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Part 2

Scene 6

After a few rounds of Russian Canasta, Jennifer threw her hand down in disgust. "Adam, how many times do I have to tell you that 2's are wild? Good grief, man! You're the one that suggested this game!" She paused to add up his points. "And look at that! You gave yourself 500 points for a wild Canasta! You only get 300 points for those!" She looked at Michaela. "Tell me again why you wanted to partner with MacLeod instead of me?" She looked disgusted, but Michaela could see the laughter sparkling in Jennifer's eyes.

Methos leaned back in his chair and grimaced. "I didn't even know Russian Canasta was really a game!" He looked at MacLeod, who was grinning at him. "I'd heard the name someplace and thought it was a made-up game! You know, like... like ... Fizzbin!" He threw his hands in the air. "How was I to know it actually existed!" Jennifer was laughing openly as she gathered the cards and reshuffled for the next deal. "Adam, I'm just joking, honest! I can't be mad at you, the man who saved my life!" Methos grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl beside him, tossing some of the fluffy kernels in her direction.

Duncan picked up his 13 cards. "So, Michaela. Tell us how and what you know about Farley," he asked as he arranged his hand. "Is there a history between you?"

A look of total loathing crossed her face. "Oh, yes, one could say there is a 'history' between us..." She stared down at the cards, seeing a card game from a different time.

Scene 7


Michaela and her husband Trey had ran the way station for two years and had only had minor problems with Indian attacks and outlaws. Usually just the stock run off or missing, or the truck garden picked over. When the stage came through, Michaela was proud to have a good meal ready and waiting. Her husband was happy with his life, and considered himself lucky to have found her and convinced her to marry. He knew about her Immortality, but he told her it was just a 'minor hindrance'. Their life was not an easy one, but they were content. Then Farley had shown up.

Three men, dusty and tired, had ridden in shortly after the last stage had left. Trey had been mending harnesses when they appeared. As they slowly approached the station, he called quietly to Michaela. When she appeared in the doorway, he told her to be ready for trouble. The horses had been run hard and were in bad shape. Trey let the men stable their horses in the barn and gave them some grain after haggling over the price.

As the men stepped up on the porch, Michaela stiffened, feeling the familiar sensation that heralded the approach of another Immortal. She stared through narrowed eyes at the men who were trying to wash some of the dust off at the wash basin. One of the men, a tall thin man with black hair and a rather large nose, sneered at the other two and brushed past them to enter the dining area. He stared at her, then gave her an acknowledging nod. She stared back unblinking until he had wandered over and sat down at the table.

"So is it possible to get some food around here?" he asked with only a thin veneer of politeness. He picked up a knife and started to clean his fingernails.

Michaela kept her face expressionless as she turned to the stove and dipped up a bowl of stew. She placed it and a chunk of fresh bread in front of him. "No one gets turned away hungry. But it's three bits a head to sit and eat." She winced inwardly at her terminology, and the stranger gave her an evil smile. But whatever he was going to say was interrupted by his two companions stomping through the door, her husband behind them.

"Michaela, these gents are wanting fed and a place to sleep. I told 'em we could feed 'em, but they'd have to camp out." He nonchalantly took his rifle from where it leaned against the wall, and sat down to "clean" it, keeping it carefully pointed in a neutral direction, but yet easily swung to cover the men at the table.

Michaela looked at the other two men. "Three bits a piece to eat is the charge. There's a good camp about 3 miles on up the road." She dished up two more bowls of stew and placed them on the table. Her husband looked sharply at her, knowing good and well that in most towns, it only cost two bits for a bowl of stew. His eyes narrowed when none of the men even protested.

The men ate their food quickly with very few table manners. The thin man stood up and walked slowly behind Michaela to reach around her for the stew ladle. She moved out of his way, but he moved with her. His men snickered behind them, the redhead spraying food through a gap in his teeth.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news, Michaela," he whispered in her ear. "We can't pay for supper." He slowly ladled more stew into his bowl. "You see, our bank job was ruined by a troublesome do-gooder. We took care of him, but not before he caused a very big hole in our plans." He gave her a pseudo-sorrowful look. There was a scuffling sound and Michaela turned to see Trey being held by the other two men.

"Trey!" Michaela lunged forward but the other Immortal held her back.

"Farley, let me shoot him now!" said the redhead, twisting Trey's arm savagely behind him. Trey's face twisted from the pain, but he made no sound.

"Tsk, tsk, gentlemen," Farley calmly replied. "We should at least offer to repay their hospitality, even if it is given grudgingly." He sauntered back to the table, dragging Michaela. She wanted desperately to get to her sword, but it was in the backroom. It might as well be in Europe, she thought despairingly. Farley shoved her into a chair, then motioned his flunkies to bring Trey to the table. As he was forced into a chair, Farley pulled out a deck of cards.

"What say you we cut for the price of supper?" He shuffled the deck with slim, nimble fingers. "High I win and don't pay, low you win, and live." Michaela tried to make a dash for the back room, but was jerked back by Farley. "You can't move just yet, my dear. You are going to provide the after dinner entertainment."

"No!" Trey shouted and lunged upwards, but Red swung the butt of his gun to meet Trey's head with a sickening thwump. Michaela knew Trey was dead before he hit the floor.

Farley looked at the body on the floor, then at Michaela. "Oh well. I guess we skip the card games and go straight for the entertainment." He reached for her and dragged her to the back room. He gave the large bed a smile. "I do so like my comfort." He threw her onto the bed and held his gun on her while he searched the room. When he found her sword, she seemed to wilt.

"Really, my dear. Don't you know, as a female, you are only good for three things?" He held up a hand and counted on his fingers. "Cleaning, cooking, and 'entertainment'." She closed her eyes, trying to prepare herself for death, but opened them again when he tossed the sword into the dining room. "I just don't like to have any distractions while I'm being 'entertained', my dear." He removed his gun belt but held his gun while he started unbuttoning his shirt.

"I'm next!" the redhead called out as Farley cruelly pulled her head back by the hair to kiss her....

Scene 8


"They were all 'entertained' by me," she said bitterly. "I wasn't killed only because the supply stage came in. They managed to run Farley and his friends off, but the damage had been done. Trey was dead, and I should have been." Michaela shook herself and glanced around the table at her quiet companions. "Well. I sure know how to raise the fun factor."

Jennifer placed her hand over Michaela's and gripped it tightly. "I knew he was a scumbag! But you are alive, and trying to bring him to justice. You can count on us to help you bag the bastard!" She looked at Duncan who had a look of grim determination, which was shared by Methos.

Michaela gave Jennifer's hand a squeeze back. "Sort of like the three musketeers? All for one and one for all?" Jennifer giggled, and the two men loosened up just a bit, then they all quietly went back to their game.

Scene 9


"I think the blizzard is almost done," Duncan announced from the window. He let the curtain drop back as he turned towards the room.

"Thank goodness!" Jennifer, sitting at the table playing solitaire, exclaimed, then held up her hand in dismay. "Not that I think spending 3 days with you guys is any torture or anything, but I'm ready for a break." She smiled apologetically at Methos and Michaela, who gave her a slow smile.

"Yeah, well, tempers have gotten a bit short around here, but you can't blame us." She flashed Methos a dirty look. "You can be so depressing at times, Adam, and annoying at others! Any more comments about meat in a can will be used against you!" Jennifer gave a tired giggle, and Michaela winked at MacLeod. Methos just ignored them and stood up, stretching.

"I think it is my turn to get firewood," he said with a glance at the fireplace. He walked across the floor to get his jacket when Jennifer intercepted him.

"What is it with you?" she demanded. "Think I can't count or remember? It's MY turn!' She shrugged into a jacket MacLeod had found for her, then gave Methos a quick kiss on the cheek. "Don't think I don't know what you are trying to do. I appreciate the gesture, but I am a big girl, and I told you already, I can take care of myself!" She headed for the back door, Methos right behind her.

"Yeah, just like you did at the safehouse." She turned to frown at him, then reluctantly agreed.

"You're right, of course," she said. Methos gave a courtly bow, then smiled at Michaela.

"Trust her with me?"

Michaela glanced from him to Jennifer, who was looking a little flushed and studiously pulling on her gloves. "I guess so," she said reluctantly. "Just be sure to yell loud and long if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary, and you know what I mean!" She ended with a glare at Methos, who nodded solemnly back.

Scene 1 0

They stepped out the back door and headed the short distance to the woodshed. Jennifer, being an independent sort, laughingly refused his help, so he leaned against the edge of the opening as she started picking up chopped wood.

Just watching her move made him tingle. He hadn't thought he could feel that ever again after Alexa had died. Then...he stiffened as something hit him sharply in the lower back. He spun around the wall out of the shed and slowly slid to the ground. He knew, from his vast years of experience, that he had been shot. Must have used a silencer, he thought, then stiffened as he felt the approach of another Immortal. "If I had more time, I'd take your quickening, too, fool!" his attacker snarled. "Modern technology is just wonderful, isn't it? Such an easy target!" Methos stared helplessly up, unable to make a sound. Then...

"Farley!" he whispered hoarsely.

"Very good!" Farley said with an evil grin. "I figured she would have told you everything. But it's too late to stop me now! Your two other goody-two-shoes friends will never find me once I leave the mountain!" He blew across his gun barrel like some b-movie cowboy. "If I'd known the FBI bitch was Immortal, this would have been different." He shook his head, then wagged the knife at Methos. "See? This just goes to show: If you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself." Hearing Jennifer's returning footsteps, he quickly saluted Methos with the gun. "I'll have to look you up later, buddy! We'll have so much to talk about!" He stepped behind the shed and waited as Jennifer came around the corner.

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