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Dividing of The Ways by Tasha

This is the first in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:


Part 12

Contains Adult Material

Joe plied them with questions; Amanda did the same; and the other mortals put in some of their own as well so the evening flew by. They talked until they couldn't think of anything else to say and several very personal details came out in the course of the evening which just went to underline that everyone here trusted all the others. Eventually, however, both conversation and time ran together and everyone took their leave: Beren went home with Richie; others headed to their own hotel, and residences, and that just left Amanda and Duncan. The Highlander had managed to send his other guests home, but his older companion had no where to stay, and he wasn't about to throw her out.

"What if I wanted to join your collective?" the female Immortal asked eventually once everyone had gone.

No-one had suggested it during the evening: they all had too many uncertainties of their own to drag another in, but Amanda had been considering it very hard.

"I'd ask you if you'd really thought about it," Mac returned over a glass of whiskey, "actually mused on the target you'd be making of yourself, or what it's like to know there are Immortals you can't kill no matter what happens later on."

"I've been thinking about nothing else," she replied, her eyes alight with nervous energy, "but it keeps coming back to the same thing. I'm alone: you could kill me any time you liked, or I could kill you, and I've lived with that long enough. I want to be part of something again, part of a group that aren't going to die or suddenly decide they want my head, I want to be part of the new destiny."

It hadn't been a quick decision: Amanda had been weighing up her options for hours, and she had chosen her road. Richie had been right: at that moment, Duncan knew exactly how to bring her into their circle, and he smiled at her happily. All it would take was a touch and the need to give her what she wanted, and he held out his arms gratefully. This was one of his oldest friends and that she wanted to belong to the same path as him, made him contented. The female Immortal moved into his embrace with a quick step, and he enveloped her in a kiss she would never forget. They clung to each other as lightening jumped between them and power met power until they were flung apart, and landed in untidy piles on the floor. Residue sparks ran across each Immortal, but they looked at each other across the room and smiled.


Richie was just putting his keys in the door when he felt the distant rush of a Quickening and the reflection of what had occurred. Muscles spasmed momentarily as the joining gained an extra member and he dropped his key-ring, but it was for only a second.

"Amanda," the young man said as Beren moved up to his elbow looking worried, "Duncan brought her in."

He looked surprised and happy: life seemed to be full of new experiences these days, not all of them bad.

The other three had similar experiences and all knew instantly the event which had transpired.


There was no doubting what was on Beren and Richie's minds as the door to his apartment closed, and they grinned at each other mischievously and wrapped each other in an embrace.

"Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to get any sleep tonight?" the Immortal said buoyantly, and threw his keys on the sideboard.

"Well if you're going to be like that," she responded quickly and disentangled herself from his arms, "you can have the sofa, I'll take the bed."

"Did I say I minded," was the jovial reply and he caught her hand, pulling her back to him rapidly.

She wheeled into his grasp eagerly and wound her arms around his neck. For just a second Beren almost saw her love's soul, and then he leant down and kissed her passionately. There was no hiding either of their wants as their bodies leant against each other, and any residual tiredness left in them evaporated.

"I feel like a shower," the young English woman said breathlessly as Richie moved onto her neck, "coming?"

"Not yet," he said with a laugh and she realised what she'd said, and needled him in the ribs for noticing.

He smiled at her warmly, not the quick, mischievous grin he showed everyone else, but an expression of love that was just for Beren.

"Sounds like a good idea," he told her genuinely and kissed her again, this time on the nose.

The young woman clawed his back impishly, kicked off her shoes, and then slipped out of his arms towards what she figured was the bathroom with a cheeky wave. The sound of water greeted the Immortal's ears as he wandered after her into the tiled room ,and she splashed him from the shower chamber before walking back to him.

"You appear to have too many clothes on," Beren said and ran one finger down his shirt, "and that's just not good enough."

She was wearing half her outfit from the night before, and half what Duncan had found in his cupboard for the ladies to wear, which made up several layers. With eager abandon, Richie began to help her remove the first obstacle as she concentrated on the button of the shirt he'd borrowed. Very quickly she had lost her cardigan and he was sans top altogether, but of course they didn't stop there. Beren was wearing a black lycra top and with no problem at all her lover found the edges and pulled it over her head, discarding it into the growing pile. Her skin was pale next to his, but it was perfect and he ran his hands down her shoulders, feeling the smoothness and unbroken silkiness. Then it was her turn and she worked the button of his jeans out of its hole, and then turned her attention to the zip. In reply, Richie unfastened the poppers on Beren's skirt and the short garment fell to the floor in a ruffle of silky material, and she kicked it aside. Now all she was wearing was her underwear and she was doing her best to make sure her lover was as well. The jeans slid down easily as she pushed them, and the young Immortal stepped out of them eagerly.

"You're even more beautiful than I thought," he told her, and meant every word as he pulled her close.

She leant close to him sensuously and let him layer kisses all over her shoulders as he moved aside the straps of her bra.

"There's ... something ... I ... have ... to ... tell ... you," the young woman said between kisses: her mind was elsewhere everytime his lips touched her body.

"Um," was the only reply as he found the hooks at the back of her top and gently pulled them apart.

"I've always ... been ... an ... academic type," she continued and almost forgot what she was saying as Richie teased the underwear off and moved his kisses to what he revealed, "more ... interested ... in .... books ... than ... the ... opposite ... sex."

He moved back up to her neck slowly, quite happy to take his time, and he was half listening to her.

"I've never ... really had ... a steady ... boyfriend," were her next words, and if Richie had had his mind on what she was saying he would probably have realised what she was trying to tell him, but he was rather busy. "I suppose ... you could ... say ... I was ... a little ... old fashioned."

She moaned as he ran his fingers down her spine, but she'd got this far and wasn't about to abandon what she was trying to explain now.

"Richie, you're the first," she finally blurted out just as his hands moved down, and that gained his attention.

He stopped what he was doing and just looked at her: it had never occurred to him that Beren wasn't sexually experienced. She smiled at him almost shyly and then leaned towards him again.

"I thought you should know," she said quietly, and then her hands wandered downwards, "I might make mistakes."

The slightly shocked expression on his face evaporated into a smile as he realised what she was doing.

"I'm honoured," he told her genuinely and with a little less urgency he went back to what he had been about to do.

Their two remaining garments didn't take long to remove and then they were clothed only as nature had intended.

"Let's get wet," he said quite suddenly and propelled her under the water.

Beren gave a little scream as the warm liquid first came in to contact with her skin and then he was beside her and the sound was cut off by a long passionate kiss. By silent, mutual consent the shower was primarily to get them clean, not that that stopped any enjoyment they could get out of it. The loss of the cap from the shower cream somewhere towards the plug hole caused some hilarity, and then the young Immortal decided to show his lover exactly how to apply the soft suds. His hands worked sensuously over her body and with gentle experimentation he showed Beren erogenous zones she didn't even know she had, She was a very fast learner, however, and it didn't take her long to return the favour, and very rapidly they were both very wet and very slippery. His arms were gentle around her and she felt freer than she had ever done before: it was like being released into a world she had never dreamed of.

"I love you," she whispered as their bodies rubbed together, and he ran his fingers through her long wet hair.

"You are my world," he returned. and kissed away a drop on her nose.

The signs of battle were long gone from his naked body, but there were tight muscles all over his well formed frame, and Beren set about un-knotting them. Her fingers were sensual and relaxing and Richie nuzzled into her shoulder as she found a particularly tense part of his back. The water cascaded around them and they took pleasure in each other, stopping just short of full bodily union.

"Don't go away," the young Immortal said in his lover's ear when he finally decided they were wet enough, and he slipped out of the shower booth.

The English rose waited for him to return with excited expectation and rinsed the last of the suds from her slim body. She turned off the water just as he opened the door once more and stepped in wearing a towelling robe. With debonair flair he swept her into his arms and proceed to carry her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He had laid out a large bath towel on one side of the bed and gently he placed her on it, and smiled down at her.

"It's not good to stay damp," he said with a knowing smile and picked up a second, smaller towel from the bedside table.

Much to Beren's delight he then proceeded to dry every inch of her body, placing a gentle kiss on every dry spot once he had dabbed it. He started with her limbs and moved inwards, by which time her every nerve was singing to his touch. She moved appreciatively under his care as he coaxed her to the next sexual plane. There eventually came a point, however, when he had covered every last centimetre, including some he had dwelt on for a while, and he slipped his arms under her again and lifted her off the damp towel. Beren wrapped her arms around his neck and put her head on his shoulder, content to let him lead her anywhere he wanted. Previously, Richie had turned down the covers on the other side of the bed and he put her onto the soft under sheet with a tender kiss. It took him only a second to shrug off the rode he was wearing and then he climbed in beside her, straight into her waiting arms.

Her body was soft and warm, and her hands were welcoming as they moved over his firm torso. With one hand he pulled the sheets over their naked bodies and continued caressing his lover with kisses. This was not the demanding teenager that he looked, and it was everything Beren had ever imagined: the touch of another human being that set her on fire, and she wound her fingers in his hair. There was no uncertain nervousness left in her now and she welcomed his lips as he found hers and slowly moved above her. With a sensuous touch she rubbed her knee along his side and he knew she was quite ready for him. Their bodies came together easily and she gasped loudly, digging her nails into his back and it was his turn to exhale. The unintentional damage her fingers did sent the most peculiar shivers down his spine as the scratches healed instantly and they only enhanced his enjoyment.

They moved together in slow rhythmic gestures, gently increasing in speed as they pulled each other closer to sexual climax. There was no conflict between them as in total accord they instinctively knew what their partner wanted. Beren's breathing was increasingly short and sharp as for the first time she felt where a man could take her. Both bodies were young and athletic, and they excited each other and teased as both drew towards the zenith of this ultimate act of love. They were in no hurry, but finally their substances found their peak and two people exclaimed at the same time. Their muscles spasmed in the elemental surrender of flesh to sensation and they gave everything they were to their lover. It went on for what felt like forever and Beren never wanted to end, but eventually it did and she slowly opened her eyes. For a few moments Richie stayed within her and smiled down at her happily before pulling away and collapsing on the bed beside her. He in the way of all male flesh was spent for at least the next few minutes, and he lay there on his side running one finger down her breastbone. She smiled at him appreciatively and turned to face him whilst running her foot down his leg.

"Just let me know when you're ready to do that again," she said with a mischievous grin, and then dived under the covers to experiment with some of his other erogenous zones.

"Talk about keen pupil," was all Richie managed before she had him purring like a pussy cat.

By the time Beren finally fell asleep in his arms, the young Immortal was sure she'd been going for some kind of record: her sexual appetite had been extraordinary. The clock blinked at him showing that hours had passed, and he decided he could sleep for a week. With one last look at her beautiful face where it lay on his chest he smiled to himself, closed his eyes and fell into a contented doze: tomorrow held unknown avenues and he was looking forward to exploring a few of them.

The End