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You can find out more about the Kimmie and Immies met in this season here, but be warned, there are spoilers here. There is also a list for the mortals met during the season as well.

A note to the wise, the episodes are offered in two forms, the multimedia intensive version and the plainer text version. To keep the size of the pages down, the sounds available in the multimedia format have been removed, only the title sounds remain, so now you have to supply your own incidental music...we suggest Queen or Jim Byrnes, that helped a lot when writing them (G). Previews of the episodes are also available in some cases, BE WARNED, they contain high wind up factors (not that we've been taking lessons from TPTB or anything (EG)). Shorter descriptions of the episodes are already available as listed in the table below.

Oh yes, and if anyone wants hardcopies, information is here.

Well, that's it on the instruction front, we hope you enjoy the site. Any problems, email Sophie or Tasha the nutters in charge of this venture!

If you want to know more about the people involved in this fit of insanity, follow this link.

All comments about the project are welcome at the HFS email account and the authors would love to here from you. The title jpgs or titles at the top of each story are mailto links.

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Airdates & Available Info

Date Episode Overview Preview Pretty Plain Harcopy

5th Lies and Deceptions
by Sophie Duncan, Natasha Duncan-Drake
L&D Overview L&D Preview L&D Full L&D Plain H/C Info
12th The Fallen
by Charlie Perryman
TF Overview TF Preview TF Full TF Plain H/C Info
19th Immortal Song
by Kathleen M. Wilson
IS Overview IS Preview IS Full IS Plain H/C Info
26th Passover
by Jenifer Thrailkill
P Overview P Preview P Full P Plain H/C Info

3rd Music of the Mind
by Natasha Duncan-Drake
MOTM Overview MOTM Preview MOTM Full MOTM Plain H/C Info
10th First Light
by Silvia Barlaam
FL Overview FL Preview FL Full FL Plain H/C Info
17th Morning Glory
by Bendict Adams, Natasha Duncan-Drake
MG Overview MG Preview MG Full MG Plain H/C Info

None Are Innocent
by Mike Breen, Monica Jordan

NAI Overview NAI Preview NAI Full NAI Plain H/C Info

An Evening At Joe's
by various

aeaj Overview aeaj Preview aeaj Full aeaj Plain H/C Info

7th Confidences
by Gina Goff
C Overview C Preview C Full C Plain H/C Info
14th Above and Beyond
by Donna Gum
A&B Overview A&B Preview A&B Full A&B Plain H/C Info
21st Bullet, Bottle or Blade
by Eugeinie Marie Topputo
BBOB Overview N/A BBOB Full BBOB Plain H/C Info
26th New Walks of Life
by Megan Leigh Lavey
NWOL Overview N/A NWOL Full NWOL Plain H/C Info

5th Frostbite
by Tena M. Abbey
F Overview N/A F Full F Plain H/C Info
12th Return of the Hounds
by Donna Gum
ROTH Overview ROTH Preview ROTH Full ROTH Plain H/C Info
19th The Nutcracker
by Liz Silver
TN Overview N/A TN Full TN Plain H/C Info
26th Holiday Break

2nd Holiday Break
9th Legend
by Olwyn Mitchell
L Overview N/A L Full L Plain H/C Info
23rd Richie Ryan's School Days
by Natasha Duncan-Drake
RRSD Overview N/A RRSD Full RRSD Plain H/C Info
30th Diogenes Lantern
by Wendy Green
DL Overview N/A DL Full DL Plain H/C Info

6th The Heretic
by Jacynthe
TH Overview N/A TH Full TH Plain H/C Info
13th My immortal Valentine
by Lisa Hughes
MIV Overview N/A MIV Full MIV Plain H/C Info
20th Mairi
by Stacie Covington DeShazer
M Overview N/A M Full M Plain H/C Info
27th The Wild Ones
by Sophie Duncan
TWO Overview N/A TWO Full TWO Plain H/C Info

6th Where the Waters Meet there Find Magic
by Olwyn Mitchell, Sophie Duncan