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Natasha Duncan-Drake
Name: Natasha Duncan-Drake
HFS role: Author, Editor and Co-ordinator
Email: tasha@dtwins.co.uk
Web Pages: you're in them <gr>.
I adore writing Highlander Fanfic, and I'm always drawn to the sidekick characters. Richie and Methos leap into my head and talk to me until I write about them, it can be most distracting :-). Don't get me wrong, Duncan MacLeod is a fun character to play with, but there's more of a connection with his Immortal comrades.
I'm in the Richie Reserves and the PWFC, and my parents still think I'm going to grow out of this obsession ... they're wrong :-). I'm 24 and Highlander isn't losing any of it's appeal.
Hope you're enjoying HFS.
Bibliography: Littered around this site: use the fiction link on the side menu.
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