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Opposites by Tasha

Opposites is a Highlander/Kindred : the Embraced Xover.


Part 1

There was something about the two men who walked into the Haven that just made Kindred look at them. Two Toreadors, one Gangrel and three Brujah all found that they were watching the two walk towards the bar with more than just a passing glance.

"Mac, will you stop following me around," the younger, blond one of the two protested as his companion sat down at the bar beside him. "You know I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, so what the hell's got into you this time."

"You're hunting a man who used to be my friend, Richie," Mac said calmly, "I know him better than you, and I want to know what changed him."

Now to most of the people in the club, their conversation was inaudible, but of course to the various groups of vampires, listening in was no challenge. The word hunting caught most attentions.

"He's mine, MacLeod," the shorter man said evenly, but firmly, "I was the one he tried to kill. It wasn't some game, Mac, this was like an attempt to permanently terminate me. Now my information says he comes here, and this is where I'm going to stay until I find the bastard."

The Highlander looked at his young friend for a long moment and finally nodded. He had no right to interfere. There had been a challenge and Damon had run off when he failed to win. MacLeod had been trying to talk his protege out of going after the older Immortal for three days now, following him here had been a last resort.

"Okay," he said with a resigned expression, "but at least let me buy you a drink. It's just hard for me to believe what he has become, he used to be such a good man."

"Sorry, Mac, but he's not anymore," his companion replied.

That was the point in the conversation when most of the listeners lost interest, it seemed that anything worth hearing had already been said. A discussion about what to drink was not going to hold anyone's attention for long. When Frank walked into the bar, everything seemed to be perfectly normal.

Okay, so Kindred made him nervous, but he was damned if he was going to stay away from them and play the intimidated cop. His partner was one of them for a start, and Sonny was an okay guy, in fact he seemed perfectly normal most of the time. They were people, the young officer kept telling himself, they just had a weird set of rules. He wanted to know as much about them as possible: forewarned was forearmed, and he realised this. Being angry at them most of the time did help him hide the fact that he was anxious about being anywhere near them. It was the Brujah that made him really edgy, but that had a lot to do with him being a cop and them being the mob.

The officer noted an empty stool by the bar next to a young looking man in a brown leather jacket, and made a bee-line for it. For all he knew the guy he chose to sit next to was a vampire, but what the hell. He didn't notice the slight hiccup in the conversation as he sat down as the younger of the two covered easily.

"So you know this place," the blond man was saying to his companion as Frank ordered a drink, "how come?"

"I was friends with the owner once," the dark man with the ponytail replied and gained Frank's interest.

Now the police officer thought that Lillie had owned the club for a very long time, the odds on these two being Kindred was going up. Neither of them looked old enough to quite fit how the taller of the two had said `once'. The younger one of the pair had obviously picked up on the use of the word as well.

"Oh," he said with a half smile, "old, old friend or just old friend?"

That might have sounded like a peculiar question, but the three people who were still listening took it in their stride. The two Toreadors in the corner looked at each other questioningly. Was it possible that these two were vampires that had managed to fake humanity? They had heart beats and they smelt human, but could it be some sort of trick? Was it possible that they were Tremere cloaked in some form of illusion? This was definitely something for which it was worth alerting Lillie. One of them slipped out of their seat quickly.

"Just a passing acquaintance," Duncan told Richie with a smile, "and it was quite a while ago. This place is a lot different from the one I knew."

Lillie had been expecting Julian to turn up any time, so she was not pleased when there was a knock on the door and it was not the Prince. It was, however, with her habitual curiosity that she listened to her subordinate intently. The description the young female Toreador gave her could have been many people in the area, but the name rang a bell.

"I knew a MacLeod once," she said, half to herself, half to her companion, "but that was sixty years ago, and he was mortal."

She looked at her subordinate contemplatively for a few moments. The meeting with Julian could be important, but could this turn out to be more interesting. She was of course fighting the eternal Kindred curse: boredom. Playing with a man who claimed to know her might be fun, and she could always break off when Luna decided to show up.

"I'll be down in a few minutes," she told her companion, "keep an eye on them `til then."

"Of course," the woman replied with a smile as she saw the glint in her Primogen's eyes. "Oh, and the Prince's cop is downstairs as well, came in a few minutes after the other two."

Lillie's red covered lips drew into a smile to match her companion's, maybe there was more fun to be had this evening than she had first thought.

When the head of the Toreador clan walked across the floor of her club, she was at her most devastating. Her ability to snare men was unequalled, and several of the mortals around found their partners disapproving of the attention they gave the stunning woman. Her Kindred minions smiled approvingly as she passed, and those of other clans did their best to ignore her without being rude. It was only as Lillie walked through the see of parting bodies towards the bar and actually laid eyes on the back of her quarry that she almost faltered.

The black hair and the square set of the shoulders struck a chord in her that she could not quite dismiss. The brief affair she had had with a dark eyed Scot so many years ago had made an impression on the wild Toreador, and something stirred within her. It was when she heard him speak to his companion in a deep voice with the slightest hint of an accent that her heart actually beat in her chest. Her reaction actually caused her clan to stop in mid sentence as the situation became suddenly interesting.

It was half way through a comment to Richie that Duncan felt a slight tingling between his shoulder blades. It was the most concrete feeling of being watched that he'd ever experienced and he turned slowly. Two pairs of eyes opened wide in complete shock.

"Duncan MacLeod?" Lillie's voice was half questioning, half totally sure.

"Lillie?" the Highlander sent back his own unresolved enquiry.

Now Duncan's hormones slipped quite easily back into the total control they had held the last time he had seen Lillie Langtry, and as for the vampire, her Toreador blood came out full force. The two stared at each other in motionless disbelief for just a second and then they both moved. Mac moved forward and Lillie threw herself at the man she'd never thought to see again. The two caught each other in a fierce irrational embrace in the middle of a very public club. They clung to each other as if their Immortal lives depended on it, but eventually the spell had to break.

Both brains clicked in at the same moment and they drew apart.

"But you're not," the two of them started at exactly the same time.

Neither of them chose to finish the sentence.

Richie and Frank were sat next to each other, both slightly shocked by the incident. The pair had never seen the half of the two other people they knew, react in quite the same way to anyone else.

"I'd say they know each other," the Immortal of the pair of men said with half a smile on his face.

"Yeah," Frank agreed in only the way a total stranger could.

Lillie became aware of her clan responsibilities once more and smiled awkwardly.

"Lets go upstairs," she said with a smile and firmly refused to look at any of the faces watching at her, "we can talk."

A not quite decided glance was sent in Richie's direction by the Highlander as the club took the hint and conversation started again. Now the division in those eyes the younger Immortal understood completely.

"Go, Mac," he said with a knowing grin, "I can drink alone."

He'd seen the Highlander under Amanda's feminine spell before, but even she didn't quite have the same effect as Lillie. A woman's wiles were no competition for those of a vampire and Mac was one hundred percent caught. Of course, the Toreador was as much at the mercy of her urges as the man in her clutches, and she had no idea that his Immortal physiology was affecting her.

"Don't get into trouble," was all the normally level headed Highlander managed before the pair fled the public arena.

Richie found that hysterically funny, considering who was being led across the floor in a total daze. The young Immortal turned back to his drink as his friend disappeared still chuckling. He noted the fact that the man sitting next to him was trying not to appear interested in the whole thing, and was immediately intrigued.

Ordinarily, the blond man would have set to scoping out the local night life, but today he had other things on his mind. He was waiting for an Immortal, and a young lady on his arm when his quarry walked in would not be the easiest thing with which to cope. Talking to the guy that seemed to be interesting would be far more suitable.

"Don't you hate it when that happens," Richie said chattily as Frank tried to pretend he was purveying the local talent.

The smile was friendly, the tone amiable, but the look in the Immortal's eyes warned the cop that all was not quite as it seemed. What he appeared to be looking at was a teenager drinking illegally in a night club, who had just lost his older companion. Frank already knew that this man was older than he looked when the bartender had checked his ID, something to which he had seemed resigned. There was also something about the way he held himself, an air that would have told rivals that this man knew how to take care of himself. The brown haired man was almost certain he was about to enter a conversation with a Kindred.

"Par for the course around here," Frank returned with a smile of his own.

Well if he wanted to know about them, he was going to have to talk to more than Lillie and Julian.

"You from out of town?" he enquired conversationally.

"Yep," the younger looking of the two replied, "just in the area looking for a business associate. San Francisco is a nice city, and it's warmer down here than up north."

"Nights are shorter though," Frank decided to see what sort of reaction he could get.

To his surprise the man sitting next to him just grinned and cast an eye around the room.

"Well you can't have everything," he said lightly.

Somehow, Richie realised that he had said just the right thing to keep this conversation rolling, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out what. There was an undertone to the discourse that he was trying to figure out. It was not sexual, of that much he was sure, but this guy wanted something from him and he didn't know what that was.

"Richie," he introduced suddenly and stuck out his hand.

"Frank," the other returned almost automatically.

"Well since I seem to have lost the only person I know in this town," the Immortal said amiably, "can I buy you a drink, Frank? Then you can tell where all the local hot spots are."

If it hadn't of been the Haven and a den of vampires, it would have just been two guys getting talking over a beer. As it was, it turned into quite an interesting evening. Frank couldn't say anything open unless he was totally sure of whom he had engaged in conversation, and Richie had no idea what the subtle hints were all about.

Lillie planted a kiss on Duncan's smiling lips almost before the door of the office closed. She hadn't felt a need like the one cursing through her body at that moment for quite some time, and she almost let it consume her. The fact that her desire was more than mirrored in the eyes of her companion did not help matters to be rational.

"Oh, Duncan," she said as his hands ran up the back of her dress, "it's been so long. You should be an old man, but you're still so ... alive."

It was partly a question, but the Highlander was too busy nibbling at Lillie's neck to be interested. All logic had been thrown out the window the moment he'd lain eyes on the beautiful Toreador, and he wasn't even aware enough of this to notice. The Primogen of her clan, however, had not reached that position without a little self control and she pushed her companion away just for a moment.

"What are you?" she asked breathlessly.

He smiled at that, and ran her fingers down the side of her face.

"I could ask the same thing," he returned as if it were the most sensible question in the universe, "but you're not going to tell me, are you. Does it matter, Lillie?" he send back an enquiry of his own. "I'm here, you're here, let's just forget the details."

It was the elemental Duncan MacLeod talking, and at his core, he really didn't care how it was that his lover of so long ago was still alive. She wasn't Immortal so she wasn't a threat, and yet she had not whithered and died as he had seen so many others do. For the brief moment in time, he let himself be happy and ignore all other factors.

There was only so much self control that Lillie could exert, and staring into the Highlander's deep brown eyes she found out where her limit was. With a smile of total abandon she pulled him close.

"You're right," she said seductively, "just don't tell my friends."

Several of his shirt buttons were not up to the test of the Toreador's rather fast fingers. Just about then, Lillie couldn't have cared if the Prince himself was about to walk in, she had thoughts only for getting into Duncan's trousers.

The trail of clothes stretched from close to the door, half way across the room, at which point the pair had given up trying to get any further and had opted for the sheepskin rug on the floor. Mac had noted on his last encounter with her, that Ms Langtry was a strong woman, but he hadn't realised quite how strong until she flipped him onto the rug and straddled him.

"You do things to me, I can't explain," she said with a feral smile. "I like that."

"Always happy to oblige," was the quick response, but he soon lost the ability to speak as Lillie bent forward and started nibbling his torso.

Her nails made little red streaks down his sides, and he couldn't help but respond. This was going to be an experience he wasn't going to forget for a very long time.

"Remember last time?" she enquired with a mischievous glint in her eye, and pulled away slightly.

"How could I forget?" was the honest reply, and a large smile filled the Highlander's features.

Amanda had her interesting quirks, and so did Lillie. The couple had explored many of them last time Duncan had been with her, but there was one that stuck in his mind particularly. Staring into her face he knew that they had the same idea in mind, and it was play time.

End of Part 1