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Well Viewer, if you enjoyed the on-line version, maybe you want a more tangible copy to keep. If you do, a fully formatted, document version of each episode ia available below.

There are three versions on-line for download, one in MSWord 6/7 format, one in rich text format and one as a zipped plain text file. You are welcome to take any one and print the epsiode out yourself. If your browser insists on loading the .doc and .rtf files instead of downloading them just right click on the link and choose 'save target as' or 'save link as'.

Episode Word  Rich Text Format Plain Text
Lies & Deceptions lad.doc lad.rtf lad_txt.zip
The Fallen tf.doc tf.rtf tf_txt.zip
Immortal Song is.doc is.rtf is_txt.zip
Passover p.doc p.rtf p_txt.zip
Music Of The Mind motm.doc motm.rtf motm_txt.zip
First Light fl.doc fl.rtf fl_txt.zip
Morning Glory mg.doc mg.rtf mg_txt.zip
None Are Innocent nai.doc nai.rtf nai_txt.zip
An Evening At Joe's aeaj.doc aeaj.rtf aeaj_txt.zip
Confidences c.doc c.rtf c_txt.zip
Above & Beyond aab.doc aab.rtf aab_txt.zip
Bullet Bottle Or Blade bbob.doc bbob.rtf bbob_txt.zip
New Walks Of Life nwol.doc nwol.rtf nwol_txt.zip
Frostbite f.doc f.rtf f_txt.zip
Return Of The Hounds roth.doc roth.rtf roth_txt.zip
The Nutcracker tn.doc tn.rtf tn_txt.zip
Legend l.doc l.rtf l_txt.zip
Richie Ryan's School Days rrsd.doc rrsd.rtf rrsd_txt.zip
Diogenes' Lantern dl.doc dl.rtf dl_txt.zip
The Heretic th.doc th.rtf th_txt.zip
My Immortal Valentine miv.doc miv.rtf miv_txt.zip
Mairi m.doc m.rtf m_txt.zip
The Wild Ones two.doc two.rtf two_txt.zip
Where The Waters Meet There Find Magic wtwmtfm.doc wtwmtfm.rtf wtwmtfm_txt.zip