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Name: Tena Abbey
HFS Role: Author
Web Page: N/A
Background: I'm 37, but I still prefer to act my shoe size, spent 8 years in the US Air Force, lived in Japan for 3 years, work fulltime for a famous insurance company, have done community theatre from drama to comedy to melodrama, was an extra in 2 "Nowhere Man" episodes,can do a variety of accents, and love music. Know enough about piano and guitar to make me dangerous! Have sang with my dad's country band, choir, and military talent shows. Love to read westerns to romance to sci fi: Anne McCaffrey in particular!! Write short stories, (have one HL in the HLFIC archives already!) poetry, songs, and filksongs. Have a wonderful hubby who has put up with me and my eclectic taste in reading AND music (C&W to classical and some stuff in between) for 10 1/2 years, and am owned by 2 cats and a dog.

Thanks to, Kim Mounce and Justin Cutler, my beta readers, and "Falcon" for his help and comments in the fight scene.
Bibliography:As you can see, I combined this with the background. SO hard to seperate these things....*s*