed the subject. "He wasn't there when I dropped by the dojo earlier."

For a moment, Joe was on the verge of confronting the issue, but what actually came out of his mouth was, "Something about gutters and Anne needing help."

The older man was a little disappointed in himself as the opportunity passed him by, but it was too late now. He made a mental note to speak to Richie's Watcher later about his young friend's movements, and then carried on with the easier subject.

Scene 3

Later that day as Duncan was leaving, he felt the sensation again, and reached for his sword as he rounded the bushes. There, watching Anne's house was Corinth. "Who ever you are you better start explaining what you're doing here."

"I figured ye dunnae remember me," he said, "But I assure you, I havenae forgotten you."

"If you're challenging me, then do so. If not, leave before I call the police."

"Ye havenae changed, MacLeod." Corinth said shaking his head. "Always waiting until yer opponent is most vulnerable before attacking. Ye were the same then as ye are now."

"I still have no idea what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about this!" his voice escalated as he lowered the collar of his shirt low enough to reveal a scar on his left shoulder blade, where it met his neck . "Ye cousin Robert did this to me in the battle for our land in 1620. My son who had every chance and advantage at killing ye, was weak and vulnerable when he saw me die. So much so, that ye took the only way ye could, and killed him while he couldnae defend himself. You took the same thing from Jamie, that Robert took from me. Life. The only difference, is I'm here now and he isnae."

"So your holding a grudge for a battle that happened over 370 years ago, one before we became Immortal? One I don't even remember? Tell me, do you hold a grudge for everyone you've ever lost in all the battles Scotland fought for and lost?"

"The grudge is for killing the one thing that meant more than my own life. A life where I've spent everyday longing that it had been my son that survived. Tell me MacLeod, have ye ever lost a child?" he didn't give Duncan a chance to answer. "Mary's a beautiful little lass. I'd watch her closely if I were you."

"Are you making a threat?"

"No, I'm making a promise. I swore revenge against ye and yer clan that day, and I willnae rest until I've gotten it."

"Let me promise you this. If anything happens to Anne or Mary, you won't live long enough to speak your son's name." Duncan sheathed his katana and walked back towards the house. Corinth just shook his head.

Scene 4

The good doctor sat at her individual table in the hospital restaurant, glad that there was a lull in the hectic schedule of the ER to allow her time for a break, but at the same time, a little at a loss for what to do. It wasn't often that she could stray far from the fold, even with her beeper, usually she got to the point of ordering coffee at the canteen and then it would be left standing on the counter. This time she'd sat with it, staring at it, even giving it time to cool down before she drank it, choosing to gaze around at the world as she did so. The hospital's public restaurant was always a busy place, whatever the hour of day or night, always someone wanting at least a drink. Not many doctors hung around here, it was mainly a place for the patrons of the establishment, but the coffee was better than the vending machine in the ER, and Anne found she enjoyed the walk, even if she never got to finish the drink.

The woman glanced around at the varied faces close by, some looked worried, people with loved ones under hospital care, she could tell them easily from the deep frowns and lost stares. As one woman chanced to glance her way as she rested on her too long, the doctor smiled and quickly returned her gaze to her cup. The liquid smelt good, but ironically enough, now she was sat down with it, she found she wasn't thirsty. Anne shrugged to herself, maybe she was just too tired to care; it had been a long shift and she was looking forward to heading home to Mary in - she checked her watch and sighed - two more hours. Funny how time flew by when she was busy, but when she had time to think about her little one waiting for her at home the minutes dragged past. Despite not wanting it, Anne sipped her coffee.

"Hallo," a thick Scots accent close to her ear made the doctor jump.

The woman shifted rapidly round in her seat, and a body stepped out of the way of her elbow. She looked up, startled by the interruption of her musings and squinting into the light from a window. Anne took a moment to adjust, but then a familiar face came into view. Corinth was smiling in the same charming manner he had used the day before, and she relaxed.

"Corinth, hello," she breathed, returning the smile, "I'm sorry, you made me jump."

"I think neither of us expected to see the other so soon," the man burred.

"No," Anne responded, still a little dazed, and then she remembered her manners and invited, "please, sit down."

"Thank ye," Corinth nodded cordially and took the seat opposite.

They looked at each other for a moment, Anne wondering what to say next to this relative stranger; she held the smile, feeling a little awkward. Eventually she began blandly, "So what brings you here?"

"Business," was the cryptic reply. "And ye, when Duncan introduced ye as a doctor, I didnae realise he meant the hospital."

"I'm a trauma surgeon," the woman informed him.

"A difficult job for anyone, but a woman alone with a child, it must be a challenge," her companion observed, sitting back in his seat and watching her with a gaze that was almost too heavy for comfort.

"Mary and I manage," Anne answered with a non-committal shrug, she didn't know this man well enough to start digging too deeply into her personal life. "I have an excellent baby-sitter, and I have friends who help out if I need them."

"Duncan is one of them?" Corinth put the lilt of a question into his tone, but it was almost a statement.

"From time to time," the doctor replied, stopping herself from qualifying her relationship with the Highlander to this man to whom it was disarmingly easy to talk.

"He cares very much for the wee girl," the man observed, a strange look in his eye. "I know how I felt about my son, Jamie, blood nay mattered."

"He's very good with her," Anne returned noncommittally, not answering the insinuation that went with the statement - Duncan was a difficult topic at the best of times, and now did not feel like the right time to be explaining the complicated past. "Jamie, I'm sure you were very proud of him."

"I didnae have time to be proud of the boy before he was murdered in battle," Corinth snapped suddenly, the charm all but disappearing.

The woman wondered into what she had gotten herself; Immortal psyches were places she didn't want to be, and the complete change in her companion made her wary. The shock must have shown on her face, because the man softened with a deliberate effort. There was that smile again, but somehow it didn't quite cover the bitterness as he apologized, "I'm sorry, Anne, 'tis a fresh wound still, even after all these years. I think ye never quite forget those ye love."

"No, I'm sure," Anne agreed nervously, glad she was in a crowded restaurant; why didn't her beeper ever sound when she wanted it to?

"I have scared ye," Corinth was the observant type, or maybe she just wasn't too good at hiding her feelings, Anne didn't know which, but the Immortal was staring at her in that close way again.

The woman started as in one smooth movement, the man leant forward and laid a hand on her arm. His grip was strong, not quite uncomfortable, but firm enough to know she couldn't pull away easily. Anne leant back as he bent further across the table, bringing his face close to hers. Corinth smiled, but it wasn't so friendly this time, not now his eyes were so near, she could see the spark of something nasty at the back of them.

"I won't hurt ye," the man whispered, as if it was meant to be a comfort, "I bear ye nae grudge."

Anne remained silent, unsure what to say. She could not hide her relief as her associate released her. His chair slid noisily backwards as he rose from the seat. The woman just stared up at him.

"Good-bye, Anne Lindsey, I hope to be seein' ye again," he bowed with formality that wasn't so charming anymore, and then turned on his heel.

Anne watched him go, waiting for her senses to catch up with her, stunned by the encounter. A high-pitched beep sent the woman a foot into the air and rich, brown liquid spread all over the table.

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