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Ann Dodge
Name: Ann Dodge
HFS Role: Editor
Web Page:http://dreamscape.com/anndodge
Background: I've only been watching HL for 2 years now but it quickly became my favorite show. I'm a big Methos fan and am in the Peter Wingfield fan club. I got my feet wet in writing Fan Fiction when I wrote Winery Hopping.
Bibliography: Winery Hopping is on my page. It's Adult in nature so those under 21 can bypass it. I also drabble a bit on HLX and my own mailing loop MSL.

For those who haven't picked up my spoilers on the various lists it gets posted to, I have a satellite and tape the feeds. This gives me the first view of a new HL episode. Last year some time, I started writing a synopsis of the new episodes. Some of these are very detailed. I enjoy writing these and love the feedback that I've gotten from them.

The Synopsis for this years episodes are on my page.