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Jen Thrailkill
Name: Jenifer L. Thrailkill
HFS Role: Author, Editor
Web Page:http://members.aol.com/CatsImmie/index.html
Background: Born 23 years ago, my family raised me to be creative and individualistic. The one thing they never counted on, was actually wanting to do what I loved for a living. I started writing at an early age, and have videos of neighborhood kids performing the stories and plays I wrote even at an early age. By the time I hit high school, I had had 2 of my plays performed, one of which won me an award in 1992 after the community theatre where I worked performed a couple of my scenes in a workshop they held.

My theatre professor in college is probably my biggest inspiration for writing, as he helped me through many difficult times and showed me how to take the energy balled up and used them to my advantage. Even after his death, I still feel as if he's there watching me write. Now that I've moved back to California where I grew up, I plan on finishing college with a degree in Theatre Education and a minor in Creative Writing.
Bibliography: All of my Highlander stories are available on my website, and one of them Mortal Time was recently published in Highland Blades Edition 1. I'm in the process of putting my Star Trek fanfic and my plays up as well. Non FanFic that has been published includes several stories, poems, and plays in school literary magazines and papers. Two of my plays- Broadway Dreams and Actual Reality have been performed locally in North Carolina.
Thanks: Special thanks to Sophie and Tasha for setting this up. Thanks to the ALFWC and the OLHFC for their love and support and to Terry for convincing me to turn him into a K'Immie. After all, who am I to deny a friend their dream? To Megs, Emm, Tom, and Matt, I owe you guys big for your whaps, cyberciggies. And more importantly, your friendship and love! Also special thanks to Mr. R, for everything!