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Above and Beyond

Part 3

Scene 1 3

"I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod," Mac said softly, answering the man's challenge. "And you'll have to wait until my guests leave."

Crandall tilted his head with a nod of acknowledgment as he spoke, "Of course, MacLeod. I will return another time." Then he turned on his heel and left the dojo.

Scene 1 4

'Joe's' was busy. MacLeod sat at the end of the bar sipping on the coffee in front of him. Joe Dawson leaned on the bar from the other side. "John Crandall," Joe said as he shook his head. "He's like an old west gunslinger, Mac. He hears about someone with a reputation for winning and he 'rides into town'. Last I heard he was in England."

MacLeod finished his coffee and stood. "Well, now he's here for me."

Joe cleared Mac's cup as he replied. "I'd say he's looking for more trouble than he can handle." Joe smiled, then turned serious. "Take care, Mac."

MacLeod nodded at his friend and answered, "I always do," with a ghost of a smile on his lips. Then he turned and left the bar.

Scene 1 5

MacLeod opened the lift gate and walked into his loft apartment. Richie sat on the couch working on his laptop. "Hey Mac," he greeted MacLeod.

MacLeod took off his coat and hung it on a peg in the hallway. "Hey Richie. What's up? Where's Scott and Melody?"

"Altea's out of town so I thought I'd hang here. Mel and Scott left with a friend of yours," Richie explained, still typing.

"A friend of mine?" MacLeod tensed, dreading what Richie would say next.

"Yeah." Richie put the computer on the coffee table and picked up a business card. "I found this card on the door -- John Crandall."

MacLeod put his coat back on. "Where did they go?"

"Says they'll wait for you at the park," Richie answered, reading from the back of the card. Then standing up and walking towards his friend, he asked, "What's wrong, Mac?"

"He's no friend of mine, Richie. He came here to challenge me," Mac's temper darkened as he quickly explained what he suspected. Crandall did not invite the couple for a stroll in the park. "I hope I'm not too late."

"Oh, man." Richie also sounded worried. "I'll come with you."

MacLeod had reached the front door and he called back to Richie. "No, stay here in case they come back. If they do, keep them here."

"It doesn't sound like you expect them back," Richie commented.

"No. I don't." MacLeod's voice was grim. "Call Joe, will you? Let him know what happened. Tell him I'm going to look for them." MacLeod closed the door behind him.

"Good luck Mac," Richie said softly under his breath.

Scene 1 6

Crandall, Scott and Melody were walking slowly along the park sidewalk in the semi- darkness. Some light came from a few distant street lights.

"Why does MacLeod want us to meet him here?" Melody asked.

Crandall shrugged. "Have you known the Highlander long?"

Scott seemed wary of the stranger. "You mean Mac?"

"Yes, of course. Mac," Crandall replied, a disconcerting smile playing on his lips.

Scott stopped. "You don't know him at all, do you? You aren't really a friend of MacLeod's, are you?" Becoming aware of a different reason for being there, Scott moved to put himself between Melody and Crandall.

"No. Not really," Crandall admitted. "We met this afternoon."

Hearing Crandall's confession gave Scott all the reason he needed to react. He pulled Melody behind him as he reached for his sword and Crandall found his own.

"Go, Mel. Find MacLeod," Scott commanded her, pushing her toward the road.

Scott and Crandall crossed swords as Melody stumbled into the darkness. The clash of steel continued as she fell over a bush that the blackness had hidden from her. Melody was still on her knees as she heard -- nothing. Then she saw the lightning arcs of a Quickening. "Scott?" she whispered softly. She started to whimper from shock and panic. Then hearing footsteps on the path behind her, she called out tentatively, "Scott?"

Scene 1 7

MacLeod pulled into the parking lot in his T-Bird. Turning off the engine, he grabbed his katana and bolted out of the car. In the distance he could see the evidence of a Quickening in the night sky.

He walked quickly toward the light show. Almost immediately MacLeod found Scott's body. He looked up ahead at the still moving lights as he softly spoke Melody's name, knowing without a doubt that he was too late. He continued down the path until he came to a clearing. A nearby street light gave enough illumination for him to see Crandall standing there, fully recovered from his recent Quickenings.

"Ah, MacLeod," Crandall greeted him. "I seem to have run into a couple of your students."

"Why Crandall? Tell me why," demanded MacLeod, his voice rough with the fury he barely held in check.

"It helps when your opponent is thinking of other things when you meet," he said. "Don't you agree, MacLeod? It keeps them off center, easier to distract. Like you are now."

MacLeod was quiet for a few seconds. Then with icy calm, he replied, "Wrong."

MacLeod attacked Crandall. He was brutal, quick and thorough. He gave no respite, as Crandall had given none to the young lovers.

With a quick slice through Crandall's Achilles, MacLeod had him on his knees awaiting the last cut of the katana. MacLeod didn't make him wait but a few seconds before he drew the honed blade through the neck of the villain. Too late. He was too late.

After the Quickening, MacLeod allowed himself the luxury of thinking of the young Immortals he had sentenced to death by allowing them to be near him when this evil menace had happened by. The loss of the young couple devastated him.

MacLeod found Melody's body. Taking off his coat, he wrapped her tenderly and carried her body back toward the parking lot. Joe and Richie arrived in Joe's car just as MacLeod got there.

"Mac?" Joe asked fearfully. Knowingly.

"He got them both before I got here, Joe," MacLeod told his friend. "I'm sorry."

Joe swallowed hard, fighting back the tears. "You couldn't know, Mac."

Richie leaned against the car, head back, his face toward the sky, eyes closed.

"We'll bury them on the island," MacLeod told the other two.

Scene 1 8

It was late and the three friends were on the porch of MacLeod's secluded cabin. The glow from the fireplace reached them through the windows, the only light except for the distant stars. Richie was at the bottom of the steps leaning against the banister, Joe stood on the porch above, and MacLeod sat on the stairs between them.

Mac was emotionally distraught. "They would've been safer away from me. Crandall would not have gotten to them."

"No, Mac," Joe disagreed. "They needed a teacher. You're the best." Joe was still trying to persuade MacLeod to see the other side of the story, but it didn't seem to be working.

"Mac?" Richie said, "You know, I've been meaning to say something to you for a long time. But I've never found the right time or place until now."

Richie swung around and put a hand on each side of the stairs, actually looking into MacLeod's eyes, almost nose to nose. He continued, "Thanks, Mac. Thanks for everything." Richie paused as he searched for just the right words.

"Richie, you ...don't..." MacLeod tried to quiet his friend and student.

Richie took a step back and laughed. "Remember? The Knights of the Round Table?" Richie made a "Z" motion with his hand through the air, making a swishing sound as he did it. Then he hooked his thumbs into the pockets of his jeans and continued, "The luckiest day of my life was the day I picked your shop to break into. I woulda never made it on my own." Richie looked up at the bright stars in the moonless night sky. Then turning serious, he looked over at MacLeod. "I know we've had some rough times. My fault, your fault, others interfering, but... you've done everything in your power, gone above and beyond the call of anybody's meaning of the word 'duty', to teach me the 'Game' and how to survive in it. You made the right decision when you decided to teach me, Mac. I wouldn't have made it this far without you."

Again, MacLeod started to protest. "Rich."

But Richie continued, "No, Mac. Let me finish. You made the right decision when you decided to help Melody and Scott too. They'd have told you the same thing if they'd had the time. Like I said, I've been lucky. But they weren't so lucky. They weren't given that time. And that part wasn't up to you MacLeod, somebody else took that away from them. Crandall."

MacLeod sat quietly for a few moments, listening to the night sounds of the forest around them. Letting Richie's words soothe him. Then he wiped his tear stained face with the heels of his hands and spoke softly. "Richie? Are you finished?"

"Yeah, I'm finished." Richie replied, leaning back against the banister, a smug smile on his face.

"How did you get to be so smart?" MacLeod asked.

Richie looked MacLeod in the eyes again as he replied with a big grin, "From you, Mac. Everything from you."

MacLeod gave Richie his hand and Richie pulled him to his feet. Mac put his arm around the younger Immortal's shoulders and they climbed the stairs together. Pausing at the top of the stairs, MacLeod reached over to touch Joe's arm, trying to comfort his mortal friend as Richie had comforted him. He squeezed Joe's shoulder. "Come on, Joe, I'll make you some coffee."

Joe nodded, then watched as the two Immortals went inside the cabin. Joe didn't blame MacLeod, how could he? MacLeod had done what he could. It was the 'Game'. All Immortals were in it -- whether they wanted to play or not. Was it good against evil? Or just man against man? He remembered when Richie had told him that "it would be okay, she's an Immortal". But Joe had known then. Joe had been a Watcher for a long time and he knew the odds. He had tried to help stack those odds in Melody's favor by including MacLeod. He had tried. MacLeod had tried. They had lost.

No, he didn't blame Melody's death on MacLeod. Joe blamed it on the 'Game'. But the 'Game' was what Immortals were all about. The hunters and the hunted. Wasn't it?

Joe closed his eyes, thinking of Mel's smiling face. "We tried Mel," he whispered into the night. Then he followed the two Immortals into the cabin.

The End

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