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Part 3

Scene 1 0


"Andrew? Andrew!"

Andrew blinked open his eyes to find Anne's dark brown pair staring worriedly at him. He sat up and moaned. "I feel like I've got the hangover from Hell." He took in the dark cell they were in. It was made of crumbling bricks with a locked iron door at one end. A dirty, rusting cot was at one end of the room, a stopped up toilet at the other. There was no window to shine a light in, only a small candle that had been placed on the back of the toilet tank.

He could barely see Anne getting up and moving to the cot. He sighed and sat down on the cot next to her. "What happened?" she asked. He could tell that she was scared. He reached over and took her hand. She looked at him. "Who kidnapped us?"

"Kingsboro. I felt him right before I got knocked out."

"The guy with the military hair cut and gray suit?"

"Yeah, that's him." Andrew leaned against the wall. "Anne, I'm sorry that I dragged you into this."

"Andrew, it's all right. I knew what I was getting myself into the moment I decided to stand by you. I just didn't think it would involve being captured."

Andrew chuckled. "Me neither."

Anne sighed. "I'm worried about Mary."

"I'm sure Duncan's taking care of her."

"He probably took her to her godmother's. Marie is a really sweet person."

Andrew chuckled. "Yeah. Mary's christening is one I will never forget." He sighed. "Too bad I won't remember anymore about her life."

"Andrew, of course you will." Anne smiled at him, trying to hide her fear. "Believe me, this isn't the first time I've been caught in a situation like this. I understand."

Andrew smiled at her. "Anne, it boils down to whether I survive

this or not. I know the odds, I've seen them before. There is a real possibility I could die."

"Touching, touching, touching," a distorted voice came filtering through the room. "Too bad you aren't lovers. It would be even more sweet."

Andrew sprang to his feet and grabbed the candle, holding it up to the corners. He saw a small camera and speaker perched just inside the air vent. "Kingsboro, let her go. You have no quarrel with Anne."

"You know what they say, two is better than one."

"And three's a crowd, Kingsboro. You fight me, leave her out of this."

A laugh came through the speakers. "You really think I'd do that? I'd figured she would be an incentive for you to want to live. You want to live, don't you boy?"

"The will to win comes from the want to live, Kingsboro."

"Of course. And I want to live. I would have gotten my chance to live except that car that happened to come along right after I put you out of your mortal misery."

Anne and Andrew gazed at each other in shock. They both looked back up at the camera. "Well, this makes the fight fairer, doesn't it? Now we can duel like gentlemen."

Another laugh, this time harder. "You see, my good doctor. I am no gentleman. Out of all the people in this world, you my Watcher knows that."

"They say you can teach an old dog new tricks."

"Enough! You will be sent for in fifteen minutes." The speaker cut off.

Scene 1 1


The warehouse was set right on the edge of the main harbor of Seacouver, it's dilapidated tin roof nearly caving in. It had been built back in the 1920's and was once thought the largest of its time in the harbor city. Now it was easily hidden by the larger, more modern warehouses.

"I swear, I think every person who has something to hide does it in an abandoned warehouse," Methos commented as he and Duncan walked up to the doors of the warehouse.

Duncan didn't say anything as he looked around. He walked up and tried the main doors. "They're welded shut," he said after struggling with them for a moment.

Methos stood about ten feet behind him looking around. It's much too quiet, he thought. "MacLeod." He turned around and gazed out at the ocean for a moment.

"I know. It's too quiet," he comment just as he whirled around and ducked as a bullet shot came whizzing at him. He looked around and spied a dark haired man aiming a rifle at him. All of a sudden, their attacker was knocked to the ground. Looking up, he saw Methos dusting his hands off and walking over to him. "MacLeod, I just realized something."


"This warehouse was built....oh I say 1920's. Buildings made of plaster and timber and tin were real big even back then. One way of another, this building can't withstand a Quickening. It'll explode."

"Anne's in there!" Duncan looked at the warehouse. The two men ran towards the side of it looking for another way inside.

Scene 1 2


Andrew was shoved in the large room by a couple of Kingsboro's men and his sword thrusted in his hands. He looked around the large room, taking in the haphazardly stacked boxes and metal boat parts lying around the room.

"Nice place, isn't it?"

Andrew looked over at the other side of the room to find Kingsboro levelling a gun at his head. "That's not evening the odds now, is it?"

"Oh, I think any means necessary will work here." He held his sword in his left hand as he walked towards him.

{C'mon, Morris, this is Bruce Kingsboro. You know everything about him, down to the type of underwear he wears. Fighting requires physical strength, but the mental ability as well. Well, Kingsboro has screwed himself over. He is right handed, yet he is holding the gun in his right hand. If you can knock the gun from his hand, you can pin him down before he has time to switch the sword to his left.}

Andrew dove to the ground and rolled behind a stack of boxes. He laid hidden in the dark as Kingsboro looked around. "Morris!" he hollered. "Where are you?" He aimed and shot at a stack of boxes. The shot tore them to pieces.

Andrew looked around him and saw a toy tomahawk lying on the ground. Hefting the wooden toy in his hand, he took careful aim at Kingsboro's right hand. He leaped to his feet and threw the tomahawk.

The toy hit Kingsboro in the wrist and fell to the ground. He grasped his wrist as the gun fell from his hands. Andrew ran and tackled him, bringing him to the ground. Grabbing the gun, he threw it out the small window above them. Glass rained down on the two men. "Now, I think the odds are fair."

Kingsboro got to his feet and grabbed his sword. "We'll see....."

Scene 1 3


Anne was pacing nervously back and forth in the cell when she heard the door click behind her. She whirled around to see Duncan standing in the doorway. "Duncan!" she cried, running to the door and hugging him. He held her tightly for a moment. "Come on, Anne, we've gotta get out of her."

"What about Andrew? We can't leave without him."

"Anne, regardless of who wins the battle, the Quickening is going to cause the building to explode. We can't wait for him."

"I can't leave not knowing if he's dead or not."

"You won't do Andrew or anyone else much good either if you're dead," Methos commented walking up behind them. "I heard gunshots further down the hall. Looks like the fight's already started."

"Methos, get her out of here." Duncan ran toward the door leading into the main storage area.

"MacLeod. You can't interfere."

Duncan stopped, his hand on the door. "Kingsboro will kill him."

"Maybe. Maybe not. How are we suppose to know what happens in life? You walk through that door and you'll be interfering. If you do, I won't have anything more to do with you, MacLeod. Part of the learning process is doing things on your own."

"Even if it means dying?"

"Even so."

"Duncan. Please," Anne spoke up. "Let Andrew do this."

"You know as well as I do it's all part of the Game," Methos finished.

Duncan stared hard at the door for a moment, the knob twisting in his hand. Finally, he let go of it. "Let's get her out of here."

Scene 1 4


Andrew leapt at Kingsboro, his sword flashing in the air. Kingsboro parried the attack but not as easily as Andrew had expected. Then again, Kingsboro's strength had never been in his sword fighting abilities, he mused.

Kingsboro was panicking. This was the first time he was fighting without any backup sources available to him. No tear gas, no gun, nothing. He knew he was trapped. His skills were limited, and he could feel Andrew taking the upper hand over him. He chuckled. He had the last laugh. He always had the last laugh.

Andrew parried a weak jab by Kingsboro. He could see the man falter as his eyes appeared distracted. It was the opening he needed. He

brought the flat side of the blade down sharply, knocking the sword out of his hands. Snapping it up, he quickly brought the sharp side to Kingsboro's neck.

Kingsboro laughed out loud. "Remember, Morris. I have the last laugh!"

"That's where you're wrong." Andrew brought the blade down, neatly severing his head.

It was coming. He could feel it. His sword fell to his side as his arms lost all sense of motion. He felt drained and exhausted. All of a sudden, he was blasted with a shot of energy that sent him to his knees, crying out in pain. As the Quickening transferred into his own body, more and more bolts of energy hit him. He lived. He died. It was pleasure. It was pain. He wanted it to stop. He never wanted it to end. So this was the power of the Quickening

Scene 1 5


Duncan, Anne, and Methos watched as the lightening arched in the night sky. Each blast was hitting the warehouse harder and harder. Suddenly, before their eyes, the warehouse exploded in a roaring hurricane of wood, plaster, and metal. They ducked down beside the Thunderbird, waiting for it to be over.

When the plaster seemed to have died down, they rose, coughing. They were all covered in a fine sheet of plaster. The grey cloud still hung in the air around them, it would not die down for several more hours. Duncan and Methos tried peering through the haze to see if anyone was coming. There wasn't.

"They couldn't have killed each other could they?" Anne coughed. "There's only one recorded case of that happening in the Watcher's Chronicles," Methos told her.

"What happened when that occurred?"

Methos shot her a glance. "It's wasted. It's all wasted. There's no Quickening."

Anne peered through the haze again. "Look!"

The two men looked to see another coming toward them as an intense feeling of awareness washed over them. It was too hazy to see who exactly it was until he was almost right on top of them. Andrew grinned at them.

Anne ran forward and hugged him and he held her tight for a moment. "I'm glad you're okay," he told her. "I know now what Kingsboro meant when he said he had the last laugh. If you had died, I would had been plagued with the guilt for the rest of my life."

"But I'm fine and so are you," Anne said.

"It's not going to be so easy next time, Andrew," Duncan commented. "Kingsboro didn't have a lot of physical strength or the mental ability to use it to his advantage."

"I'm just surprised he didn't shoot you," Methos said.

"Well, I found a toy hatchet from an old shipment lying on the ground. I threw it at him to knock the gun away." He flexed his wrist. "Almost feels like I've done this sort of thing before."

They all laughed.

Scene 1 6


"I hate airports," Methos muttered, looking around. "Everyone's blubbering saying hello or good-bye."

"Yes, as we all know, you like to be Houdini and be here one moment and disappear the next. Cynic," Joe commented, leaning on his cane next to him.

"I fly in plane like most of the populace do," Methos commented. "I just don't like a lot of fuss. This is a lot off fuss."

Standing off to one side, Anne hugged Andrew, who was cradling Mary in his arms. "I hope you have fun in Madrid."

"Adam assures me that I am going to one of the best known swordsman in the world. I'll be back soon." He hugged her back.

Duncan shook his hand and Joe walked over to him. "Keep in touch, man," he said, hugging Andrew. "Same here," Andrew said back. He looked over at Methos, who hung back slightly from the group. "Thanks for everything," he told him. Methos nodded.

Andrew kissed Mary on the head and handed her to Anne. He picked up his duffel bag and waved at them, then headed off towards his gate.

Duncan looked down at Anne. "Mind if I escort you to your car?"

Anne beamed at him. "Of course, Duncan." She handed him Mary, knowing that he loved to hold her and the two set off toward the parking lot.

Methos and Joe glanced at each other and walked off towards Joe's car. On the way out, Joe was handed a flyer. "Look," he told Methos as they entered the parking lot. "The Nutcracker's coming in a few weeks. Now that might be something to see."

The End

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