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Well we didn't think of the Highlander Universe, although we wish we had, and all the characters from the TV show belong to Rysher Entertainment and Panzer Davies. We're borrowing them without permission, but there is no copyright infringement intended. There is absolutely no profit being made from HFS, it's all just for fun, and everyone's enjoyment. (Although after all the pulling out of hair and nail biting some of us are wondering where the fun went)! :-)

The original characters belong to their respective authors, so if you like them so much you want to write about them, please ask ... beg ... plead with the people who created them. Most of us are sane ... sort of ... well we all volunteered for this project which has to say something about our mental health. We can guarantee that nobody bites!

The stories are available to download, and you can print them out and keep them, but please don't try and sell them or anything unscrupulous like that. Feel free to show them to your friends, make copies, but please don't put them up on any web pages unless you have express permission from the author. You can link to HFS as much as you like though :-) we crave publicity.

All actors are used without any permission. They were chosen because we admire and wanted to have them in our stories, but the cast lists only exist in our minds.