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Part 1

Scene 1


The slender, five foot red head, had been standing out in the rain on this chilly day for about an hour. She was just watching the barge. Nothing else just watching. To an outsider it might have looked as if she was casing the joint.

Wearing a Scottish kilt with a plain knit sweater to match and a black leather trench coat, her clothes did not say she was up to criminal activity, but these days it could be difficult to tell. As matter of fact, at a second glance it was almost as if she had lost the nerve to go and knock on the door. She watched as Duncan left the barge and backed up a little as he moved off in the opposite direction from her. She felt the tingling presence of a pre-Immortal the culprit walking towards her and thought {It's now or never.} With that, she headed towards the young man she knew to be Richie Ryan, recognizing that he was not paying attention to where he was going. He was lost in thought. Sure enough he collided with her.

"Oh just great," Richie mumbled to himself, picking up the books he had dropped into a muddy puddle. He did not look up to the person who had bumped into him. "Mac's going to kill me."

Mairi helped Richie pick up the volumes he had dropped and said with a strong Scottish accent, "I'm sorry. Here, let me help." Richie looked, saw that he was looking into the face of a beautiful young woman, and was speechless--which was normal for Richie when he saw someone who set his hormones racing. "Uh...Maybe you can help me?" the red head continued her opening gambit.

"Sure. What seems to be the problem?"

"I'm looking for somebody who might be living here."

"Fire away," Richie said with a winning grin, "it's not exactly a large neighborhood."

At the moment there were only three barges tied up at the dock.

"Uh, do you know...a...Duncan MacLeod?" Mairi saw the look of resignation on her companion's face and tried not to smile. "I heard he likes to collect and sell exotic and antique weapons."

"Maybe I can help," Richie replied, putting aside whatever thought had caused his momentary frown, "I'm his associate." Mairi looked at his attire, Richie was wearing a sweatshirt with blue- jeans torn at the knee, a leather jacket and his bandanna tied around his head.

"Really, you don't look the part," she said quite deliberately.

Richie gave her a hurt look and said "Well today is my day off. I was running some errands. It's more like a family business arrangement."

Mairi, knew the boy was trying to impress her and was flattered. "Well MacLeod's associate slash like family, I need to have this appraised." She lifted up a case. The container was a long slender black leather sword case. "I think MacLeod's the right man for the job."

"Why don't you come in and wait for him?" Richie asked after a moment's thought.

"No I'd better not. Could you make sure he gets this and I'll come back later for it. Oh uh what did you say your name was?" She asked sweetly.

The pre-immortal beamed a smile and took the case as he replied "Richard Ryan and I will make sure he gets to see it. When can I..er...I mean, when can we expect you?"

"In about two hours." Mairi said using her seductive smile, "Of course, you will be there, Richard?"

"Oh yes! Two hours got it! I'm sure you won't be disappointed." Richie said brightly.

"I know I won't be disappointed." Mairi said under her breath as she turned away.

Scene 2


Richie sat back from the table, a little surprised at how frank he'd been about that encounter, and also unsure of the emotions the memory of the Immortal inspired. He felt both Mac and Altea staring at him, and hid whatever confusion he was feeling with a smile. He was glad his two friends seemed to be getting along, and was loathed to break the atmosphere with some left over adolescent angst, or that was what he decided to call it for now.

"Anyway," he breathed easily, "that's how I met her, but as usual the lady wasn't there for me, it was Mac she wanted."

Scene 3


Richie went inside the barge with a big grin. All he could think of was that her legs were well shaped and her eyes...Those beautiful piercing blue eyes.... Maybe if everything went alright with her and Mac tonight, he and--it just occurred to him he didn't know her name--could have dinner the next evening. He thought he must be slipping, he'd told her just about everything except his star sign, but she'd never mentioned who she was.

Tessa was working on a sculpture as Richie came in the door carrying a case and shouting , "Mac! Mac!"

The artist walked into the room and stated "Duncan went to the store to pick up some things. What is it?"

Richie presented the case to Tessa, "This woman, with red hair, needs Mac to appraise this."

"Let's see what we have here," Tessa said and took it out of his hands. As she opened the case a look of horror came over her face. "Oh my God!" What she saw was an ancient Scottish claymore with the name MacLeod emblazoned on it in 16th century script. Richie looked over Tessa's shoulder and saw the sword and the name.

"Tessa, do you think that she's after Mac's head?" Richie asked, worried that he has fallen for another female Immortal who would chew him up and spit him out just to get to MacLeod.

Tessa, was anxious about what this could mean, but she stayed calm. "I don't know, Richie. But I do remember Duncan telling me about a Scottish claymore which looked like this that belonged to Connor.""

"Connor," Richie said, catching up, "but I thought Sir Lancelot's used a Katana?"

"It's a long story," Tessa replied, just as Duncan walked into the barge.

"What's going on?" he asked as he put down the bags of groceries. Duncan could see that Tessa and Richie were examining something, but he couldn't tell what it was.

His lover turned at the sound, looking concerned, "There's something you should see."

When Duncan saw the sword, his face straightened from curiosity to concern. The questions were so obvious as they crossed his features: {What does this mean--Connor dead? Who sent this?--the person who killed him, or just somebody who wanted me to know? Or does this mean that Connor is in trouble and needs my help? I'll call him.}

He dialed Connor's number.

"Hello ... Connor," the relief was obvious on MacLeod's features, "... It's Duncan ... What do you mean 'Guess what?' ... No, I don't know what time it is there This is important ... What do you mean you're tired? ... Damn it, Connor, this is important--Where's Heather's sword? ... You know what I mean ... Don't give me that! ... Look, Connor, I have the sword here in front of me ... Oh now you're awake ... You gave it to who? ... Mairi? ... Mairi who? ..." MacLeod's face showed his astonishment at some piece of news from the other end of the line. "What? ... No, you don't have to come here ... I can take care of it..." Personal pride seemed to have been undermined by Connor's suggestions, and now Duncan was getting angry. "You don't even know where I am ... No, I'm not telling you ... Look, Connor, you said she's a MacLeod, another cousin, I can take care of her myself! Besides I've improved ... Don't come Connor! ... Bye Connor ... I have a feeling that she'll be here any second. I'm hanging up the phone now ... Shut up!" He hung up the phone crossed his arms, looked at the phone and smiled to himself as he sarcastically said, "Bye Connor." He looked up at Richie and asked, "When did she say she'd come back?"

Scene 4

Tessa, Richie, and Duncan were sitting about the barge. Duncan was more or less playing chess with himself, when he felt the presence of another Immortal. He got up sword in hand as Mairi entered the barge.

The very nervous, young looking woman decided that she had better start. "I'm Mairi MacLeod of the clan MacLeod." {Boy I sure hope Connor told him about me.}

Duncan lowed his sword and said, "Well, I knew you weren't Connor. As a matter of fact I just called our clansman, and he's quite surprised the sword's turned up. I'm glad to find out this is an introduction rather than a challenge."

"Connor's alive? I thought he was dead. I would've gone to him instead of troubling you. I mean you don't know me from Adam. Let me know where he is and I'll be on my way."

"Hold on a minute. I had this conversation with Connor. Before I tell you anything, just what are you here for?"

"Duncan can I talk to you for a minute?" Tessa interjected. "In private."

"We won't be long," Duncan said as he followed Tessa out of the room.

Scene 5


"Tessa really didn't trust Mairi," Richie observed, shaking his head lazily.

Altea felt a little envious of the warmth in his eyes as the young man paused the discourse that had been passing between he and MacLeod. This shared past wasn't hers, but she had found herself being drawn into it none-the-less. Both men could tell a good tale, and between them, she felt that she almost knew this Mairi MacLeod; she wasn't sure she liked her. The woman recognized the absurdity of being jealous of this past encounter, but she still wished she had someone in her history to wave as a kind of touche. Yet, her destiny had not lain down that route.

"But you did," MacLeod interrupted the Amazon's musings as he playfully chided Ryan, "following your loins as always."

"I didn't see you being so distrustful either," Richie shot back, grinning, "One, she was a woman, two, she was family, Tessa had to do the worrying for both of us."

"I'm too old to trust that easily, Rich," Duncan smiled smugly over his glass. "I just let time tell."

Scene 6


"You don't trust her do you?" Duncan started.

"No. You've never seen her before. Who is this Mairi MacLeod? How do you know that is even Mairi MacLeod?"

"And not someone just trying to get me to tell her where Connor is so she can go after him--it's crossed my mind too. And I don't. The subject of Connor will have to be dealt with carefully. He did describe her to me over the phone, and she looks like the person he described, so until she gives me reason to doubt her, I'm going to believe her."

Scene 7

In the living room, Richie and Mairi were having a conversation of their own.

"She doesn't trust me," Mairi observed.

"Who Tessa? She gets jealous when it comes to Mac...Duncan. So how are you related to Mac?"

"Well my mother, the chief's daughter, found me in the forest one day. I was five years old, hungry and she and her mother felt sorry for me. They took me in and gave me the name Mairi Katharine MacLeod. Mairi being my new grandmother's name, and Katharine, my new mother. It wasn't long after Duncan MacLeod, the legend, has saved the MacLeod, and I was told of him and that if it had been a few years earlier when his father was still alive, that I would've been turned out. He was afraid of foundlings after his only son came back from the dead. Or so I was told. I didn't believe it though. Even now I don't believe he could turn out someone who needed help."

"Why did they tell you he would have turned you away? How did they know?"

"My mother once told me that Duncan's father made it a clan law--after Duncan had died--that no one was to take in a foundling. Some said it was because Duncan had come back from the dead. Some didn't even believe that Duncan had risen from the dead and thought that it was because of the pain of him losing his only son--his only heir. After my Grandfather died, Mairi still had a lot of say so in the way things were to be run. It was her brother-in-law who had taken over the clan as Chieftain."

Duncan and Tessa walked back into the room. "So Mairi, how did you meet Connor?" Duncan asked.

Scene 8

FLASHBACK: Glennfinnan 1681 Isla MacLeod and William Gunn were getting married it was a time for celebration. Connor MacLeod hadn't been back to his village since he was turned out, but he was a friend of the groom, and he could not desert him. He'd been hired to instruct William in sword play, but the objectivity of the teacher/student relationship had soon been lost in a deep camaraderie. Glenfinnan was a place he had avoided, even when he found Duncan he hadn't been near his old home, only to the banks of Loch Sheil. This was the first time since his banishment that he had been into the village. His face was long forgotten, but with a name like Connor MacLeod, you would think someone would ask about the legend. Connor was very thankful that no one did. He had been over shadowed by Duncan MacLeod. However, to be on the safe side he had said he was from Lewis.

The wedding was beautiful. With all the dancing going on it was a miracle that he saw her. She was just standing there watching everyone dance. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and with a skip in his step he went over to her and hoped that he would find the right words. As he approached he felt the familiar warning signs of pre- Immortality, and knew he had found yet another eternal in his own clan. "Hello," he said. "I am Connor." It was all he could do not to finish with 'MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.'

"Hello, Connor," she said "Mairi MacLeod."

"You look like you lost your best friend."

"I feel as though I have. I was also supposed to be getting married today, but my husband-to-be decided that since I was not born into the Clan, that he didn't want to marry me." She looked at Connor and continued "I am sorry, I shouldn't be burdening others with my worries at a time like this. I should just go get some sleep, nobody will miss me."

Connor felt an immediate empathy with this slip of a girl, estranged to her own people by the nature of her birth. Yet, maybe this was one MacLeod who would not be cast out completely, maybe she could hide her Immortality if she were warned. The clansman took the opportunity that presented itself and replied gallantly, "I will miss you. Come on, let's take a walk. You sound like you need to talk."

As they walked through Donnan Woods, Mairi kept talking about the man she was supposed to marry. How he had decided to call it off when he found out that she was a foundling. He was of the Clan Stuart and this marriage was going to join the two Clans. The marriage had been arranged five years ago when James was visiting Glenfinnan and he saw her. He immediately went to the chieftain and asked for her hand in marriage. The chieftain, told him that the child had no formal father and that the ultimate decision remained up to her mother. Her mother of course had said yes. He came back to help make the wedding arrangements a month ago. He had asked her a week ago about her father. She told him that she had no father, she came to this clan when she was five years old. She had no memory of her real parents, Katharine MacLeod took her in and raised her. When he heard this he simply said goodbye. The Chieftain said that William Stuart wanted to marry someone who was not a foundling. No matter how old they were when they were found. There was too much of a chance of her being a gypsy. By the time she had finished her story she was in tears. It wasn't because she had really loved James, it was the rejection that cut deeply. He hadn't even tried to get to know her. His reason for breaking off the marriage were stated as if he felt he'd been lied to by the leaders of the clan. She had no parents--she was not a worthy wife. Connor just stood there holding her.

The woods were dark and quiet; they had wandered a long way from the celebrations as Mairi's emotions had run themselves through. The old man slowly loosened his grip on the girl as her weeping drew to an end. He gazed down at her bowed head, and considered what he had to tell her. She had had enough grief for one lifetime, she didn't deserve this extra burden. Yet, in the long run, it could ease her life for at least a few years.

"Mairi, I have something to tell you." He began speaking, hesitantly, his regret at what he was about to do, cursing a still-mortal life with the knowledge of immortality, weighing heavily on him.

The young woman looked up at him and he almost lost himself in her anxious gaze; she'd heard the tone of his voice.

"I am Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod," he announced indirectly, hoping that children's stories would mean something.

A blankness remained in Mairi's eyes only a moment, and then her lips parted in a tiny 'o'. Connor stood very still as she stepped back, but only a step.

"What do you want with me?" she asked, and the man admired her courage at facing the devil in the stories.

"Mairi--," he began again, but then the silence was broken by more than just human voice.

Connor spun on his heel at the sound of boot on leaf litter; that last disclosure should not have been heard by anyone. The relief he felt at seeing two strangers rather than clansmen was short-lived as he saw the dirks and claymores in their hands. They were dirty, unkempt individuals, one average height, a little overweight, the other short and very definitely with too much belly. As a traveler, Connor recognized bandits.

"Well, well, Jack," the shorter one sneered at his compatriot, "looks like that there wedding brought us a couple of young lovers, a rich couple of lovebirds too by the look of 'em."

The satisfying sing of katana on scabbard set Connor's teeth as he drew the unusual weapon to meet the advance. One on one, these two were chicken feed, but together, the fighter knew he had to be more careful. He glanced over his shoulder--Mairi had her own dirk drawn ready, a scowl on her face.

"They're armed, Jack," the little one continued his unconcerned commentary, "OO - I'm worried."

The darkness became his enemy as Connor missed the quick flick of a wrist. The first he knew of the flying dagger was when it buried itself into his leg. He groaned and stumbled. That seemed to be the catalyst for the engagement, and the clansman only just managed to raise his sword as the larger of the two men advanced on him. The pain had him off balance, and the katana fell from his hand as he too fell away from the assault. The man laughed and took a moment to glance at his companion, who was handling Mairi. The man laughed as the young woman swore at her attacker and swung her knife.

"Come on My Pretty," the man cajoled, unafraid of the brandished weapon.

"Just try it, pig, your manhood will fill your boot instead of your trews," Mairi threatened and swiped harder.

"No!" Connor yelled as he saw her open her torso to attack.

The blade caught flesh, but only enough to anger, and the returned stab went far deeper, right between the girl's ribs.

The Highlander felt the anger surge through him, and he took firm hold of the dirk in his leg. In one movement, he ripped it from his own flesh and buried it into the stomach of the man who still stood over him. The short man turned, letting Mairi's body fall as he heard the grunt of his friend.

Pain wasn't something Connor wasn't registering anymore as he saw red at the ending of such a young life. He forced himself to his feet, grabbing hold of the fallen katana, and swung at the murderer. The little man didn't stand a chance, two well-practiced swings of the katana had knocked the bandit's claymore from idle fingers, and then his head left his body.

The Highlander stared at the separate pieces of his enemy for a moment, but then turned to his fallen companion. The knitting of his leg was taking its time, and Connor gave way to the weakness there as he sank down next to the motionless body. The man felt grief, for the loss of normal life, for the loss of friends, for the loss of a husband this girl would now never know.

Scene 9

FLASHBACK: Glenfinnan a few days later.

Connor had taken Mairi back to the village, she at least deserved a decent memorial in her home, but one which would not brand her as another monster. He'd sealed her in the casket himself, making sure no air would revive her and had then waited for the funeral. There, he'd made a short speech about how he wished none of this had ever happened. After everyone had left the graveside, leaving Connor a final request of covering her with earth, he jumped into the grave and opened the casket.

Her face was so pale, lips blue, features so open. Connor stroked the beautiful hair as he waited. Mairi revived about five minutes later, a small breath and a trembling hand grabbed his. She moaned and sat up as she recognized her surroundings.

"Mama, I want my mama," she begged in terror, shaking violently.

"You can't go back. They'll banish you." Connor admitted quietly.

"They wouldn't turn any one away that needed them!"

"You don't know this clan like I do!"

"What do you know--?" she fell silent as their last conversation came back to her.

"I'm Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, I was found by this clan in 1512 and they raised me. In 1532 I died in battle. I came back to life and they banished me for witchcraft and being in league with Lucifer!"

"Stop! You're lying!" Mairi cried with tears in her eyes.

Connor grabbed her and made her listen. "You've heard the stories, they're not to frighten children to bed, they are based in fact. A few years before they found you, Ian MacLeod banished Duncan MacLeod--his son--who he took in as an infant, for the same reason. They will banish you too!! I will not let you go through that kind of pain! We are Immortal, we cannot die like mortal men, we will live until someone takes our heads, and must hide from others.

"Mairi we may have only just met, but I care for you and I don't want you to get hurt. My physical wounds healed within minutes, but emotionally, I still haven't healed. Please take my word for it."

"Why did you lie?"

"Because there would have been too many questions. Nobody there needs to know who I am. I was banished, to them I was never born."

Mairi's shaking was joined by crying. Connor just knelt there and held her. He hadn't had to ever tell a woman that she was Immortal before. The hard part wasn't even over yet. How was he going to tell her she could never bear a child of her own? It had been a hard thought when Ramirez had told him, it was going to be ten times worse for Mairi. To have and care for children was the center of a woman's life, it was their purpose. He couldn't explain everything now, she had had enough shocks for one day. As it was she was going to have to start a new life.

Mairi had indeed started a new life. Since Connor had bought a headstone for Heather's grave, he gave the sword that he used to mark her grave to Mairi. For the next year, Connor was her teacher, best friend, and lover. They traveled a lot never staying in one place for over a month. They told people they met that they were husband and wife. He not only taught her how to use a sword, he also taught her how to love.

After one training session, Connor began telling Mairi about Immortal lore and legend. He told her of Darius, a great warrior, bent on making war all over the known world. A man who was now a peace maker because he had beheaded an Immortal Holy man at the gates of Paris, and the Quickening had changed him beyond recognition. He spoke of Grayson, Darius' Immortal protege, who could never forgive his friend and mentor for his change of heart. It was a sad story of hate, but one of hope as well.

Scene 1 0


The morning was cold, but bright, and Mairi had found her morning meditation enlivening. She was in a good mood, unusual of late. She'd been with Connor for ten years, and familiarity was beginning to wear, or at least so it seemed to the young Immortal. They'd been lovers from almost that first night she had woken in the grave, but of late their relationship had waned, not so much that most mortals would have noticed, but Immortals were a breed apart, and a man of Connor's appetite had to be feeding it somewhere if it wasn't in her bed.

The woman pushed away the musing before it began, she would not ruin the wonderfully fresh morning, it inspired her to wonder if she and Connor could start afresh as well. Mairi wandered leisurely round the back of the inn where she'd last seen her lover helping the innkeeper with some horses. However, the mare she saw as she rounded the last corner and felt another Immortal was not of the equine kind. Connor had stood rapidly back from a young, blond buxom beauty as he'd felt his companion return, but it was all too obvious what had passed between the couple; the girl's dress was halfway down one shoulder and Connor's shirt hung out of his trousers. The girl had the decency to look abashed as Mairi showed her silent fury, but as her lover gazed at her, the Immortal saw the drink in his eyes. She couldn't quite find the words to hurl at him as her concerns were given solid form and she felt all her trust slipping away. She'd loved and respected this man for a decade, and her loyalty was being rewarded like this; yet she'd been expecting it, had felt it in him, and she could not answer it.

Instead, the young woman found a strange calm descending over her, and she said, "Goodbye, Connor."

Mairi turned and walked away. She knew Connor was a flirt, he had an easy smile, a handsome face and a quick wit which attracted the ladies, but this was going further than any drunken kiss in a dark bar.

Connor followed Mairi. "Wait, Mairi!" a very drunk man slurred.

She turned.

"You're drunk, Connor! You're so damn drunk you'll chase anything in a skirt. You're getting worse and you've gone too far, I just can't trust you any more."

Mairi spun on her heel once more, but halted on another thought. Her body taught with rage, she returned her attention to the swaying figure. She said sharply. "Oh before I forget, here's Heather's sword."

"No you keep it. Please Mairi, stay." Connor pleaded as he was sobering up.

"Connor I told you I can't trust you."

"Mairi, it was a mistake, I - ," her lover blustered, but it was too late; she did heed him as she tried to leave go of the sword; it had been her weapon for too long, she knew every inch, and she couldn't release it.

Mairi turned and walked away with her own name filling her ears.

Scene 1 1


As Mairi finished telling her story there was little doubt left in Duncan MacLeod that she was exactly who she said she was. She was a friend of Connor's and his cousin. It was obvious she had come to him for help, what kind was as yet unclear, but he would help her in whatever she needed. For now, however, it was already dark outside and things could be sorted out in the morning.

"Mairi it's getting late, why don't you stay the night?" he invited hospitably.

"Yeah, I could sleep on the couch" Richie chimed in.

Scene 1 2


"So gallant," Mac teased his young friend and Richie colored at the inference that went with it.

"I did sleep on the couch," he protested, defending his honor in front of his present lover.

"Only because you had to," the Highlander snorted and was glad to see Altea enjoying the humor at Richie's expense.

"I'm gonna get some more drinks," the young man ducked out of the center of attention and headed rapidly to the bar.

Duncan chuckled as he watched the blond youth's pink ears disappear into the crowd at the counter. He glanced down at his almost empty glass. Yet, there were eyes on him, and he felt them. The man looked up and met Altea's steady gaze, it gave him heart that the hostility had softened to something between reserve and polite uncertainty of how to go on.

"I think we embarrassed him," Mac smirked.

The woman smiled back, the mischievous glint in her eyes; yet she straightened. For a moment, the Highlander wondered what he'd done this time, but here earnest expression was not distant, instead, she asked a question she had obviously been considering for a while.

"Mairi meant a lot to Richie?"

"I think so," the clansman was honest, "he became very involved with her while she was staying."

"Why did she come to you?"

Duncan smiled again, to himself this time, and answered, "Mairi is an independent sort of woman, no-one can ever fight her battles, but she wanted my help to brush up her fighting skills. She was having a problem with another Immortal, in fact she'd been having problems with this Immortal since 1724..."

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