It's Hallowe'en and Joe has a few guests at the Bar.

"It was a dark and stormy night."[Joe]

It's story time, And with Immortals around, the tales are bound to be unusual.

"Well, I married a ghost once, does that count?"[Methos]

Can Amanda do better?

"I met a vampire once."

And there's another guest, one Richie hasn't seen in a long time.

"Oh great," Richie said under his breath, "Sir Lancelot."

Connor's on a visit and he's happy to supply a story.

He chucked as he thought, "It's Halloween. Whoever they are, if they want to be scared, I can oblige."

And there's one person at the party who has a simple question.

"What exactly is this Halloween?"[Altea]

Find out with Altea what Hallowe'en means to our Immortals in An Evening At Joe's, episode 9 of Highlander - The Fanfiction Season.


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