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Hi Peeps!

This is an extra disclaimer on top of our usual, since we think there are some things you might want to know about this episode.

The characters of Aria Moore, Patrick O'Brien, Bernard Willis and Rebecca DeJenierre are all original characters created by Monica Jordan and Mike Breen. They have pasts that are revealed in "The Irelander" series and the trilogy "All Good Things". However, this story can be read as a separate, stand alone item, you will find out all you need to know about the characters in the piece from the work itself.

The cannon of this story is based on the first five seasons of Highlander, and what has gone before in HFS. Any conclusions drawn in other stories concerning these charaters which applies to cannon characters such as Richie or Duncan or Methos or Joe, and does not ascribe to this cannon has been, for the sake of a good story, ignored. The pasts of these non-cannon characters belong to their creators, Monica and Mike, not HFS.

Having made this clear, we strongly recommend you get on with enjoying the story (G).



"You mind telling me just what it is I'm doing here?"

"You'll find out," a voice said.

He looked around him. The cell was completely dark, and he was unable to make out even the smallest detail. He had woken about an hour before to find himself here after being knocked unconscious on his way home from his usual day of playing his music for passers-by on the Boston Common.

"Does this have anything to do with the Watchers?"

"What do you think?" the unrecognized voice said.

"That matter was cleared up a year ago," he said.

"So you say."

"So that is what this is about, isn't it?"

"Perhaps. Eventually you'll find out. And when you do, you'll be dead."

He chuckled. "If there's one thing I don't fear, its death."

"We know. And we also know that the one thing you do fear is death. Oh, not your own, of course. We know you nearly died in Korea, and were ready to die last year and during the Sam Leonard incident in the spring of 1995. No it's not your own death you fear. It's the deaths of others. The deaths of those you feel responsible for. People like Dawson."

"Dawson?!" He was startled at that. Dawson was a close friend, but like himself, the "questionable" things had been cleared up long ago. Unless...

"And then there's so-called 'people' like O'Brien. And his wife. And MacLeod. All abominations."

He looked around, startled, trying to see something, anything. No, it couldn't be happening again! It mustn't happen again! And yet it was.


Joe Dawson waved to the two figures who were emerging from the airport. One was a tall, well-built man, the other was a slender woman. The woman waved back as the man tipped the skycap and collected their luggage. Joe popped the trunk and the man loaded the baggage. Once that task was done, he extended his hand.

Joe took it and nodded. "Good to see you, O'Brien."

Patrick O'Brien released the other man's hand. "I wish it was under better circumstances."

All three got into the car. Joe pulled out of the pick-up area, saying, "You know how it is, O'Brien. We can't ever see each other under anything but bad circumstances."


Patrick and Dawson went to an all-night diner in Kenmore Square to talk. Patrick didn't want his Student Nancy to hear where this conversation would likely go. Patrick was speechless. He was afraid that something like this would happen, but he never, in his wildest dreams, thought that Sam Leonard, the young Immortal he'd taken in during the 1880's, would become a kidnapper, and possibly a killer. Dawson could tell that he didn't believe it, and wouldn't believe it. They ordered coffee, and Dawson placed the worn sax case down on the table. "Your Watcher, Bernard, was supposed to meet me this morning after rush hour, but never made it, or called. I drove to the train station and found that."

"How do you know it was Sam?"

"Four Watchers have been killed by an Immortal over the past two months."

"What makes you so sure it's an Immortal doing the killing?"

"They were all beheaded, by someone who knew how to use a sword well."

"So?" Patrick got up from the booth. "You're not convincing me, Watcher. Go to the police."

"My friend's life is at stake here! And if my information is correct, he's your friend too, or was until he told you he was a Watcher. And not just a Watcher, but a damn good one at that. After all he watched you for thirty five years before you found him out. Will you just hear me out!"

"Very well," Patrick said sitting again, "but make it quick, Watcher. I'm not a patient man." Then he realized what else Dawson had said. "Thirty five years?"

"Yeah. There was twenty years that you didn't even see him." He then changed the subject. "The first Watcher to be killed was Stephen Conway. He was assigned to Leonard. Then watchers assigned to Diego Gonzalez, Paul Kellman, and your girlfriend Rebecca DeJeniere were killed identically, by beheading. In each case, Leonard was there, and what's more, he knew each Immortal."

It all fit together now in his mind. Sam's recent obsession with the Watchers, his being more tense than usual, his constant references to Mei-Ling and Daruis, and how they died...

"If you're right," Patrick said, "That means that he's going to kill Bernard apparently for me."

Dawson nodded.

"And what do you expect me to do about it?"

Dawson sighed, knowing this was the hard part. "He has to answer for his crimes, O'Brien. The man's a killer, and probably insane. I know he's your old student, but..."

"Now wait just a damn minute, Dawson! I am not going to kill him."

"Ok, let me ask you this. If it were Rebecca or Nancy in danger, would you kill him?"

"That's not the point. Facing your Student in a duel to the death is something every Immortal prays they'll never have to do."

"Uh huh. Now would you kill him? Yes or no."

Patrick paused, then said, "Yes."

"And if it were Connor MacLeod in danger?"


"And one of your colleagues at Harvard, or your former fiancee, Michelle Taylor?"


"And Bernard?"

Patrick was silent.

"I thought so. It's not so much facing your Student as it is rescuing a Watcher."

Patrick sighed and said, "It's hard to face your Student period. But this whole concept of Watchers... I'm still not comfortable with it. Hell, I only found out about it a few days ago."

"I can certainly understand that. MacLeod and I went through a period where he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me, except use the organization's information. We had some trials and are now close friends. He understands that our only motivation is history."

"Ok. I understand the Watcher perspective now, so you have to understand the Immortal one. Facing and killing your Student is like facing and killing family. You can't know that feeling. You can't. I, thankfully, don't."

Looking the Immortal square in the eye, Dawson said, "I do."

"What!?" that got Patrick's attention.

"I killed my own brother-in-law, James Horton, the Watcher who began the Hunter splinter group. I shot him in the heart at point-blank range." That Horton had worn kevlar that night over a year ago and had survived, O'Brien didn't need to know. He had pulled the trigger and had watched a man he had called "friend" and "family" sink, apparently lifeless, into a river...


Patrick broke Dawson out of his revere. He looked up at Patrick.

"Dawson, I'll talk to him. I'll see if there's any way that we can walk away from this. I will try to stop him until my blade is at his neck. While there is breath in his body, I will try to stop him. Only if there is no other way, will I kill him. That's as far as I can go."

"That's all I ask."


"I wish that was only a joke."

"Unfortunately," Joe said, "it isn't." He turned to Rebecca, attempting to bring a bit of levity into the situation. "Do you still get mistaken for Rebecca Horn?"

Rebecca smiled. "Not anymore. Not for at least a century or so."

Joe turned serious again. "You do realize why I feel uncomfortable asking MacLeod to help, don't you?"

Patrick nodded.

"I don't," Rebecca said. "He's your friend, Joe, and friends help each other."

"He doesn't know Bernard," Patrick said.

"I don't want to get anyone else involved unless it's necessary."

"Oh, I see. It's a guy thing, right?"

"Exactly," Patrick said.

"So why am I here if it's a guy thing?"

"Because you insisted."

"Can you save the marriage talk for later?" Joe said. "We've got more important things to discuss."

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