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This page contains brief descriptions of all the Immortals and Pre-Immortals introduced or updated in the first season of HFS. If any of the titbits take your fancy, you can find more details in the epsiodes themselves, which are listed in the table.

Immortal Status Actor Episode Biography
image Michael Anders Alive Val Kilmer Immortal Song Rock-singer friend of Joe Dawson whose career and life are threatened when The Angel Of Death stalks him.
image Scott Bryant Dead Brad Pitt Above And Beyond Young Immortal, lover of Melody Thornton, trained by Duncan MacLeod, killed by John Crandall.
image Neil Cameron Dead Sting Return Of The Hounds Head of a Hunter Cell who used them to track down and eliminate 'the opposition'. Killed by Duncan MacLeod.
image Cedric Dead Cary Elwes Where The Waters Meet There Find Magic Slightly insane leader of cult that revolves around 'Excalibur'.
image David Cole Alive Martin Cummins Richie Ryan's School Days Immortal paranoid about being watched, who goes after his Watcher on discovering her, but is show the error of his ways by Duncan MacLeod.
image John Crandall Dead Bruce Boxleitner Above And Beyond Opportunist killer who arrives in town looking for Duncan MacLeod, but finds and kills his students, Melody Thornton and Scott Bryant. He was killed by Duncan MacLeod.
image Peter Cunningham Dead Sean Pertwee Confidences Friend and patient of Sean Burns who comes after Duncan MacLeod when he thinks Mac knows his secret through Sean's Quickening. He was killed by Duncan MacLeod.
image Amanda Darieux Alive Elizabeth Gracen Several This lady needs no introductions.
image Rebecca DeJenierre Alive Terry Farell None Are Innocent Wife of Patrick O'Brien, who once played thief with Amanda.
image William Deter Alive Jason Carter Richie Ryan's School Days Comrade-in-arms of David Cole, who comes up against Richie Ryan.
image Jeanne-Claire Dobbs aka Tethys Dead Stacy Haiduk The Heretic Hater of the Church who poisons a church full of people to revenge herself for the injustice which had her condemned as a witch. Killed by Duncan MacLeod.
image Kaia Doran Dead Michelle Pfeiffer My Immortal Valentine Immortal who romances experienced Immortals while using the information she gains to go after their less able students. Killed by Richie Ryan when she mistakes him for a 'less able student' of Macleod.
image Bobby Drake Alive Jamieson Boulanger The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals taken in my Kenny.
image Farley Dead Brent Spiner Frostbite Sexist, sadistic, ruthless mobster-type who goes after a mortal, Jennifer Bellan, an office-worker at the police department, when she prepares to testify against him. Killed by Michaela Montchalin after he succeeds in murdering Jennifer.
image Martin Fields Dead Mark Sheppard The Fallen Young Immortal member of Kokabiel's cult.
image Emily FitzHenry Alive Kirsten Dunst The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals who makes an enemy of Kenny when she sees through his plan. Life-long companion of Roderick Myers. She becomes leader of the group who return to her Chateau in Alsace.
image Thomas Govan Alive Anthony Way The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals led on the rampage by Kenny.
image Gwennie Alive Alexandra Purvis The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals turned to killing adult Immortals by Kenny.
image Callie Hodges Alive Lena Horne Diogenes' Lantern Blues singer turned teacher who has Joe Dawson as a fan. Killed by Omar Kuli so that she will become Immortal, who then lies to her about the nature of the Game. It is left to Joe to try and convince her of the truth.
image Wil Jerriton Alive Elijah Wood The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals taken over by Kenny.
image Kenny Dead Myles Furgeson The Wild Ones Child Immortal, previous acquaintance of Duncan MacLeod. This time he finds a group of child Immortals and leads then on a hunt for adult Immortals. He comes up against Mac and Richie when one of his group runs away and asks Mac for help. Killed by Emily FitzHenry.
image Nikolai Kijinsky Dead Ewan McGregor The Nutcracker Ballet dancer who wants revenge of Macleod for killing him in front of his lover, Tchaikovsky. Killed by Duncan when he uses Ann Lindsey as bait.
image Bruce Kingsboro Dead Jerry Doyle New Walks Of Life Ruthless killer who kills his Watcher, Dr Andrew Morris, when he thinks he is FBI, and then who pursues Morris when he becomes Immortal. Killed by Morris.
image Kokabiel Alive Michael Wincott The Fallen Old adversary of Methos, who is head of a cult that believes Immmortals are children of fallen angels.
image Kronos Dead Valentine Pelka Lies And Deceptions Old 'buddy' of Methos whose form is used by the demon Ahriman to torment Duncan MacLeod.
image Nadir Kuli Dead Omar Sharif Diogenes' Lantern Immortal who kills Callie Hodges to make her Immortal and then lies to her about Immortality. He is killed by Callie when he is about to 'execute' Joe.
image Claire Lavinia Dead Tia Carrera Mairi Immortal obsessed with Mairi MacLeod, and who is hunting her. Killed by Mairi when Mairi turns and fights.
image Gareth Lipscombe Unknown Sylvester McCoy The Wild Ones Theif and general vagabond who uses Kenny to theive for him, but abandons him to the mob when Kenny is caught.
image Corinth MacLachlan Dead Terrance Mann Passover Immortal bent on revenge on Duncan MacLeod for killing his son in battle. Killed by MacLeod.
image Duncan MacLeod Alive Adrian Paul All eps. If you don't know who this is, you shouldn't really be wanting to read this page.
image Mairi MacLeod Unknown Stacie Marie Covington DeShazer Mairi Cousin to Duncan and Connor MacLeod, who comes to Duncan for training so she can fight Claire Lavinia. Had an affair with Richie Ryan, but loves Connor.
image Felicia Martins Alive Joan Jett Morning Glory Old adversary of MacLeod who has decided to go after Richie before he gets any better with a sword. She comes across Altea instead, however, and finds she's not as easy to beat as she thought. Last seen making a hasty escpae through the woods.
image Michaela Montchalin Alive Patricia Tallman Frostbite FBI agent assigned to project Jennifer Bellan when she testifies against Farley. Killed in front of Jennifer, she reveals all, but cannot stop Farley killing Jennifer. She killed Farley.
image Aria Moore Alive MaDonna Grimes None Are Innocent One-time psychopath turned good-guy who used to be a stomping partner of Patrick O'Brien. Friendly with Duncan Macleod, and Joe Dawson.
image Dr Andrew Morris Alive Joe Lando New Walks Of Life Watcher and doctor, friend of Ann Lindsey. He is killed by his assignment, Bruce Kingsboro, who then comes after him for his Quickening. He killed Kingsboro.
image Myrddin Alive Ian Richardson Where The Waters Meet There Find Magic Merlin? Is he Immortal, no-one feels 'the buzz' when he's around, but he deinitely has longevity!
image Roderick Myers Alive Kevin Zegers The Wild Ones A gentle, kind child Immortal, life-long companion of Emily FitzHenry, used by Kenny as hostage to lure Emily back to the fold.
image Patrick O'Brien Alive Rutger Hauer None Are Innocent The Irelander
image Gall Panurge Alive Patrick FitzGerald Music Of The Mind Irish Bard who has over two thousand years of memory and then some past he can't remember, but which Methos can. Engaged to a mortal, Cressida Maclean.
image Paulo Philipe Dead Will Estes The Wild Ones Child Immortal who takes over leadership of the group when encouraged to kill the original leader, Marcus Povertt, by Kenny. Killed by Kenny.
image Adam Pierson aka Methos Alive Peter Wingfield Most Eps Again, if you don't know who this is, we suggest you watch a bit more Highlander.
image Kismet Poole Alive Frank J. Grillo Music Of The Mind Hapless Immortal who finds out it is not good to separate an Irish bard from his harp, or to threaten his girlfriend. Almost killed by Gall Panurge.
image Marcus Povertt Dead Joseph Gordon Levitt The Wild Ones Original leader of the group of child Immortals, killed by Paulo Philip under Kenny's guidance.
image Mark Quinn Alive Johnathan Taylor Thomas The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals duped by Kenny.
image Richie Ryan Alive! Stan Kirsch All Eps Please note--RICHIE IS ALIVE--he was NOT killed by MacLeod, he was possessed by the demon Ahriman and replaced by an illusion in Lies And Deceptions.
image Maria Sanchez Alive Rachel Ticotin The Fallen Introduced to Kokabiel's cult by Martin Fields, she rebels.
image Bonnie Saunders Alive Marne Patterson Bullet, Bottle Or Blade Adopted daughter of Deborah and Harry Saunders who was in danger from Keith White, Deborah's new husband and an Immortal, because she is pre-Immortal. She is MacLeod's God-daughter.
image Simon Dead Seth Green Where The Waters Meet There Find Magic Member of the 'Excalibur' cult, the 'modern one' who is a computer nerd.
image Kieffer Strachan Dead Patterson Josef The Fallen Henchman for Kokabiel.
image Melody Thornton Dead Gwenyth Paltrow Above And Beyond Watcher who becomes Immortal and trains with MacLeod. Lover of Scott Bryant. Killed by John Crandall.
image Vitoria Ursini Dead Juliette Binoche Legend Old acquaintance of MacLeod who is obsessed with finding and beating Methos. She goes after Richie because she thinks he has Methos' Quickening, and is killed by Altea when it seems that Vitoria has killed Richie.
image Henry Vine Alive Zachary Bennet The Wild Ones One of the group of Child Immortals frenzied by Kenny.
image Vivian Dead Lysette Anthony Where The Waters Meet There Find Magic Member of the 'Excalibur' cult and a witch .
image Altea Werner Alive Alyssa Milano First seen in First Light. Amazon, lover of Richie Ryan. Hot-tempered and uncivilized since she did a Nefetiri and stayed buried by a few milenia. Has difficulty accepting men as equals, and dislikes Watchers because of what they did to Darius, a friend and teacher.
image Keith White Dead Tim Curry Bullet, Bottle Or Blade Husband of Deborah Saunders, who is interested in her daughter Bonnnie, a pre-Immortal, for all the wrong reasons. Killed by MacLeod.
image Phillipe Yves Alive Devin Clark The Wild Ones One of the group of child Immortals taken in by Kenny.