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Born of Magic's Fire by Tasha



Warning: this section contains ADULT material

Part 17

The window was open and there was actually a slight breeze blowing at the net curtain as Derek quietly closed the door behind them. Rachel placed the juice down on the bedside table and turned back to the man she loved. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and with one hand she let the blonde tresses fall free. Her companion did not need encouraging. With a quick step he was beside her, and his long arms entwined her slim body as she moulded to him.

His dexterous fingers gently ran up the side of her face and then across and around the curve of her neck. Derek's touch was like electricity to Rachel, and she lost her self in the light embrace. He smelled wonderful as she leaned against him: a hint of aftershave and a particular masculine smell that she had long learnt to associate with him. They had come close before, but never with the intention of going any further, meaning that this was the first time Rachel felt free to completely enjoy their togetherness. She wound her arms around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder to give him access to all the muscles in her neck.

"Mm," she mumbled as he stroked a particularly tense spot, "that's good."

"Y'know I could reach it better if your collar wasn't in the way," Derek's voice held just a trace of humour.

She'd been enjoying herself so much that Rachel had quite lost track of time. The couple had to have been standing in exactly the same spot for a good few minutes. There was a grin trying to force it's way onto his face as the psychiatrist looked up at Derek, and she had to smile back.

"I think you may be right," she agreed cheerfully and stepped back slightly, "and it's *so* warm in here."

The woman's cotton blouse only had four buttons, but she sighed as she looked down at them.

"It's going to take me ages to get all of these undone on my own," she said with a lost innocent expression, "why don't you help?"

It seemed like a good idea so Derek did not argue. However, his long fingers were surprisingly slow when it came to actually pushing the buttons through the holes. He paused after the first fastening gave way to his ministrations and gazed at her for a moment, almost as if he was committing each moment to memory. The he continued to the next and did the same. Each time more flesh was revealed he paused and absorbed the whole scene. Rachel felt very beautiful under his care. In fact, she was so caught up in watching him undress her that she totally forgot that he too was fully clothed.

The psychiatrist's eyes followed every move Derek made, and she was amazed how arousing this was. The way his fingers played with the buttons before pushing them back through the holes was almost erotic. By the time he reached fastening number four various parts of her body were forcefully making themselves known to her. Her blood seemed to be moving very fast, and very forcefully.

Derek for his part was enjoying himself immensely. He'd dreamed of this moment, not with the stark clarity of a vision, but with the muddled intensity of a man in love. There may have been a force in the house giving somewhat more importance to certain frames of mind, but he really didn't care. It was probably exactly what they both needed. As Rachel's shirt fell open to reveal her white lace bra, the precept felt his heat beat increase slightly. Her skin was smooth as he ran his hands up over her shoulders, pushing the cotton back.

The garment fell away and she brought her arms up to either side of his neck, looping them loosely together. Once again their bodies moulded together and Derek bent his head to cover her mouth in a tender kiss. Rachel's skin was hot to the touch as her companion's hands ran across her back and his closeness only heated her up more. Lips and tongues explored for a while and then his fingers descended towards her skirt. Still wrapped in his embrace, the psychiatrist did nothing to hinder his progress. Derek went about releasing the zip in exactly the same way he had the buttons: with almost agonising slowness. He played with the fastener for a while, not quite pulling it hard enough to part metal from metal, but letting Rachel know exactly what he was doing. Then, just when she was beginning to think he was never going to rescue her from the confines of her clothes, her lover started to move it downwards. The gentle stroking of his fingers at the base of her spine sent shivers all through her body.

Her second item of clothing fell away from Rachel with ease and she deftly kicked it aside with one foot. Standing close to him in just her bra and panties made her feel deliciously exposed. As she pushed close to him, his trousers did little to hide his own excitement. One of his arms snaked up her back and after only a slight touch she felt the hooks on he bra release. She was quite surprised, that was one skill she hadn't expected Derek to have.

It was a nice feeling having his fingers run up and down her spine uninhibited, but she wasn't quite ready to let him out of the embrace just yet, so she did not remove the garment completely. Instead she began to kiss his long, elegant neck.

"Now whose collar is in the way?" she said quietly as she took hold of his with her teeth and pulled open the second popper.

She had allowed herself a spot of delight when she'd realised that his shirt was held by studs rather than fiddley buttons. As she moved her kisses from the side of his neck to the base of his throat, she smiled as an idea occurred to her. Slowly, Rachel pushed herself off Derek and he obliged by loosening the embrace. Under his watchful gaze she calmly slipped the now unwanted bra from one arm then the next, throwing it lightly to one side. Then she turned her attention to him.

She kissed his throat once more and then pulled at the next popper with her teeth. It came undone quite easily and she kissed the flesh it revealed. One by one she attacked the fasteners on the shirt, allowing her hands to run down the outside of the material as she moved lower. Each success was followed by a moment of tenderness before she moved on, until finally she was kneeling and had reached the button of his trousers. This she deftly released with her fingers, but she went to work on the zip with her mouth. Derek by this time had his fingers wrapped in her hair, waiting for the next gentle caress. Having opened the fastening this time she kissed the flat of his stomach. Without pausing she gently pulled at the waistband, and eased the trousers over his hips, revealing a pair of black silk boxers.

She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow and look up, she hadn't put Derek down as the type for black silk. She grinned and he just smiled right on back. The pause lasted a second or two and then Rachel went back to what she had been doing.

When she reached the floor with the trousers, Derek helpfully stepped out of the garment. It was at this point that he expected Rachel to stand up again, but she didn't, in fact she started at his feet. Until now she hadn't realised that he'd been padding round the house barefoot: she hadn't been much interested in anything below the knee. Yet now she was down there, she found that his toes were long and elegant like his fingers. Before she realised what she was doing she found herself stroking his feet.

The psychiatrist had a momentary vision of Patrick climbing off the ceiling if she'd done this to him, but it made her smile rather than feel any of the guilt she once would have. Derek for his part seemed to enjoy it immensely: Rachel had discovered one of his weak points. Filing this away she began a slow migration upwards, enjoying the feeling of strong muscle against her hands as she ran them over every part of his legs. Under her tender care Derek trembled more than once.

The silk felt soft and smooth under her fingers and she played with the material as she slowly stood up. There was quite a hunger in Derek's eyes as she gazed back into them, and pressed herself against him. It took but a moment to remove his shirt. His arms were hungry as he threw aside the cotton garment and pulled her into a passionate embrace. Skin touched skin and the Precept felt every nerve in his body respond. Rachel was so soft against him and he was filled with a desire he could never explain.

He followed this urge through by sliding his fingers down her and slipping his fingers under the rim of her panties. The lacy, white, elasticated material gave little resistance, almost as little as the woman wearing it, and the garment fell to the floor. For a moment Rachel pressed against him even harder and then, before she quite knew what was happening she felt her feet leave the ground. Derek's tall, wiry frame belied the strength it hid and the psychiatrist was cradled in his arms easily. The look of surprise on her face became one of pleasure very quickly and Rachel relaxed into his grip, leaving only one arm draped over his shoulder. The bed was very soft as the Precept gently placed his lover on top of the light covers. The blonde woman lay back with wide eyed expectation and her hair spread in a molten wave over the pillow.

"You are incredibly beautiful," Derek told her in almost, enchanted tones.

His expression was sort of lost, even as a contented smile tried to play over his mouth. That sensual, almost pouting mouth that filled Rachel's senses as she remembered it's touch. She barely noticed as he sat down on the bed beside her, all she saw were those lips bending to join with hers. The heat coming from his body as he leant close was incredible, as skin came close to skin it was like a furnace. He must have felt it as well because after what seemed like barely a second he pulled back. A sparkling mischief was in his eyes this time and as he ran his right hand down her side, Rachel had to wonder what he was thinking. It was only as she heard the clinking of glass and looked towards the sound that she realised what else he was doing.

Those long fingers had dipped into the juice on the side and extracted a glistening cube of ice. With a charming smile he popped this into his mouth and then returned to the kiss. He let some of the delightfully cool water from the rapidly melting ice, drip over his lips onto hers. The contrast between burning flesh and arctic liquid made her tremble inside, for no reason she could fathom. The anticipation was almost more than Rachel could bare as he withdrew his touch from her mouth and let his eyes wander over her body a moment. She knew what he was going to do and the waiting was so enticing. He kissed just below her collar bone, lips closed and warm: he was teasing and it made her all the more excited. Another kiss, this time on her shoulder and again warm. Then it came, the freezing touch of ice on her skin as he let his lips part over her the centre of her chest. Her fingers curled into the bed sheets and she shivered as he slowly drew a trail of moisture down over one of her breasts. When he ran the frozen water over her proud nipple she could have screamed, instead she moaned.

Derek was enjoying every moment, and as Rachel closed her eyes in ecstasy he gently climbed onto the bed, straddling her. With calm precision he placed several more icy kisses over her upper body, revelling in the way that the sensation caused her to strain against him. Her movements were totally unconscious, but with each touch her hips moved and pushed against her lover. Eventually, however, he chose to move lower and he created cold trails all over her stomach. His tongue darted into her navel as a small pool developed there, removing it even as he had created it. It was not his intention to stop there, and he moved even lower. She couldn't do anything but writhe as he let the cold liquid run over her pulsating mound. She was alive with arousal, and she was running out of time. Her body was screaming for Derek, and she wanted him ...

"Now," was all she said, and there was no arguing with her tone.

Her hands were not taking no for an answer either, and the almost ripped down Derek's boxers as soon as he moved into reach. Rachel's thighs parted greedily almost as soon as he manoeuvred into position. Her fingers played pleadingly with his nipples as he paused above her, just looking down, and then he smiled. What was left of the ice cube went sailing onto the floor, as he irreverently propelled it with a swift gust of air, then he moved closer to her. Flesh burned against flesh once more, and with the barest hesitation he slid into her. She gasped and pushed her head back into the pillow.

Waves of pleasure moved through both partners as they moved together in the grip of sexual desire. Their bodies moved in perfect accord, pushing close with desperate physical love, drawing each closer to the moment of total submission. There was no sense of the rest of the world, just skin on skin, passion on passion. Hips gyrated in the oldest dance, and there was no stopping the tempo.

Thanks to Derek's tender ministrations, Rachel had been close to the edge when the union began, and she was only able to hold off for so long. As male joined with female she had to give in as with a cry she bucked against him. Her spasms did nothing to detract from her lover's pleasure, in fact they increased it to such a point that he too stepped over the edge. They were beyond caring if anyone could hear them and only the thick oak door prevented their exclamations of pleasure from spreading throughout the castle.

They remained locked together, breathing hard and staring into each other's eyes.

"God, that was worth waiting for," was Rachel's breathless comment.

Derek just smiled his enigmatic smile and kissed her.

End of Part 17