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Opposites by Tasha

Opposites is a Highlander/Kindred : the Embraced Xover.


Part 5

The two men walked up to the outside of the Haven with the Immortal in the lead, little or nothing could have stopped Richie as he walked in. Kindred recognised Kindred immediately and there were several glances in the fledgling's direction. Those who had been in the club the other evening recognised the newly embraced individual, only those who hadn't been there, actually took stock of what they were looking at. Advance knowledge was sometimes a block to seeing the truth, and most of those who had not seen Richie before made a mental note to keep out of his way.

The two men had not spoken much in the car and Frank wasn't exactly sure why they were here. He was tagging along more out of curiosity than anything else, mixed in with a slight suspicion that the Prince of the city may just have something here he couldn't deal with. That in itself made Frank smile.

"I'm looking for Luna," Richie said to the barman as soon as he had covered the distance between himself and the counter, "is he here?"

Lillie had put one of her own in charge of the drinks and he made the mistake of not actually looking at the Kindred to whom he was talking. He glanced at the Immortal, recognised him from his last time in the Haven and made the wrong assumption.

"What's a fledgling like you want with the Prince," the Toreador responded with a slightly disdainful look.

It was early, there weren't many humans in yet, so there was no-one to hear. That was not the right thing to say to Richie, however, he was in no mood to play games. He reached one hand over the counter, took hold of the other Kindred's waistcoat and pulled him off his feet. The glowing scowl he showed the vampire who should have been many times his superior, made the barman reconsider his position.

"I didn't come here to answer questions," Richie said slowly and pointedly, "I came for answers. Now, is Julian Luna here?"

"No," the other replied, just a little afraid of something he did not try and understand.

The few mortals in the club who saw anything ignored it, they'd seen stranger stuff in the Haven, the Brujah who'd been in the club the other night, however, did not. They had a couple of friends with them and all they saw was a chance to teach an uppity new Kindred a lesson. When Richie and Frank turned to leave they found themselves confronted by six Brujah just itching for a fight. The fact that the Immortal smiled widely as he saw the challenge did not do anything to defuse this situation.

"Playing with the pet cop?" one of the other Kindred asked snidely.

"Get out of my way," Richie said evenly without even responding to the jibe, "we're leaving."

"Not until you apologise to our friend," the Brujah leader shot back had grinned at the barman.

Now it wasn't exactly right to say they were friends of anyone in the club, these Brujah stuck with their own clan, but it seemed a good excuse to the thugs. The half amused look that never faltered on Richie's face really should have warned them.

"I'll ask once more," the Immortal said calmly, "get out of my way or I'll make you."

Now every Kindred in the club wanted to see this. Six Brujah against one Toreador had to be worth watching. The thugs laughed as if they were all connected up to the same voice box, and Richie had just about had enough.

"Okay, times up," the new Kindred said loudly and deliberately stepped right up to his first adversary.

It couldn't even be called a fight really. The Brujah didn't even get a look in, as Richie took hold of his jacket and almost casually threw him across the room. Now Kindred were strong, but the effortless way the throw was executed showed the deep routed skill that MacLeod had drilled into his pupil. It didn't take the other assailants any more to realise that something was not quite right here. Kindred didn't get to be that fast until they were a lot older than a few days. Like a pack of animals the clan members decide to attack on mass.

The first to reach his target was met with a swift blow to the head and went reeling backwards. The second received a knee in the stomach and was bodily thrown into one of his accomplices. A little improvisation was required for the third Brujah, and a foot shot out with deadly accuracy hitting him squarely on the chin. The fourth thought he'd blocked the arm coming at him, but quickly discovered that the elbow was far more painful. The fifth had disentangled himself from his companion who had collided with him, and he suddenly found himself looking at a barely bothered Kindred whose whole attention was focused on him.

Now the Brujah may have been somewhat violent, but they were not stupid, and this one knew when he had no chance. He held up his hands as he surveyed his fallen comrades and actually got out of the way.

"Coming Frank?" Richie asked calmly as he slowly walked past the other Kindred.

Well there was no way the police officer was staying in the Haven. He didn't quite believe what he had seen, but he was not about to question it now. He could live without a pack of angry Brujah on his tail. The two men walked out the way they had come, and Frank didn't need to be told where they were going.

Phones started ringing all over the city.

The mansion was impressive, but Richie wasn't there to admire the architecture. Several of Julian's security people tried to stop him outside the house, and Frank just trailed on behind past the unconscious bodies. He wasn't quite sure what he was following, but he knew Richie was no ordinary Kindred, and he also knew that he was not in a particularly good mood. The pair walked into the hallway unchallenged.

It was Cash who strolled out of one of the interior rooms, looked somewhat surprised and decided to take on his role as chief of security.

"The Prince is not available this evening," the Gangrel said with an amount of restraint that actually made him proud of himself. "How did you get in here?"

"Funny, that's what everyone's been trying to tell me," the Immortal shot back. "Thing is, I don't believe you anymore than I believed them."

Now the Primogen of the Gangrel clan was on his guard.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave," he told the pair evenly.

If Richie had been his own clan or possibly Brujah, Cash could have accepted the behaviour, but he recognised Toreador when he saw them. What he obviously hadn't realised was that this was the man everyone had been looking for over the last few days. He was in charge of personal security, Julian had found someone else to do the foot work. Frank would have been happy to explain, but he knew he wasn't going to have time. Short was not quite the word for his companion's fuse this evening. The police officer was beginning to wonder when Richie picked up a Russian accent, however.

All that Cash knew was something hit him. There was virtually no warning and no way for him to get out of the way. The far wall was very hard, and after colliding with it, the floor seemed a very comfortable place to go to sleep for a while.

"You know, just talking to them might get you somewhere," Frank commented as they proceeded further into the house.

"I'm not interested in lackeys," was the cold but calm reply. "If you want action, you go to the centre of power."

There was definitely a slightly patronising tone to the voice, but the police officer chose not to comment. He figured he'd be better staying on this guy's good side: humans had a tendency to break a little more easily than Kindred. The two pushed opened the doors to the conference room and walked in as if they owned the place. They didn't find Luna, but they did meet Daedalus.

"Good evening, gentlemen," the Nosferatu said calmly, "you have a great number of people looking for you, Mr Ryan."

"It's nice to be wanted," Richie responded evenly. "Where's Luna?"

The other Kindred smiled, he knew something was strange with this Toreador and he found him intriguing. Julian would most definitely want him kept here, and finding out who embraced him would be interesting. His current state of health explained a lot about the last few days.

"Our Prince is in his study," the Nosferatu replied as if he was not bothered by Richie's presence in the slightest. "I'll tell him you're here if you wouldn't mind waiting."

"Don't bother, I'll go myself," patience was obviously not one of the Immortal's current virtues.

He moved off in the direction that instinct lead him, and found his way blocked by a very large, menacing vampire.

"I'm afraid I must insist that you wait here," Daedalus said as pleasantly as possible, "I'm sure Mr Luna will not keep you waiting long."

Now Frank knew a little of the Nosferatu reputation and this was the Primogen of the clan, he didn't think going against him was a good idea. Taking on a pack of Brujah was one thing, but this was the Daedalus, taking him on was pure stupidity.

"Ah, Richie," the cop said, hoping that he could talk some sense into his companion, "let's just sit down, huh. The chairs look comfortable."

"I'm not in the mood to sit down," the Immortal said coldly.

His eyes changed colour dangerously, but all Daedalus did was smile. The Nosferatu let his own Kindred face reveal itself and two vampires stared into each other's gaze. Richie scowled at the creature who blocked his way, scowled and asserted his will. The Immortal stared down the Primogen of the Nosferatu clan and came out sane.

"What are you?" Daedalus asked for once in his life, surprised by what he saw.

It took a lot to shock a Nosferatu, but Richie managed it. The Kindred also decided in that moment that this strange fledgling could be a threat. Daedalus let all the traits of his clan appear, and fangs and claws became readily apparent.

"Wanna play?" Richie enquired, totally unafraid of the display of power.

The games were over, this was for real and the Nosferatu did not waist anytime. A clawed hand grabbed Richie by the throat, intent of exposing the jugular and giving a clear strike to drain the troublesome individual. A bloodless, weak Kindred was much easier to deal with than one who seemed to possess far more power than should have been possible. The only thing was, the grip didn't hold.

Daedalus found his arm being slowly pulled away from it's target, and a hand going for his neck. The Nosferatu was very lucky that Kindred instincts were ruling Richie at that moment, it never occurred to the Immortal to go for his sword. The blond man literally snarled at his opponent as unnatural strength battled with unnatural strength. For the first time the Nosferatu doubted his own ability to force this anomaly into submission, and he put all his power into one throw.

Richie went sidewards a good five feet and collided with a chair, but he was still upright, and seemed to be actually enjoying himself. He used Toreador speed to very good effect, and Daedalus found himself at close quarters again almost instantly. Material ripped as both Kindred went for handholds on their opponent, and the roar of an angry Nosferatu filled the room. The Immortal gained the upper hand this time and Daedalus went flying through the air just like Cash before him. The picture he landed against followed him to the floor, but the Nosferatu did not stay down. What climbed to his feet bore little resemblance to the calm, efficient creature most saw. This was Daedalus at his most dangerous, and he was quite willing to frenzy. He threw the wrecked canvas aside and growled his anger.

"Stop this," the command was loud and held the roar of authority, just as the two were ready to go for each other again.

The sound actually shocked the pair out of the rage that was quickly taking over both of them, and two sets of golden eyes turned to look at Julian Luna.

"Well, well," Richie said coldly, "the man himself."

The Prince scanned the room slowly and took in the destruction that had occurred. He also took a long moment to observe the creature standing in the centre of the carpet. He knew instantly that the combination of Kindred and Immortal had created something neither race could claim to know. A being who was neither totally vampire or totally human, and one that it appeared, was very powerful indeed.

"We've been looking for you," Julian said and calmed himself completely. "You didn't have to assault every one between here and the gate, you are quite welcome in my house."

He decided to try the civil approach, he could have every member of staff jump on his guest later if that failed.

"They didn't seem to think so," Richie returned calmly.

It was at that moment Cash decided to stagger through the door. He came to a rapid halt as he saw what had been going on.

"Your friend, Duncan MacLeod, has been worried about you," it was a relatively safe tack to take. "I can give him a call if you like."

The name brought an astounding change over the young man before him. He had not allowed his eyes to fade to their normal blue, but at the mention of MacLeod he blinked and they lost their supernatural colouring.

"Mac," he said slowly, seeming almost confused.

Now this was the person Frank remembered letting sleep on his couch. The accent was gone and so was most of the aggression. All the Kindred heard what happened next and found it most intriguing. Richie's heart started beating, even when he had fought, it hadn't done that, and sparks lanced across his eyes. It was as if all strength just leaked out of him, and he collapsed to his knees his head in his hand.

Nobody moved as Julian's watchful gaze kept them in place. Daedalus' mask of logical reason was back in place and he looked on with cold curiosity. Cash just clamped down on most of his instinct.

It was confused, almost frightened eyes that looked around the room, as the real Richard Ryan tried to work out what was going on. The only person he recognised properly was the man he had come in with.

"Frank," he said quietly, "how did I get here?"

Now Julian took charge.

"Do you remember anything that's been happening," he asked almost kindly and walked towards the kneeling individual.

He could be cold and ruthless, but the Prince could also be compassionate and kind. He helped the young man to his feet, much to Cash's growing concern, and sat him in a chair.

"Bits," the Immortal responded slowly, "I was at Frank's flat, then I remember something at the club, but I don't know what I'm doing here."

An insane Kindred was not the best person to have around, but then, Julian had already decided that this was no ordinary vampire. In this state he seemed almost like the fledgling he was, but there was an underlying power that radiated out of him.

"That's not important now," Luna told him with half a smile, "you're newly embraced, and that takes some getting used to."

End of Part 5