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Stacie Marie Covington DeShazer
Name: Stacie Marie Covington DeShazer
HFS Role: Author
Web Page:http://home.aol.com/LdyLander1/
Background: Mairi is my first attempt at writting fanfiction. I hope it becomes as popular as Kathleen Wilson's Aria Andraven serries. I have plans to make sequels if everyone like her. I wrote a play in high school called Solution Seekers. This play has never seen a stage though. I work at a nationaly acredited childcare center as the teacher in charge of the afterschoolers. I have been there for the past three years. I just recieved my CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential in June. I am a Duncan Flag Waver and I am also a member of Clan Denial. I am happily married a (for three years now). I am 25 and my wonderful husband is 31. We have no children as of this writing, but we are trying. I have a younger brother who is 21 and two sisters who are 12. Yes they're twins and identical.

If I have fogotten anything and anyone wants to ask me questions, please feel free to e-mail me.
Bibliography: Mairi