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The door was violently jerked open, releasing the sound of a plate meeting its maker into the corridor. Richie Ryan's face was as black as thunder with fury as he made a swift exit from his apartment. He slammed the portal after him in time to cut off the end of an incoherent female yell.

"Fine, have it your way!" he growled, well aware that his house guest couldn't hear him.

Yet, the young man paused, his hand still on the door handle, his expression dwindling from anger into resignation. He almost turned back to his home, but then the wooden barrier shook and he recognised the sound of his basketball bouncing off it. That was it, he'd had enough for one fight, and his face clouded once more. His stride lengthened by muted rage, the young Immortal fled the building.

The sun shone down on the building's main entrance, but the figure which charged out of the structure seemed oblivious to the pleasant morning around him. The young man strode away at speed, equally oblivious to the prying eyes upon him. The observer's cherry-red lips curled into a less than pleasant smile. The prey was almost in her grasp, and soon she would be ready to pounce. It had been a long time since their last meeting, but Richard Ryan's reputation as The Highlander's pupil had reached her eventually; the curly-haired pup had become a lean fighter in the gap of years, and Felicia Martins had to admit she was impressed. Yet, she had changed too, she was a little wiser about Duncan MacLeod and caution on returning to this city had changed her appearance. The red hair did not suit as well as the black, but it would do for now; show would never underestimate the Highlander or his protege again. This time her scheming was to be done at a distance, learning the pattern of daily his life, finding the weakness in his addiction to routine. The time was ripe to spring a trap.

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