Peter Cunnigham is an old friend of Duncan MacLeod from a time when a Dark Quickening had not taken Sean Burns from him.

Duncan snorted. "I'm meeting a friend who usually brings his own." {Peter,} he thought. {Peter and Sean: how we used to laugh together...}

Yet when he comes to visit, he brings trouble for The Highlander.

Duncan stunned by a sharp blow to the head. Instinctively, he twisted to lash out at his attacker but he was already losing consciousness. He heard a muffled curse as he fell to the sidewalk. {Good. Just wait 'til I wake up and then you'll really be sorry.}

Duncan has to face some hard admissions to his friend.

"I see," said Methos. "And does Peter know who killed Sean?" ... "No," Duncan said. "Peter doesn't know I killed him."

Yet Peter isn't the only one facing some home truths.

Joe looked over at Methos, who nodded minutely as if thinking, {Yes, I saw. He's on edge.} Richie shifted uneasily on the couch and wondered how soon he could leave Joe's office without getting teased about it later.
"That was Joe," Duncan said. "Richie's dead. Joe shot him. Rich broke into the bar and Joe thought he was a burglar. Why would Richie break into Joe's?"

All this and more in Confidences, episode 10 of Highlander - The Fanfiction Season.


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