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Mike Breen
Name: Mike Breen
HFS Role: Author
Web Page:http://www.channel1.com/users/mikeb
Background: By day I work as the network systems administrator of Donald F. Breen and co. Aside from writing, by night I play in the Boston-based rock band Craving Orange. I began writing on an old BBS service as part of a shared interactive roleplaying universe, and wrote several stories based on my characters. When that fell apart, I discovered the HL-Fic list and began jotting down several ideas for an original character while combining it with what little personal family history I knew at the time. These ideas eventually were named, Patrick O'Brien, AKA "The Irelander."

Besides Highlander, there is really only one other entertainment medium that has ignited my imagination enough to inspire me to write fanfic, Japanese animation, AKA Anime. Currently, I am working on a series of Cross-over stories with Highlander (using Patrick O'Brien) and the Anime series Bubblegum Crisis, the first story of which has been published on HL-Fic and rec.arts.anime.creative.
Bibliography: (avaliable at http://www.vuse.vanderbilt.edu/~copelasa/irelander)
  • Original 5-story series:
    • Two If By Sea
    • The Changeling
    • Those Who Watch
    • To Forgive Is Divine
    • Homecoming
  • Revenge and Rebirth series:
    • The Dragon's Sword
    • Towards Future and Past
    • Cast The First Stone
    • Revenge
    • Rebirth
  • Death and Life series (Bubblegum Crisis/Highlander Crossover):
    • Death and Life
    • Father's Pride, Mother's Passion (currently writing)
    • Story #3 (not even outlined yet. Just an idea)
  • Others:
    • Monsters (a "Revenge and Rebirth" sidestory)
    • No More Games (a "Death and Life" sidestory)
    • MacLeod Muyo! or No Need For Duncan (Parody X-over of HL ep "Archangel" and the anime series "Tenchi Muyo!")
    • Immortal Old Ironsides (a stand-alone salute to the USS Constitution)