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Name: Monica Jordan
HFS Role: Author
Email: MJordan104@AOL.COM
Web Page: http://members.aol.com/mjordan104/fiction.html
Background: I became hooked on Highlander after I discovered mailing lists, fanfic, and discussion lists. I loved talking about the concept of Immortality and one Duncan MacLeod, and decided to try my hand at writing. I've always had a dream of writing and this medium gave me the opportunity to see it come true. It's a subject one cannot get tired of. I live in Phoenix and work for a computer firm. I enjoy writing, reading and photography, and attend a wonderful church which has blessed me with incredible friends... most of whom are closet Highlander fans. Life is great... and interesting.

I'd like to thank Mike Breen, who was the brains and the force behind "None Are Innocent." All I did was write a few scenes. Well, maybe more than just a few scenes, but Mike did most of the work, the motivation, and the initiative. Thanks for letting me ride on your coattails, Mike!
Bibliography: Posted on the Internet: Remembrance, Out of Love and Vengeance, Close Encounters of the Immortal Kind, One?, When the Bough Breaks - Pt. 1, Burden of Responsibility - Pt. 2, All Good Things: Shades of the Past - Chp. 1.
Zine Stories: At What Price Vengeance (Highland Blades-Vol. 1), Unbroken Bond (Highland Blades-Vol. 2).
Future Projects: All Good Things: Friendship, Secrets, and Lies - Chp. 2, All Good Things: A Shock to the System - Chp. 3, and When the Pieces Fall.
All the stories (except for the Zine work) are located at my web site:http://members.aol.com/mjordan104/fiction.html