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Born of Magic's Fire by Tasha



Warning: this section contains ADULT material

Part 15

Philip liked the feeling of holding Jasmine, he liked it a great deal, and somehow she fitted into his arms. He just held her for a long moment, until he realised that she was shaking lightly. Very gently he pulled away slightly, and as she looked up at him he saw that she was crying. He was surprised and anxiety showed on his face immediately.

"Don't worry, darling," his companion said very quickly, "I'm just being emotional."

She smiled at him through her tears and wiped them away with the back of her hand.

"It's just a female Guide thing," she laughed at her own words, but she couldn't quite remove the expression from Philip's face.

He wanted to understand, and he was not going to be brushed off with half answers.

"Are you okay?" he asked, unable to think of much else to say.

"I'm fine," she told him, bringing herself into check, "I've been alone so long, I never expected this, and it's so ... wonderful."

With lips as soft as rose petals, she kissed his hand.

"You have more important things to worry about than why I'm crying," she said lightly, and when she looked back at him this time there was a tender mischief in her eyes. "Like why you have so many clothes on."

Philip actually looked rather shocked when she undid the bow in the belt of his robe, and Jas found this delightful. His expression changed to one of perfect comprehension as his conscious brain finally caught up with the fact that this would be happening *now*. It really had never quite occurred to him that they'd be doing anything but talking. He'd worn boxers and a T-shirt to bed and Jasmine's small hands ran over the outside of the top, up onto his shoulders, pushing away the robe as she went. He let it fall to the floor as it reached the point of no return and then he ran his own hands under her garment.

Jas just lay her hands flat on his chest for a moment and closed her eyes as his fingers moved lightly around her waist and over the base of her spine. She leaned back into the sensation, enjoying his touch. This woman had watched life from a distance for a very long time, she had learned the different ways humans chose to come together, but experiencing was an entirely different matter. She had memories from other Guides, she could see life through their eyes, but this was her body, her time, and the real contact was so much sweeter.

There was a fire inside her, she could feel it's heat and it spread throughout her whole form. It was as if just the merest touch brought her alive and she wanted to feel more of him.

Her fingers were very fast as they took the bottom of Philip's slightly baggy T-shirt. Pulling it upwards was no problem, and her companion took it the rest of the way once she had started the procedure. It was as he was just easing it over his head that she ran her nails down the side of one pectoral muscle and he almost lost his balance completely. The act sent shivers running from his chest to every erogenous zone in his body and he blinked at her as he literally threw the shirt aside. Jas just smiled sweetly and did it again.

The look of ecstasy on his face told her everything she needed to know, and quite suddenly she decided to take charge. With a sly grin she turned away from him and climbed onto the bed, and proceeded to drape herself across it in a most alluring manner. Leaning on one elbow she patted the space she had left and Philip sat down. It didn't take a great deal of coaxing to push him down on his back and then Jasmine climbed astride him. Her robe brushed his skin, feather light and he shivered as he beheld the fullness of her womanhood.

His eyes travelled the length of her lithe body, following the contours of her pert breasts, lower over the slightly curving stomach, down to the mass of curly hair that was as black as midnight. She could feel his arousal, separated from her by the thin cloth of his shorts, but she'd get to those eventually. For now she was interested in other parts of his anatomy. Jas had long, rounded nails and she was going to put them to good use.

With the index finger of each hand she began to draw slow, gentle lines from Philip's shoulders, down the line of his well formed muscles. He closed his eyes and let the feeling wash over him. As she reached his ribs her other fingers came into play, and she moved them in long sweeping lines along his flesh. The young man was in heaven and he murmured his satisfaction. Jasmine's nails worked intricate patterns into his flesh, moving lightly, but leaving short lived, white trails. Her digits teased, moving all over his torso, coming close to sensitive areas, but just stopping short. Then her hands started to move in large circles across the top of his chest. On each revolution the tips of her fingers moved closer to his hard, aroused nipples, building anticipation with every touch. One by one she reduced the number of nails she was using and slipped that one millimetre closer. When finally she flicked the sensitive skin with the very ends of her index fingers, Philip shuddered with pleasure.

Jasmine wasn't finished there though. She smiled down at him as he opened his eyes, and then slowly she leant forward. With one hand she gently stroked the left side of his chest, and the other she covered in tiny, feather light kisses. His arms came up and entwined her as she ever so slowly ran her tongue over the proud nipple. With a touch, almost as light as hers, Philip ran his fingers down the back of her neck, under the edge of her robe. For a moment she paused and let him play a melody of sensation on her skin, and then, thoroughly in tune with his orchestra, she continued her own sonata. As she swapped her ministrations to the other side of his chest, he slipped his other hand up over her back and gently held her.

For now, Jas was moving upwards, and leaving a line of kisses behind she worked her way up the side of his neck, across his jaw line, and eventually to the sensuous mouth. He pulled her close as lips parted and tongue sought tongue. Her hands pushed through his hair as her body flattened against his. This woman may have been small, but there was plenty of power in the frame that rested against Philip's. Deep passionate kisses consumed them both, until gradually she pulled back, changing instead to exploring just his lips, and then she bit him. The nip was firm, but not meant to hurt and she sat up quickly, looking to see the expression on his face. He was smiling back and she needed no more encouragement.

Philip wanted to give back some of the pleasure she was giving him, and as she lay back down, choosing his ear as her next target, he ran one hand down the back of her right leg. She murmured at the sensation and moved to give him easier access. As she nibbled the edge of his ear, he gently stroked the eaught muscle in her thigh. It was all very gentle foreplay, that was until Jas moved back down to her lover's neck and bit him again. In response his hand clenched slightly and his nails dug in slightly.

[[Oh, that's good,]] Jasmine's voice sounded in his mind.

[[Playing rough?]] was the response.

[[Let's just say, this pussy cat has claws,]] she sent back.

Philip never had a chance to reply as Jas proceeded to nip her way down to his shoulder. His answer was to run his nails down her leg and the limb all but collapsed.

[[Right,]] she threw into his mind.

The young woman had taken the move as a challenge. Her lover just surrendered completely as her teeth moved from his arm to his chest, and where she had placed kisses she put not so gentle bites. She never went to hurt him, but the slight pressure was more than a little stimulating. Her fingers clawed at his upper chest as her mouth moved lower and all he could do was shiver under her touch. As she moved far enough down the bed to be sitting on her legs she shifted back to the side and deftly played with the top edge of his shorts as her right hand ran down the inside of his thigh. She let her eyes run the full length of his body as a playful expression appeared on her face.

[[Not yet,]] she decided lightly, and went to work on his legs instead.

Muscles Philip didn't know were tense, suddenly found themselves the subject of Jasmine's attention and she made them sing. She turned his entire body into one big erogenous zone, and all he could do was enjoy it. When she moved back onto his chest, however, he knew he couldn't take much more, not without leaving her way behind. As she rubbed gently against him for the hundredth time he decided to take over.

[[Enough,]] he told her, and gently flipped her onto her back, [[I think you need some attention.]]

She looked into his pale eyes and saw them smiling at her.

[[If you say so,]] she responded, and relaxed back onto the bed.

His touch was almost too gentle as his mouth brushed her skin. She arched her back to bring him closer and he brought one hand up to cup her breast firmly. One leg came over to slide between her thighs and flesh brushed against flesh. Her reaction was to moan and let him continue: he obviously knew what he was doing. Her knees relaxed apart and as his lips caressed her upper body, his leg tantalised her lower regions. She never even noticed that as his hand traced a line down her side it suddenly lost contact. Only as she felt something sliding from beneath her did she realise that he was engaged anywhere but with her. She turned her head to see that he had gathered the belt of her robe in one hand.

He twisted slightly and much to her surprise slipped his hand under her left leg. Waves of pleasure erupted within her as he slid the silk up the inside of her thigh. Her abdomen rose off the bed as she reacted instinctively to the sensation and Philip's face turned away as he watched the path of his limb. Jas could feel that he was smiling as he let his head rest on the curve of her stomach. Just as he reached the top of her leg he changed the direction of the silk and skirted neatly around the dark, curly hair, and pushing himself up with his other arm, ran the material over the area just below her navel. He let the ribbon of material fall loose and then he dragged it up between her breasts. Jas simply melted with a sigh of perfect bliss.

Philip ran the cloth over her torso and legs a few more times, watching her bask in the whole sensation. When he thought she was just about ready he ran it down that little bit lower and it dropped gently between her thighs. She gasped and shivered slightly at the feeling and the tension in her body was obvious. With a small smile her lover slowly pulled the material back. Her breath caught in her throat as the silk slipped over her and the tight warmth at her core literally exploded. She shook and grabbed for Philip's arm as the orgasm took her, and Jasmine revelled in the stimulation. She'd had no idea that he could bring her to the edge quite so easily, and yet, even as the spasms receded, she wanted more.

As she opened her eyes there was a hunger in them and Philip needed no urging to remove his last item of clothing. The shorts went sailing onto the floor with little or no hassle and Jas pushed him down onto the bed. This time when she straddled him there was no cloth to get in the way and hot skin found moist, warm flesh. She was more than ready for him and his hands cradled her waist as she slowly rubbed her damp core against him. For someone who had no practical experience she was definitely putting the theory to work. He was hard and firm against her, and she slowly raised herself up into more or less the right position. Then with even pressure she pushed herself down on him, and man and woman slipped together as one. Both groaned at the sensation and Jas pulled away, wanting to experience the feeling of him sliding inside her again. Her hands pushed on his chest as she moved and he manoeuvred his hips for perfect positioning.

They began to move in a gentle rhythm, gauging each other's pleasure as they did so. Philip pushed into her and she down on him, and they pulled apart. Time and again flesh met in concord as they reached for climax.

[[Open your mind,]] Jas' voice sounded almost desperate in Philip's head as her body threatened to take away any control she had of her thoughts.

Her lover couldn't even formulate a reply, but his instincts knew what to do even if his brain wasn't quite sure. Just as they both surrendered to the zenith of sexual experience he let go of any barriers his mind held against the world. As two bodies spasmed in one accord, two minds fused and the couple shared each other's pleasure.

When they came back to themselves, Jas was sprawled across Philip like a life-size ragdoll, and it was only slowly that she sat up. She liked the feeling of closeness as she sat there, but as he smiled at her she slowly climbed off.

"My love," she said quietly as they lay, still, for a moment, "your talents were wasted in celibacy."

He smiled at that and his hand slipped down her side, over her hip.

"Practice makes perfect," he told her lightly.

End of Part 15