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"It was a dark and stormy night."

"Knock it off Joe," came Richie's reply.

Methos leaned on the bar. "Well, he is right, it's dark, it's storming, and I'll have another beer." Joe only smiled, he'd already set another bottle in front of Methos.

"And Richie," Methos said. "Watch what you call me in front of your girlfriend." Richie nodded.

Joe walked out from behind the bar and motioned for Richie to follow him. The two disappeared into the storage room. A few minutes later, Richie came from the storage room carrying two boxes. He placed one on the bar, and took the other with him towards the stage, where he left it. He then returned to the storage room, and Joe came out carrying two bottles.

Methos took a drink from his beer and continued to watch the two.

Joe pushed the box Richie had left on the bar across the counter positioning it in front of Methos. The box was labeled DEC-H. Methos looked up from his beer, but said nothing. Joe moved the box closer to him. Methos took another drink from his beer, but never made a move to look into the box.

"You said you'd help," commented Joe. "So, get off that stool, put that beer down, and open that box."

Methos made no action of actually moving towards the box. He did, however, point to it and asked, "So, what's in it?"

"Halloween decorations. Now put the beer down, or you won't get another."

Methos sighed, and took the lid off the box and started rummaging through it.

Richie once again emerged from the storage, but this time he was carrying several large bags of candy. "Hey, Joe, you got him to move." The comment earned Richie a glare as Methos continued to sort through the decorations.

Several minutes later, both Richie and Methos paused in their actions and turned to look up at the door. Joe took this for what it meant-- another immortal was about to come into the bar. "It has to be Duncan or Altea," commented Richie as he watched the door open.

"Probably," agreed Methos.

To the shock of the three in the bar, it was neither. The figure that came in from the rain had short brown hair, and wore blue jeans, a blue sweatshirt, white sneakers, and a well-worn tan trench-coat.

"Oh great," Richie said under his breath, "Sir Lancelot."

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