A young woman has appeared, a creature inspiring violence

She had just made it to the corner when a motorcycle reached her from behind and shot her twice in her back.

The violence comes from a worrying source...

Duncan couldn't help turning to his friend and questioning him with his dark, concerned eyes, because weariness and sadness were evident in his friend's voice. Joe hesitated, then told him the truth: "These two...are Watchers."

And what does Methos know about this mysterious woman?

"I am sure." He (Methos) said again. "She isn't in the records, but I have *ways* to know things. I warn you: she *is* dangerous. If she is who I think, she's definitely dangerous."

Has Methos revealed his knowledge too late to save Joe?

She raised her labrys -- a worn, long-used one -- made to perfectly fit her hand. Time stopped. "I am going to kill you, Watcher." She spat the last word as pure venom on her red lips.

Who is this woman? How does she know about Watchers? Why is there poison on her tongue when she refers to them? What is her grudge against Joe? Find out First Light, episode 6 of Highlander - The Fanfiction Season.


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