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Sophie Duncan
Name: Sophie Duncan
HFS Role: Editor, Author and Co-ordinator
Email: sophie@dtwins.co.uk
Web Page: ../../sophie_personal/index_dyn.html
Background: I'm a PhD student at The University of Kent at Canterbury, England, studying Artifical Learning. I became interested in Highlander when I saw the first movie when it came out, and then fell in love with the Series when it started to be shown in the UK. I'm a Richie fanatic, but I have plenty of time for Methos and Duncan as well :). I had the idea for HFS at the beginning of '97, when it wasn't even certain that there was going to be a season six. I'd looked around and seen all this great fanfic, and thought that it would be a great idea to put together teh mass of talent out there into a combined effort to produce a coherent, continous season of 'episodes' for a season of Highlander starting where the TV series season five finished.