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This page contains brief descriptions of all the Mortals introduced or updated in the first season of HFS. If any of the titbits take your fancy, you can find more details in the epsiodes themselves, which are listed in the table.

Mortal Status Actor Episode Biography
image Bandit 1 Dead Danny Devito Mairi Bandit who kills Mairi MacLeod, turning her Immortal, and is killed by Connor MacLeod.
image Bandit 2 Dead Jack Nicholson Mairi Comrade of Bandit 1 (funnily enough) who injures Connor MacLeod, and is then killed by him.
image Jennifer Bellan Dead Melissa Gilbert Frostbite Officer worker at the police department who agrees to testify again Farley, but is then pursued by him. Her chaperone, Michaela Montchalin is Immortal, but is killed in front of her. She meets Duncan Macleod and Methos in a cabin halfway up a very cold mountain. Methos falls for her. She was killed by Farley.
image Beth Dead Robbi Chong An Evening At Joe's Not exactly a mortal, a ghost of a former lover of Ben Burrows who comes to seek vengeance on him for leaving her to die.
image Ben Burrows Dead James Spader An Evening at Joe's Teacher of math to the young Richie Ryan who is haunted by the ghost of his long-dead lover, Beth. He dies to be reunited with Beth.
image Kevin Darby Dead Billy Zane Return Of The Hounds Brutal sensei of a dojo in Paris, also a Hunter who wants to try his hand against Duncan Macleod. MacLeod is forced to kill him.
image Joe Dawson Alive Jim Byrnes Most Episodes Blues player, bartender, watcher, a dude--what more is there to say?
image Jacob Falconey Living Dead Derek DeLint An Evening AT Joe's Okay, not exactly mortal either, a vampire who spent a wonderful evening with Amanda.
image Jacques Alive Nicholas Cage Mairi Unscrupulous Watcher and lover of Claire Lavinia, who provides her with information on Immortals.
image Dr Ann Lindsey Alive Lisa Howard Passover, New Walks Of Life, The Nutcracker Doctor, mother of Mary Lindsey and friend of Duncan MacLeod.
image Mary Lindsey Alive Sworn to secrecy (G) Passover, The Nutcracker Daughter of Ann Lindsey.
image Jamie MacLachlan Dead Leonardo DiCaprio Passover Adopted son of Corinth MacLachlan, killed in battle by Duncan MacLeod.
image Cressida MacLean Alive Kate Beckinsale Music Of The Mind Feisty, headstrong lover of Gall Panurge who pursues him from Ireland to the Staes because she believe he is the father of her child.
image Tim McCarthy Alive Will Patton Return Of The Hounds A Hunter who steals the chronicles from Joe about Methos.
image James Parsons Alive Nicholas Brendon Richie Ryan's School Days The son of a Watcher, Nicole, who is in hiding from her assignment, David Cole. Richie is assigned to protect him while he's at school.
image Nicole Parsons Alive Helen Shaver Richie Ryan's School Days A Watcher who is caught by her assignment and has to go into hiding with her son, James.
image Pierre Alive Carel Struyken Mairi Butler to Claire Lavinia
image Harry Saunders Dead Colm Meaney Bullet, Bottle Or Blade Husband of Deborah, adopted father to Bonnie, and friend to Duncan MacLeod. Duncan promised him he'd look after Bonnie and Deborah when he died.
image Alicia Simmone Dead Melissa Joan Hart An Evening At Joe's One of Methos' 68 wives, was she really a ghost?
image Smythe Alive Paul Nicholls Richie Ryan's School Days Head Boy of Woodford College, who tries to make life hell for Richie and James.
image The Angel Of Death Alive Jake Busey Immortal Song Stalker of Michael Anders, who kills Michael once, which turns him Immortal and then the Angel goes after him again, very annoyed he didn't die right the first time.
image Deborah White (was Saunders) Dead Deborah Harry Bullet, Bottle Or Blade One time wife of Harry Saunders, she never got over his death. She married again, to Keith White, who had an unhealthy interest in her adopted daughter, because she is pre-Immortal. She invites Duncan to her own funeral, because she is dying.
image Bernard Willis Alive BB King None Are Innocent Watcher to Patrick O'Brien.