Patrick O'Brien, friend to Connor MacLeod, student of Ramirez, the Irelander.

Aria Moore, a formidable woman with a long, and sometimes dark history.

Aria Moore and Patrick O'Brien are 'old friends' in the worst sense, and it appears Joe is the only one going to stop a fight.

He (Patrick) swung his sword, and Aria swung to prepare a defense. And Joe's cane came between the two blades.

Yet is there more to their mutual past than animosity?

Duncan joined the interrogation. "Just yesterday you wanted to kill her on sight, O'Brien, and now you two sit down here talking like old scheming buddies. Something doesn't add up, and I think we both deserve an answer."

There is more at stake than an old grudge.

Joe sighed. "Dead Watchers and dead Immortals. I can only come to one conclusion."

"What's that?" Rebecca said.

"That there's at least one, perhaps two, new splinter groups forming within the Watcher ranks."

"The Hunters?" Duncan said.

Is the old threat back, and if so, who is behind it, old enemies or new? Find out next week only on Highlander The Fanfiction Season, episode 8, None Are Innocent.


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