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Discoveries by Tasha

This is the second in the Dividing series, the others may be found at:
Dividing of The Ways


Part 9

Craven had been both surprised and pleased when Chris and Karina presented him with a slice of sponge, which looked a little like a mud pie. It was good to see that the two young people were talking to each other, even if there was a tension between them that couldn't be covered by their playful banter around him. It was after he'd invited the young woman to stay to lunch and sent Chris to clean up the mess in the kitchen that he received the phone call.

"Good morning," he said as soon as he put the hand set to his ear.

"Hello," came the reply, "it's Adam. I was wondering if I could come and see you."

"Here's not a good idea," Craven returned calmly, "Chris has a visitor, but I'd be quite happy to meet somewhere else. I haven't snuck out for quite a while, should be fun."

The older Immortal laughed on the other end of the phone.

"Know any places they serve good beer?" he asked cheerfully.

"There's a little place called The Flying Horse," Craven said, catching the mood, "it's run by a die hard Brit who imports the finest quality real ale."

"Sounds like my sort of chap," came the reply.

"Get a pen and I'll give you directions," Manheim said quickly and the other end of the line went quiet for a moment.

If there was one thing Methos could not resist, it was a good ale house. Half an hour later the two Immortals were sat either side of a table, each nursing a pint of best.

"I think the landlord maybe a little crazy," Adam observed quietly, "but I like it here, it's unusual."

"I may have been insane when I found this place," Craven said with a smile, "but I still knew good beer when I tasted it."

Adam grinned back and took a swig, a look of satisfaction coming over his face.

"When you're right, you're right," he responded happily, "and talking of insanity brings us nicely round to why I asked to see you. I'd like to know as much as you're willing to tell me about the Dividing."

"Duncan seems to trust you," the younger Immortal said seriously, "so I don't see why I shouldn't. I hadn't trusted anyone in two hundred years and now I seem to have a taste for it."

He sat back in his chair, thinking about what to say and then he began.

"When this all began, Richie was just another target in my twisted version of the Game," was his first sentence, "I hadn't even bothered to update my information just before I went for him, so I had no idea about Chris. I didn't really expect him to be any great challenge, he's only a child compared to most of us, but he actually managed to cut me. That was my test, I'd challenge them, then if they managed to draw blood, I'd have Evans shoot them and take them back to the arena. I've never seen anything like Richie in my den of horrors, I think that he was actually making it look harder than he found it on the third level. I've thought about it a great deal since that night, and I truly believe he couldn't loose, not after he met Chris."

"You're the second person who's told me that," Methos said quietly, as his companion paused.

Manheim did not look particularly surprised.

"I have always believed that there can be only one," he said calmly, "but I had never considered that the one might not actually be a literal meaning. You know what happened that night, you've read Joe's report, you've spoken to all of us. You've heard the words, but you can't fully understand until you're part of it. No matter how much we choose to trust each other, there's part of us that is telling us to beware. Fundamentally we are enemies, it's in our genes, but that's not true for the six in the group anymore. It was possible that one day Richie may have turned around and taken MacLeod's head, friends have killed friends many times before, but not anymore. Maybe it was the power of all the lost Immortals that brought me back from the pit into which I had fallen, I don't really know. What I do understand is it was the end to the loneliness that truly saved me, the end of the fear. I have friends who will be my friends until the day I die and only five other Immortals can say that with any certainty. We'll welcome you as Methos or Adam, whoever you want to be. We don't care who you are or what you've done, we just want to share what we have."

They sat in silence for a moment, both looking at the age in the other.

"How can you be sure that one day an Immortal won't come along and corrupt what you have?" Methos asked quietly.

"I only know what I feel inside," Craven returned evenly, "and my soul says that can never happen. Some of those lost must have been, for want of a better word, evil, but their Quickenings still went towards curing me. Once together, we cannot be blackened."

He said it as he saw it and there was no denying he believed the words he chose to use. Their conversation continued, there were things Methos wanted to know and questions he felt needed asking, but the heart of the discourse was over. Craven had imparted all that he felt was important and the rest was more of a courtesy than anything he considered useful.

There were advantages to having someone else running the dojo, and then there were disadvantages, one of which Duncan had run into when he decided to complete his long discarded paperwork. Richie had stacked all Mac's invoices neatly in several piles since they'd been cluttering up his desk, and the only task left to the older Immortal was discerning the feat of logic required to find what he was looking for. MacLeod's protege used filing systems, the only problem was that he never seemed to use the same one for two different jobs. The sales invoices had obviously inspired some work of genius on which his friend just didn't seem to be able to get a handle. Mac made a mental note not to let Richie near any more of his records unless they were specifically required for the smooth running of the dojo. It would have been an easier task if the younger Immortal had been around to explain exactly what he'd been thinking when he reorganised, but he was out setting up a refit of the shower facilities and wasn't going to be back for at least two hours. They'd had to close up that morning after the plumbing had finally given up on them. Total helplessness was not something MacLeod was used to, but after about half an hour of trying, his brain had begun to hurt and he was ready to give up. It was just as he was shuffling the papers back into the order in which he had found them when his head snapped up as a familiar tingle touched the back of his eyes. There was a millisecond of panic and then his mind caught up and recognised the feeling that the approaching Immortal instilled in him; he was surprised, but very pleased, maybe an accountant could work out what the hell Richie had been thinking. Madi walked through the door, suitcase in hand, and Duncan wandered out of the office a smile on his file.

"Greetings, stranger," he said cheerfully, "how was England?"

"Raining," his companion returned with a grin, "but then I didn't expect anything else. Anything been going on here. For some reason Chris has these memory lapses when on the phone and all I can gather is that Amanda has been taking out her frustrations on Richie."

Duncan laughed at that.

"Well I can say that we will all be glad you're back," he responded and then sobered slightly. "I take it, the last time you spoke to your son was prior to yesterday afternoon, then?"

She nodded, her smile dimmed a little at his tone.

"Yesterday morning," she told him calmly, "why, what's happened?"

"Chris was in an accident yesterday," Duncan explained gently, "but don't worry there are no catastrophic consequences. The Watchers know about the twins' connection because Richie went ape, but nothing more serious. The general public weren't witnesses."

The look in Madelaine's eyes was not particularly friendly.

"Why didn't someone phone me?" she asked, a hard edge in her voice as the mother instincts came out. "I'd have been here on the next plane. I was considering staying on a few more days, was everyone just going to leave me in the dark?"

"Chris sent the word out not to worry you," Mac defended himself quickly, "he wanted to tell you himself. He's a little confused right now, there was a woman involved."

She still didn't look happy, all her protective urges were very close to the surface. Most of the thoughts running through her mind were along the lines of, "I leave him alone for a few days and...,".

"I have to go and see him," she said quickly and appeared to have forgotten the case she'd so carefully placed on the dojo floor.

"Not a good idea quite yet," her companion said very rapidly, "the woman's still involved. Richie mentioned something about Chris, a cake and Karina before he went out."

Madi's face dropped, she didn't quite know how to react to that one, jealously didn't seem quite right even as it flowered in her breast.

"Karina," she said quietly.

"It's complicated," Mac put in carefully, "come on up stairs and I'll explain. There are several things going on that you really should know about. I don't suppose Chris mentioned an Immortal called Adam Pierson, did he?"

His companion shook her head.

"Oh, well," the Highlander returned, "I'll start from the top then."

It took some time to calm Madelaine down and convince her that Chris was old enough to take care of himself, and somewhere in the conversation Amanda arrived back from where ever she had been busying herself for most of the morning. She managed to contain her delight at the presence of her female ally, when she realised that the other woman had more important things on her mind, but it was close. A phone call in the middle of the afternoon gave her a valid reason to leave, what was rapidly becoming an awkward situation. It was her turn to be summoned by Methos, and charming as usual he received an affirmative response almost immediately.

"Chris'll be fine," the older Immortal said as she headed for the door. "Karina's a sensible girl, and they'll both get over their Immortality eventually. When she finally finds out, it'll have all been for the best."

Then she disappeared down the stairs before anyone could respond.

Watchers weren't hard to loose when you knew how, and Amanda had had lots of practice at ditching unwanted followers. It wasn't exactly the first time she'd had someone monitoring her movements: a couple of times it had been the FBI, several other law enforcement agencies, Interpol, etceteras. Tag was not a new game to this Immortal.

As soon as she'd ditched her persistent shadow, Amanda headed for the rendezvous point: the ale house that Methos had decided he rather liked.

"You look quite comfortable there," she commented as she wandered in and found the older Immortal tucked away in the corner, "been here long?"

"A couple of hours," Adam returned, his eyes perfectly clear, even though he had consumed more than enough beer for one person. "The advantage of an Immortal constitution, or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it. I could drink a cask of ale and still know which way is up."

"Nice trick," his companion commented, "I can still get drunk with the best of them."

"Comes with age," the ancient man returned with a smile. "What can I get you to drink?"

"It's a while since I had real ale," Amanda said brightly, "so what the hell."

This was not exactly the most comfortable of meetings: the female Immortal still didn't quite trust the man whom she'd come to see, but there was an unwritten truce. She sat down as Methos disappeared towards the bar, and unconsciously patted her discarded coat and the weapon it covered. The sword was probably over-reacting, but she hadn't lived this long by being careless.

"What will it take for you to trust me?" Adam asked as he returned and noted her nervousness.

"Bringing you in," was the short and firm reply, Amanda would not be happy with this ancient man's presence until she knew he couldn't turn round and hurt any of them.

Every paranoid, protective instinct that had once revolved solely around her, was now directed towards the group, and she wasn't about to give them up.

"At least one of you has the sense to check their back every five minutes," Methos said and quite surprised her.

"I thought you'd be offended," the stunning woman said evenly.

"Sometimes MacLeod can be a little too trusting," her companion returned with a wry grin, "a little paranoia never hurt any of us. I know I have good intentions, but you have every right to doubt me. You really don't know me from Adam."

Amanda laughed and saluted him with her drink.

"Fire away with your questions, ancient one," she said calmly, "and I'll tell you everything my instincts tell me to."

There were a few enquiries about details of Amanda's inclusion into the joining, and then Methos asked the one thing he really wanted to know.

"Why did you ask to be taken in?" he questioned evenly.

"My instincts failed me," she said lightly, and then sobered with the seriousness in his eyes. "It seemed the right thing to do."

She saw the doubt at her sincerity in his eyes.

"I'm not being sanctimonious," she told him hotly. "I'm not talking about any quasi-religious higher goal, I'm talking about for me. No- one even suggested that I might want to join them, they didn't try to pressure me, just like they'd let you go your own way without a fight. You must be able to see what we have, the trust we share. I've never let anyone guard my back, no matter what was going on, I always had a way out, at last I don't need that anymore. Richie is never going to suddenly turn round and go for my head because he's decided he wants my Quickening; Duncan won't just get tired of me and want me out of the picture, lethally. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting Mac and I will be together for eternity, our relationship's never been quite that stable, but I know he's never going to turn on me. More than one man has gone for my head over the centuries, just because they didn't want any of those awkward moments. There are finally people in this world I can trust with my life, and that is the most wonderful thing of which I can conceive."

Just for a moment, she'd forgotten that Adam was not a known quantity, and in those brief seconds she'd revealed her heart. Looking into his wide eyes, she suddenly felt small and inexperienced: he'd manipulated her and made her bare her deepest soul. Here, talking to one of his own kind who knew his real name, his age was only thinly veiled, and she saw something else in his gaze. It was only there for an instant, but it made her soul ache and extinguished the flame of anger that had started in her breast. Just for a moment she witnessed the most intense loneliness and loss, as she showed him her soul, she caught a glimpse of his. It was an unconscious slip, an aspect of Methos that none of the others had seen, and suddenly, Amanda realised that he may have been old, but really he was just like her. Immortals had Immortal friends, but the only ones they could be totally sure of were Mortals: how many companions had this man seen die, at the mercy of their fragile shells? She reached out to him then and placed her hand on his.

"Don't do too much thinking, Methos," she said quietly, "let your heart rule on this one. It takes courage to become part of the unknown, but it's worth it, my fellow Immortal, it's worth it."

There were more questions in his little note book, but she stood up then: this discussion was over. Maybe she didn't trust him, but at least she understood him a little better. Adam just sat there and let her go, he wasn't quite sure who had gained the most from that conversation.

Madelaine went to see Chris when, later that evening Richie announced that Karina had gone home and his sibling would rather like to talk. They re-established the mother-son bond, and her insight was a great help to the young Immortal, who was slowly beginning to think the accident wasn't the end of the world. Madi had taken an apartment several weeks previously and she headed back there after midnight, satisfied that Chris was doing okay. His current relationship with Kari couldn't exactly be called easy, but they had had some interesting discussions over the day. They'd agreed to meet again the following afternoon, and Chris was actually looking forward to what seemed to be turning into a somewhat heady, platonic relationship.

End of Part 9