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Name: Alex Mitchell
HFS Role: Artist
Email:Contact through olwynm@aol.com
Web Page:Work found at http://members.aol.com/olwynm/pictures.htm
Background: I'm in my last year of grammar school, doing art, computing, politics/economics and maths - quite interesting if you like that sort of thing;) I'll be off to uni some time in '98 - maybe! I got roped inoto this by my sister, Olwyn, who started out by lending me her tapes of the series, and finished by demanding payment in the form of pics of the cast so I had to watch them all over again... Oh the sacrifices I make I'm more into computing these days, being the school's network manager (impressive, no?;), graphic art is more of a sideline (Show-off! - Olwyn) I do a lot of more conventional art, but if anyone out there has a tablet and pen they'd like to donate, I'm sure I could find a home for it :) What else can I say about my wonderful self? I've just acquired a bicycle, but I can't find the on buttion, so I'm having difficulty getting it to start :) I get my inspiration form the little purple people in my head (This explains a lot, dear - Olwyn) If you're desperate to throw laurels at my feet, I can be contacted through my dear, dear sibling Olwyn at olwynm@aol.com Or indeed just to communicate with the little purple people.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that she wasn't being entirely honest when she said that she wouldn't change a word of this... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my few short words on the post-socratic dialogues of the neo-platonic philosophers. Some of my pictures are available from http://members.aol.com/olwynm/pictures.htm, or from the HFS or Immrotal Weekly web sites.

I hope you enjoyed the art, and learning a little about me, and I'm sure you're all dashing off, even as I type, to get some of those laurels we talked about earlier ;)