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The Beard by Didi

This is just a piece of fluf, but be warned it is slash. Hence even though it has no graphic sex I am giving it a NC-17 rating. It was in answer to a challenge on the Master/Apprentice list the details of which may be found here.



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Warning - this story is slash and has implied male/male sexual situations. Please do not read this story if this concept offends or worries you.

Title - The Beard - Reply to The Keeper's Challenge
Author - Didi didi@dtwins.co.uk
Protector of Qui-Gon's Beard and Keeper of Obi-Wan's heart-wrenching
Archive - Master_Apprentice
Category - Humour, PWP
Rating - Um - No explicit sex, but it is implied. NC-17 for slash.
Spoliers - No Spoilers ... not enough plot for that <gr>
Summary - Obi-Wan has a fetish, and Qui-Gon finds out about it.
Feedback - Always welcome
Comments - Use the items for which you are Keeper in a fic.