Meoldy Thornton is a Watcher, and Duncan isn't very pleased about it.

MacLeod nodded, looking down at his glass. "Give her something else to do. It's too dangerous for her."

"I know she's young and inexperienced, but I have full confidence in her abilities," Joe told him.

MacLeod looked up and started to argue, "Joe..."

Joe held up both hands to stop Mac from talking. "She's been trained by the best."

What's more, her lover is Immortal

Melody bounced up off the bed and ran into his arms. "Scott, I'm so glad you're here." She greeted him with a kiss. MacLeod, Richie and Joe all exchanged a look of surprise.

Yet there's more to Melody that meets the eye, and with the approach of another Immortal, things become dangerous for them all.

The stranger looked around at the sparse, utilitarian dojo, then back at MacLeod. "I'm John Crandall," he announced. "I've come for Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander."


"John Crandall," Joe said as he shook his head. "He's like an old west gunslinger, Mac. He hears about someone with a reputation for winning and he 'rides into town'..."

What is Crandall planning, and how do Melody and Scott figure in his plans, find out in Above And Beyond, episode 11 of Highlander - The Fanfiction Season.


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